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Witness: My Father The Banker, Wed 10 Feb 2016, 8:00pm | Al Jazeera (406)

My Father The Banker”. Armed with a photo from Interpol, a filmmaker travels to Malaysia hoping to find her millionaire father who disappeared from Latvia 15 years ago.

 BBC Brit Channel 196 – Premium

Top Gear; Evans reveals new Top Gear Friend

Iconic American actor Matt LeBlanc has been revealed as one of the new presenters of the upcoming and eagerly awaited return of BBC Brit’s Top Gear – the planet’s biggest motoring entertainment show. LeBlanc’s appointment marks the first time the show has ever had a non-British host in its 39-year history.


In what promises to be an explosive cocktail of car-obsessed entertainers and cultural clashes – the eagerly anticipated return of the revamped show is expected to noisily announce itself on BBC Two and TV screens everywhere this May.

The Golden Globe-winning star of the popular BBC comedy Episodes, LeBlanc’s international appeal has never been stronger despite filming the finale of his global hit Friends almost 12 years ago. He’s already a familiar face to Top Gear viewers, having been a two-time guest on the show and the fastest celebrity to date around the Top Gear track in its reasonably priced car. LeBlanc also presented the recent standalone spin-off Top Gear: The Races, where he led fans through some of the most memorable racing moments from the previous 22 series.

He joins production immediately and additional Top Gear cast members will be confirmed shortly.

Matt is an American actor, comedian and producer, best known for his role as Joey Tribbiani on the NBC sitcom, Friends. In 2011, LeBlanc began starring as a fictional version of himself in Episodes, a BBC Two/Showtime television series created by the Friends co-creators. He won a Golden Globe award for his work on Episodes, and was nominated for an Emmy three times for his work on Friends and four times for Episodes.



Matt holds the record for the fastest ever celebrity lap of the famous Top Gear track, having appeared as a guest in Season 18 Episode 2 (TX 5th Feb 2012) setting a still unbeaten 1m42.1sec in the Kia C’eed.  Matt also reappeared on the show in S19 E4 (TX 17th Feb 2013) when he was asked to test the new Kia C’eed on the track, against the old one.


Matt’s love of all things four and two wheeled will come as no surprise to Top Gear fans.  Whilst on set for his guest appearance, Matt also spent as much time as he was allowed driving the McLaren 12C supercar around the Top Gear track, accompanied by The Stig.

The Murder Detectives Fri 19 Feb 2016, 6:00pm

Dramatic documentary series following every twist and turn of a police investigation into the horrific murder of a teenager.


·       Cartoon Network Channel 301 – Premium

The Love Bug: Sunday 14 February from 12:10pm

Love is in the air on Cartoon Network this Valentine’s Day! This special stunt will air the most romantic episodes of your favorite show, including Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, Regular Show and Clarence to name a few. Between Finn and Flame Princess’ tumultuous relationship or Panda’s quest for love despite his brothers getting in the way, let’s just hope that everyone ends up living happily ever after! Celebrate budding love and epic romance this Valentine’s Day on Sunday 14 February at 12:10pm·

CBS Drama 134 – Family/Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

Loving Leah: Sunday 14 February at 11:05pm


When 26-year-old Leah’s Jewish husband passes away, she finds herself in a dilemma: marry her late husband’s brother as traditionally done in the Jewish community or agree to her mother’s arranged marriage? This love story develops as the two agree to take part in an unconventional, yet, convenient marriage.

Alabama Love Story: 14 February at 12:45pm

A kidnapping leads to love for a down-on-his-luck cowboy in this romantic comedy drama. When former rodeo rider Roper Wylie hits rock bottom, he schemes to kidnap wealthy Alabama socialite Goodie Blankenship. As the kidnapper and the jilted wife begin to sympathize with one another, love blossoms and fuels their hunger for revenge on Goodie’s uncaring husband. Tune in on Sunday14 February at 12:45pm

One True Love: Sunday 14 February at 2:25pm

Inspired by a true story, One True Love, is a poignant romance between two strangers who meet at the site of a serious accident and in one life-altering moment, fall in love. Dana Boyer and Kevin Grant are passionate, fun-loving adults who meet when Kevin rescues Dana from a burning car. To complicate matters, Kevin is engaged and Dana is set to marry Phil her fiancé. Tune in on Sunday 14 February at 2:25pm.


