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Hosting StarGist is a dream come true – Vimbai



Africa got to know the 25-year old Zimbabwean model, Vimbai Mutinhiri as the no-nonsense diva in last year’s Big Brother Amplified reality TV show. Today, she has captivated many viewers across Africa as the sassy, elegant and eloquent host of StarGist on the AfricaMagic Entertainment channel, alongside the witty Lawrence Maleka from South Africa. Together, Vimbai and Lawrence have brought viewers across the continent exclusive star profiles, behind-the-scenes, features, event guides and continental and international headlines on the daily. Vimbai recently visited Ghana for the first time on assignment to cover the launch of a fashion label by her former Ghanaian Big Brother Housemate, Confidence Haugen. While in Ghana she reunited and partied with Confidence and several other Big Brother Africa housemates including Hanni (Ethiopia), Vina (Nigeria), Karen (Nigeria), and Lomwe (Malawi). I  caught up with the bubbly Vimbai for a quick chat before she jetted out of Accra. How did you find your first visit to Ghana? Well it’s been amazing, it’s very surreal. I have heard a lot about Accra, Aphrodisiac Nightclub and the people, and to be here in the flesh is very surreal. I love it, great people, warm people, and Ghanaians party very hard.  It was fun meeting lots of Ghanaian celebrities, it’s been fantastic! What have you been up to after Big Brother Africa? Since Big Brother, I continued modeling because I started as a model. And now I host a TV show called StarGist which is one of Africa’s biggest daily entertainment shows on AfricaMagic Entertainment from Monday to Friday. That’s really a dream come true, it’s all I ever wanted to do. It’s an embodiment of who I am; I love African entertainment and telling positive African success stories. What has been your biggest highlight so far on StarGist? The highlight was hosting the red carpet for the Big Brother Stargame finale. That was definitely a career highlight. I was telling my friends that last year I left Big Brother as a loser, and to go back there and be a winner in my own way was just a great experience. What is the schedule for recording Stargist like? It is very hectic. It’s Monday to Friday and it’s just like having a 9 to 5 but I love it because it’s more like a lifestyle for me. So I don’t stop working, literally. If I am not shooting, I am probably on reading about what’s happening in the entertainment world, or checking the blogs because we always try to keep up to date with what is happening. So its grueling but when you love what you do and it’s your lifestyle, then it is only a joy and pleasure. You must be enjoying the travelling also I am enjoying the traveling; I want to get to see more and more of Africa You have a great onscreen chemistry with Lawrence, how do you guys do it? Lawrence and I are like siblings to each other. We bully each other but it is all fun and games and he is a great person to work with. Lawrence doesn’t stop us laughing, he is such a comedian. So that makes it really easy if you are having a long day and he comes up with one of his moments; it’s priceless! So do you do StariGist fulltime or you have other projects on the side? It is fulltime! I want to focus on it for now and I want to make sure I am as great as I can be on that show before I branch into other things.  But definitely, there’re more things to come! What should we expect from Vimbai? We are building a new brand for Miss Vimbai, which is really about celebrating African entertainment and African celebrities on a broader platform; opening Africa to a lot more people within the continent. So expect more of that, expect me on your rumps.  I hear Ghana Fashion and Design Week is coming up, so you can expect me back in Accra for that. And for the rest of Africa, I am at an event or red carpet near you very soon. You can follow all the happening on twitter @miss_vimbai.]]>

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