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Hot on DStv: Hannibal, Betty White’s Off their Rockers and more

There is plenty of entertainment on DStv this week and beyond. Here’s a few of some of the highlights: BBC Brit DStv Ch120 – Premium  Drive (Series 2): Wednesday 20 April at 6:00pm Join hosts Chris Harris, Mike Musto, JF Musial, Matt Farah and Mike Spinelli as they embark on epic adventures across the globe, […]



betty whitesThere is plenty of entertainment on DStv this week and beyond. Here’s a few of some of the highlights:

BBC Brit DStv Ch120 – Premium 

Drive (Series 2): Wednesday 20 April at 6:00pm

Join hosts Chris Harris, Mike Musto, JF Musial, Matt Farah and Mike Spinelli as they embark on epic adventures across the globe, driving and evaluating the most exciting cars in the world, on some of the most dramatic roadways on the planet. In series two the hosts Drive continues to celebrate the culture of cars, taking audiences on the road, to the races, to the factories, to the studios and to other places car lovers have always wanted to go, but never had the chance. Tune in on Wednesday 20 April at 6:00pm.

Boomerang DStv Channel 302 – Family/Compact/Compact Plus/Premium


Zig & Sharko (New show): Monday 18 April at 1:45pm

What do hyenas and sharks fight about? Why, mermaids of course! This April, Zig is up VS. Sharko in a brand new show! Zig is a starving hyena who lives on a desert island, with one obsessive goal: to devour the most delicious thing he has ever seen the mermaid sitting on the rock at bay, in the lagoon. Catch them every weekday from Monday 18 April at 1:45pm.

Cartoon Network DStv Ch301 – Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

Ninjago: Monday 18 April at 2:45pm


Are you ready to watch Sensei Wu and your favourite Ninjas master their elemental powers in a bid to protect Ninjago on Cartoon Network this April? Get ready, because a new evil named Nadakhan the Djinn is released and a new age of piracy begins. It is up to the Ninjas to stop him in his tracks. Tune in on Monday 18 April at 2:45pm.

BET DStv Ch129 – Compact/ Compact Plus/Premium

It’s a Mann’s World: Premieres 18 April Mondays at 5:30pm

It’s A Mann’s World shows how the family that prays and laughs together stays together, as comedy and Gospel power couple David Mann and Tamela Mann negotiate their lives from conference table to kitchen table with a spirit that’s fun for the whole family. Viewers will get a taste of how the couple balances being celebrities, entrepreneurs, and parents to four adult children – all while keeping the sparks in their 26-year old marriage. Premieres 18 April Mondays at 5:30pm


Comedy Central DStv Ch122 – Premium

Betty White’s Off their Rockers: Wednesday 20 April at 6:05pm

The US version of hidden camera show Off Their Rockers is hosted by veteran actress and former “Golden Girl” Be#y White. Senior ci6zens turn the tables on unsuspec6ng members of the public in a series of funny and unexpected pranks. Premiering Wednesday 20 April at 6:05pm

Discovery Channel DStv Ch121 – Premium


Sherpa (Premiere): From Sunday 24 April at 6:00pm

‘Sherpa’ tells the harrowing story of how Mount Everest’s Sherpa community united in grief and anger to reclaim the mountain following the deadly avalanche that struck on April 18, 2014, killing 16 of their number. Through the voices of the guides themselves, their families and the climbers, it chronicles a historic moment of tragedy and resistance, in which the Sherpa community ponders the future of Everest climbing, and asks whether anything could justify the dangers they face. The disaster provoked a drastic reappraisal of the Everest climbing industry, and it served as a turning point for many of the Sherpas and their families as they considered whether to continue working on the mountain. From Sunday 24 April at 6:00pm.

ITV Choice DStv Channel 123 – Premium

Cameraman to the Queen: Thursday 30 April at 6.00pm


This show follows insight into the work of royal cameraman Peter Wilkinson, who has been present at the Queen’s public engagements for 18 years. This documentary highlights his unique relationship with the monarch and captures his work during a state visit by the Chinese president, at a royal garden party at Buckingham Palace, on a visit by the Queen to Essex, and in Scotland on the momentous day when the she became the longest-serving monarch in British history. Tune in on Thursday 30 April at 6.00pm. 