 E! Entertainment Channel 124 Access/Family/Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

Live From the Red Carpet: The 2016 Grammy Awards: Monday 15 February at 9:00pm

All eyes are on the Staples Centre in Los Angeles as the biggest music stars on the planet attend the 58th Grammy Awards. E! has all angles covered across the red carpet as Guiliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest catch up with the nominees, presenters and performers. Monday 15 February at 9:00pm

Fox Channel 125, Premium

House Of Payne Thu 11 Feb, 4:55pm


Bake, Rattle And Roll”. Calvin has an incident at his job that leads him to getting suspended. Jazmine needs help baking and she reluctantly decides to ask Ella for help.

The Walking Dead Season 6 part B: 15 February at 7:00pm

The Walking Dead returns on 15 February at 7:00pm, its new time slot from the previous 21:20 as the Fox schedule is also getting an update this year. The zombie thriller has been renewed for a bloody seventh season and continues to be a firm favourite on the schedule for fans.

MTV 130 – Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

Lip Sync Battle (Season 2): Monday 15 February at 7:35pm


The mic is off, the battle is on! Lip Sync Battle, is back, hosted by LL Cool J with colourful commentary from social media maven and supermodel co-host, Chrissy Teigen. Each episode features two A-list celebrities like you’ve never seen them before – syncing their hearts out in hysterically epic performances. This month, you will see Channing Tatum, Kevin Hart, Olivia Munn, John Legend, Queen Latifah, Marlon Wayans and many more every Monday 

·       TLC Entertainment – OWN – Channel 172, Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

Where Are They Now? Debbie Allen: On Sunday 14 February at 6:55pm

Debbie Allen says that as a child, Houston’s racial divide in the 50’s and 60’s prevented her from going to her first-choice dance school. Then, after years of applying, 13-year-old Debbie was finally accepted to the Houston Ballet Foundation. Watch as she shares how these experiences made her stronger and pushed her to become the dancer she is today. On Sunday 14 February at 6:55pm

·       Telemundo 118 – Access/Family/Compact/Compact Plus/Premium


Under The Same Sky Tue 09 Feb 15:10

Carlos tells his son about his truck being stolen. Adela has the truck, and decides to sell it. Carlos and Luis head off in search of the truck.

       MTV Base Channel 322 – Premium

Love & Hip Hop – Hollywood: Premiere on Monday 15 February at 8:00pm

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood follows the young, hip-hop elite as they strive to either “make” or “maintain” a life in the La La Land of Hollywood! Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has the youngest, hottest cast to date. The series will follow the lives of rising stars and starlets, from hip-hop artists, to video vixens, to actors, personal assistants, girlfriends, and co-parents; we take an exclusive look behind the curtain at the lives of the hip hop couples as they struggle to balance their careers and their personal lives. Tune in to the Premiere on Monday 15 February at 8:00pm


·       M-Net Channel 101 – Premium

Grey’s Anatomy: Monday 15 February at 5:30pm

Experience the triumphs and heartaches of medical professionals in the impressive twelfth season of this Golden Globe award winning show. The award-winning series comes back from its production break from Monday 15 February at 5:30pm

The Fixer: Monday 15 February at 6:30pm

Golden Globe nominated actress Kerry Washington stars as Olivia Pope, a consultant who “fixes” the most sensational scandals in politics. The series has been on a production break and will resume with new episodes fromMonday 15 February at 6:30pm


·       Vuzu Amp, Channel 114 –Premium

How To Get Away With Murder, Tue 09 Feb, 9:00pm

Meet Bonnie’. Asher discovers not everything is what it seems when you work for Annalise. Frank is presented with a situation that hits close to home. Wes’ search to solve Rebecca’s disappearance ends in a confrontation.

·       Zee World Channel 166, Access/Family/Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

Fear Files: Every Saturday at 7:00pm.


“Fear Files” brings to life the real stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences that defy explanation. The series uncovers the truth behind some of the most compelling and mystifying occurrences that have taken place around India. The show is a re-enactment of real incidents in an attempt to dispel the hoaxes from the real and possibly unexplainable. Tune in Every Saturday at 7:00pm.

Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai Sat, 13 Feb 5:00pm

After an operation, Durga regains her sight. She is unable to see the face of her love Rohit, who is presumed dead. She finds love in Raj. But Rohit resurfaces and seems awfully familiar.




Radio & TV

Nat Geo: “Bobi Wine: The People’s President” To Premiere On GOtv The man, the music, the movement



BobiWineThePeoplesPresident 17 scaled

In Uganda’s 2021 presidential election, music star, activist and opposition leader Bobi Wine, together with his wife Barbie, rallied his people in a dangerous fight for freedom from President Museveni’s oppressive 35-year regime. Documenting his presidential run, National Geographic’s Bobi Wine: The People’s President, premieres across Africa on DStv 181 and GOtv 201 this Sunday, 3 December at 7pm.

