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Hot New Music Video: Prince Bright – Small Thing


Hot New Music Video: Prince Bright – Small Thing

Prince Bright has followed his recent double release, his first as a solo artist after Buk Bak, with a music video. The singles are ‘Pioto Photo’ produced by Jay Q, and ‘Small Thing’ Produced by Boss Beatz. 


The music video for ‘Small Thing’ is the first to come out.

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Prince Bright, leader of the multi-award winning group Buk Bak was born and raised in Kokomlemle, a suburb of Accra in Ghana, West Africa.

Prince Bright releases ‘Pioto Photo’ & ‘Small Thing’ first as a solo artist after Buk Bak

After consistent hits in the local and international scenes, Prince Bright migrated to the United States of America to further his education and seek the American dream. All being good, music kept calling until the come-back of Buk Bak resonated with the world with their smash hit song KOLOM.

Their success was unfortunately short lived due to the heart breaking demise of his partner Ronnie Coches. 

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