BBC Lifestyle DStv Channel 174 – Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

Jamie’s Sugar Rush: Wednesday 20 April at 6:00pm

Obesity and type 2 diabetes ruin millions of lives and threaten to bankrupt the NHS. Jamie Oliver investigates sugar’s contribution to global health problems and explores what can be done to help. He also meets people whose lives have been adversely affected by illnesses related to sugar consumption Jamie then investigates the hidden sugar in supposedly ‘healthy’ food, including breakfasts that look wholesome but contain shocking levels of the white stuff. Tune in on Wednesday 20 April at 6:00pm.


Lifetime DStv Ch131 – Premium

Married at First Sight: The First Year: From 22 April at 6:50pm 

In this 60-minute spin-off series of the breakout hit Married at First Sight, viewers gain a glimpse into the first year of marriage of the couples who decided to stay together after the experiment. Now, with no experiment – can these two brave couples make it to and celebrate their first anniversary as husband and wife? Fridays From 22 April at 6:50pm

M-Net DStv Ch101/Ch103 – Premium


The Duff : Sunday 24 April at 6:00pm and at 6:30pm

The popular kids get a wakeup call in this high school movie. Once a girl finds out that she is being used by her friends, she teams up with a boy and beings a social makeover. Premieres on Sunday 24 April at 6:00pm and at 6:30pm on M-Net Movies Premiere.

M-Net Edge Dstv Ch113 – Premium

Motive (S4): Premieres on Tuesday 19 April at 5:00pm


Kristin Lehman (The Killing) stars as a feisty Vancouver homicide detective who uses her skills to track down cunning killers with a serial motive. Premieres on Tuesday 19 April at 5:00pm.

Fargo (S2): Premieres on Tuesday 19 April at 7:00pm

An all-star cast brings us another instalment of this Golden Globe and Emmy winning crime anthology. In the season premiere, an unexpected turn of events at a diner disrupts a small Minnesota town. Premieres on Tuesday 19 April at 7:00pm.

Hannibal (Premiere): Tuesday 19 April at 8:00pm


Chilling psychological thriller centred on one of fiction’s most terrifying serial killers. In the series premiere, troubled FBI profiler Will Graham is put into the hands of brilliant psychiatrist, Dr Hannibal Lecter. Premieres on Tuesday 19 April at 8:00pm.

Studio Universal DStv Ch112 – Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

She’s The Man: Airs on Wednesday 20 April at 6:00pm

Channing Tatum features in this romantic comedy. When a teenage girl Amanda Bynes) decides to disguise herself as her twin brother in order to play on a boarding school’s football team it leads to romantic complications for everyone involved, from her arrogant ex-boyfriend to the star striker she develops a crush on… Laura Ramsey, Brandon Jay McLaren and Vinnie Jones also star. Airs on Wednesday 20 April at 6:00pm.


The Eagle: Airs on Wednesday 20 April at 7:50pm

A young centurion and his British slave set out past Hadrian’s Wall to Caledonia, attempting to learn the ultimate fate of the Ninth Legion. Historical drama, starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell, Donald Sutherland and Mark Strong. Airs on Wednesday 20 April at 7:50pm.

JAMIE FOXX: Watch on 23rd April from 4:00pm

Back-to-back Jamie Foxx movies begin with explosive action adventure Stealth (18:00). The US military develop a fighter jet controlled by artificial intelligence, but when it becomes self-aware three hot-shot pilots must stop it inciting war. Josh Lucas and Jessica Biel also star. Military drama Jarhead  (20:05) follows the true story of one Marine, Anthony ‘Swoff’ Swofford, and his experiences in the 1990-91 Gulf War. Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard also star. Watch on 23rd April from 4:00pm.


TLC Entertainment DStv CH136 – Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

Baby Changes Everything (Premiere): Monday 18 April at 6:55pm

It’s arguably life’s biggest transition going from being a couple to being parents! In this eye-opening docu-series, we see real life situations of couples making the massive transition to parenthood. Witness how they respond when the baby comes along – bidding bye-bye to days of carefree living, lavish holidays, meals out and all-night drinks parties – and a big hello to sleepless nights, early morning wake-up calls, dirty nappies, buggy frenzy and non-stop baby talk. From Monday 18 April at 6:55pm.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? TI:  Sunday 24 April at 6:00pm


Grammy winner T.I. shares the toughest thing about raising teenage girls. Plus, this music mogul opens up about his 10-year vision. Watch as T.I. reveals how a federal weapons charge led to his aha! moment. Plus, T.I. opens up about his blended family, parenting philosophy and personal evolution. Airs on Sunday 24 April at 6:00pm

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