Watch the trailer here: 

Born in the slums of Kampala, Bobi Wine, Ugandan opposition leader, former member of parliament, activist and national superstar musician, risks his life and the lives of his wife, Barbie, and their children to fight the ruthless regime led by Yoweri Museveni. Museveni has been in power since 1986 and changed Uganda’s constitution to enable him to run for yet another five-year term.

Running in the country’s 2021 presidential elections, Bobi Wine uses his music to denounce the dictatorial regime and support his life mission to defend the oppressed and the voiceless people of Uganda. In this fight, he must also take on the country’s police and military, which are not afraid to use violence and torture in a vain attempt to intimidate and silence him and his supporters.

His characteristic enthusiasm for democratic discourse and the popularity he had earned from his prior artistic and philanthropic endeavors successfully endured his transition to politics. Bobi Wine continues to lead the NUP, the largest political opposition party in Uganda and has become the main opposition leader to President Museveni’s rule.


More information about the documentary is available here:  

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Best series to binge this December on Showmax, from Poker Face to The Winter King to World On Fire



Here are some new shows on Showmax to add to your watchlist this December.
1st seasons of Poker Face, The Winter King, Blue Lights; new World On Fire, How To With John Wilson
rhX8EyVRPGPeBffYWHAGw1eKshbtnLzpg MD1rzy46EX84VE8MIFPEOFf8AgMQFWcNCPk6 5Rg1CLPiswu4ftHjAmp7fK4cavcROb2t6MGYxbQYhOa37Sw SYlRDDQCl0iOFJENBHFdEvzOuIkB7aNo
POKER FACE S1 | Binge from 11 December
Four-time Emmy nominee Natasha Lyonne (Russian DollOrange Is The New Black) is on the case in Poker Face, a Peacock Original mystery from Oscar-nominated creator Rian Johnson (Knives Out, Glass Onion, Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi).
Lyonne plays Charlie Cale, a casino worker with an extraordinary ability to detect lies. After a close friend is murdered, she hits the road in her Plymouth Barracuda. At every stop, she encounters a new cast of characters and strange crimes she can’t help but investigate and solve.
The all-star cast includes Oscar winner Adrien Brody (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Oscar nominees Hong Chau (The Whale), Nick Nolte (Warrior) and Chloë Sevigny (Big Love), Emmy winners Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception), Ellen Barkin (Animal Kingdom), and Cherry Jones (Succession), and Emmy nominees Benjamin Bratt (Law & Order), Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and Judith Light (The Menu, Shining Vale).
Poker Face is the 10th best-reviewed series of 2023 on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 98% critic’s rating, and is up for four Emmys, including Lead Actress (Lyonne) and Guest Actress (Light).
WORLD ON FIRE S2 | Binge from 20 December
Four years after its acclaimed first season (thanks to Covid-19 delays), the World War II series World on Fire is back for a second season.
Starring Jonah Hauer-King (Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid and Laurie Laurence in Little Women), Oscar nominee Lesley Manville (Mrs Harris Goes to ParisThe CrownPhantom Thread), and an ensemble cast, World on Fire Season 2 is set between 1940 and 1941, taking us from the war-torn streets of Britain and the start of The Blitz in Manchester deep into Nazi Germany, the resistance within occupied France, and the brutal sands of the North African desert, including the Siege of Tobruk and Operation Compass.
Season 2 has a 100% critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with The Guardian’s calling it, “totally gripping” and saying, “This hugely ambitious attempt to show the war through the lives of ordinary people has an immaculate grasp of tension and character. To watch is to be fully invested in these peoples’ fate.”
03oOwQMYifcCmZIbvE3blyh4YWIx4RoXLd0pwL1NeDfPvv VplQdiEHbmPGCB9nv2Yw64l 5CiX7oocRMpecEJsCS3iGu 5s 9bdyWdp8YLUQR5UbBg9undR EAaLo el6g3Xjmy LN9MFvjy4szrM
THE WINTER KING S1 | First On Showmax | Mondays from 4 December
Before Britain, there was King Arthur…
Set amid the brutality of the 5th Century in a land of warring factions and tribes, The Winter King follows Arthur Pendragon (BAFTA Scotland nominee Iain De Caestecker, aka Leopold Fitz/The Doctor in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as he evolves from outcast son to legendary warrior, leader and ultimately, legend.
An epic revisionist take on the well-loved Arthurian legends, The Winter King is based on The Warlord Chronicles trilogy by Bernard Cornwell, and has an 82% critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes. As the critics’ consensus says, “Action-packed and sprawling in scope, The Winter King compensates for its lack of fidelity to Bernard Cornwell’s books with sheer entertainment value.”
The cast includes award winner Valene Kane (Gangs of London) as Morgan, Olumide Olorunfemi (Venom: Let There Be Carnage) as Lunette, award winner Tatjana Nardone (DevilsMedici) as Ladwys, Ken Nwosu (Christopher RobinThe WitchesKilling EveThe Letter for the King) as Sagramor, and award winner Nathaniel Martello-White (CollateralDeceitI Hate Suzie) as Merlin, with former Cape Town model Jordan Alexandra (Surprised by Oxford) as Guinevere. Also look out for Screen Actors’ Guild Award nominee Daniel Ings (The CrownI Hate Suzie) as Owain, Ellie James (Girl/HajiI May Destroy You) as Nimue, and Billy Postlethwaite (Silo1917) as Cadwys, with Teen Choice nominee Eddie Marsan (The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe) as Uther.
lLZ0atqU1Zn 0IkGb8mxlV72J389YZWSz8q6kbZ3Z83yrWBhBOnOib9suFyHM8DYqGcWofRDF
SHINING VALE S2 | First on Showmax | Binge from 4 December
Season 2 of Shining Vale promises a Phelps family reunion like no other. The story picks up four months later, with Pat (Emmy-nominated Scream queen and Friends star Courteney Cox) being released from the psychiatric hospital early and returning home, determined to pick up the pieces of her broken family. But she quickly finds out her children (Gus Birney from Dickinson and Dylan Gage from PEN15) don’t need her, and her husband Terry (Oscar nominee Greg Kinnear from As Good As It Gets and Little Miss Sunshine) doesn’t remember her – thanks to that little brain injury.
To make matters worse, Pat’s new neighbour looks uncannily like Season 1’s resident spectre, Rosemary (Oscar winner Mira Sorvino from Mighty AphroditeRomy and Michele’s High School Reunion), and the house is starting to reveal the shocking secrets of its dark past…
Four-time Emmy nominee Judith Light (tick, tick…BOOM!TransparentUgly Betty, and Who’s the Boss?) returns as Pat’s mom, Joan, with Screen Actors’ Guild Award nominee Merrin Dungey (Big Little LiesAlias) as her editor, Kam. Emmy nominees Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) and Allison Tolman (Why Women KillFargo) are also among the cast this season.
Shining Vale won the 2022 Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Television Series, with nominations for Best Actress and Best Performance by a Younger Actor for Cox and Birney respectively. Cox was also named Best Actress in a Comedy at last year’s Women’s Image Network Awards, where the show won Outstanding Comedy Series.
Created by Emmy-nominated writer and executive producer Sharon Horgan (Bad Sisters) and Writers Guild of America Award nominee Jeff Astrof (Trial & ErrorThe New Adventures of Old Christine), Shining Vale is once again helmed by an all-female line-up of directors, with Cox producing.
zinYPD9eKt73G0deBpzmjym23Mb9rB368hLnDbNJW1U7e161hK mrqvkSwUeQw6pNEZWQWTvVfppvKaUTpgmzmYX0vw7TVg2nIviaoa5E07NaHWFA7PjBKF6DEBF49skGbtgdUwCGn ESu AgrjGDLk
BLUE LIGHTS S1 | Binge from 11 December
Set in Belfast in Northern Ireland, Blue Lights follows three rookie police officers who find themselves up against criminal gangs, undercover agents, their own communities and even their own police force as they work to complete the last two months of their probationary period.
Blue Lights has an 89% critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with five-star reviews from both The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian, with the latter calling the series “well-crafted, fantastically tense, thrilling stuff,” and “one of the best shows of the year”.
The BBC police procedural is led by award nominee Sian Brooke (GuiltGood Omens) and newcomers Katherine Devlin and Nathan Braniff, with the likes of Irish Film and Television Award winner Martin McCann (Last SentinelThe Survivalist), Screen Actors Guild nominee Richard Dormer (Game of Thrones), ​​and award winners Valene Kane (Gangs of LondonThe Winter King) and Andi Osho (I May Destroy YouThe Sandman) co-starring.
l 5EemJMV4f rDdmJdlF6WKVm9grwGC610zcQmRe0tU0sMRrGfB2SAy9ODABwj3
HOW TO WITH JOHN WILSON S2 | Binge from 20 December
The third and final season of the zany, hilarious, and widely acclaimed HBO Original docu-comedy series How To With John Wilson follows documentary filmmaker and self-described “anxious New Yorker” John Wilson. Continuing his heartfelt mission of self-discovery, exploration, and observation, Wilson films the lives of his fellow New Yorkers while attempting to give everyday advice on six new deceptively simple and wildly random topics, from how to find a public restroom to how to work out to how to clean your ears. Obviously.
Nominated for a 2022 Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Nonfiction Program, How To With John Wilson boasts a consistent 100% critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes across all three seasons, with the Season 3 critics’ consensus saying, “Still subversive but taking on new layers of emotional resonance, John Wilson’s opus demonstrates exactly how to bring a labour of love to a satisfying finish.”
The Guardian calls it “miraculous”, saying, “Every episode of this visual essay is an absolute masterpiece – like nothing else on television… One of the finest shows to come out of the US in years… A complete modern reinvention of the visual essay form, something funny and profound and head-spinningly human, a glimpse of New York City from an angle it’s never been seen before, at grubby street level and round freakish little corners.”
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MultiChoice Ghana Staff Bring Akwaaba Magic’s ‘Nana Akoto’ to Life



1I8A2156 2 scaled

Walk-in customers to the MultiChoice Ghana HQ in Accra were thrilled to see staff transform the office into a colourful display of the rich Ghanaian culture depicted in the Akwaaba Magic epic, ‘Nana Akoto’ on Friday 24th November 2023. 

Barely a month into its premiere, ‘Nana Akoto’ has already become a household name for many viewers of Akwaaba Magic. However, the extra attention garnered from the staff activation added another layer of excitement and anticipation from viewers and those yet to watch the series.

The epic story of ‘Nana Akoto’ is inspired by true events; it tells the story of a young prince of the ancient Kwaaman kingdom, whose life takes a turn when he is sent to the powerful Denkyera Empire as a tribute. After years of indoctrination and a loss of identity, Nana Akoto must rediscover his identity and find his way back to his people. 

The team at MultiChoice Ghana were able to bring the story of Nana Akoto to life in the Ghana office, dressing in traditional costumes with its accompanying accessories as exhibited by the characters in this series. Participation was “massive” as staff brought on their A-Game as they stood the chance to win a shopping voucher amongst others. 

Commenting on the activation, Human Resource Manager at MultiChoice Ghana, Matilda Asare, said she was impressed with the high participation from staff. “This has been one of the most successful campaigns we’ve run this year. This is a true testament that we do not only promote our Ghanaian series on Akwaaba Magic to external customers, but internally, we consume our content as well,” she noted.


The excitement transcended to our GOtv and DStv customers as staff shared their colourful pictures on their social media handles. Juliet Fianko from our Customer Value Management team confirms she received several messages from her followers enquiring about the show.  Juliet adds “I wish we could do this again because the feedback we received from customers has been encouraging, and the attention helps to promote local content on Akwaaba Magic.” 

Nana Akoto airs every Monday to Friday at 20:00 GMT on Akwaaba Magic on DStv Ch. 150 and GOtv Ch. 102. 

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Meet the Top 10 Finalists! Miss Malaika Ghana 2023…. Grand Finale on 24th November!



WhatsApp Image 2023 11 22 at 14.39.45 0b20f23c

When the call for this year’s edition dubbed #thebloomseason was made, thousands responded and showed up. And after a series of audition processes, 20 ladies were selected to begin this life changing journey. Weeks have gone by, weeks of intense training, laughter, tears, highs, lows and of course, evictions which have dropped the numbers down from 20 to the big 10 finalists. And now we are ready for a showdown, the prestigious Miss Malaika Ghana 2023 Grand Finale, and it’s happening on Friday, the 24th of November at the Grand Arena (AICC), 8pm prompt. 

Meet the Final 10 Delegates.

Pristine Adzo Agbozo is a 23-year-old graduate of KNUST (voting code 43). Bridgetta Glover is a 24-year-old graduate of the Koforidua Technical University (code 19). Comfort Amoah, AKA Reina, is a 23-year-old graduate of Action Progressive Institute (code 31). Fareeda Habib is a 23-year-old graduate of KNUST (code 33). Fortune Akua Agyeman is a 23-year-old graduate of KNUST (21).  Christiana Bervelyn Anim is a 22-year-old graduate of UPSA (code 14). Lady Nana Yaa Nyarko is a 22-year-old graduate of KNUST (code 2). Kimberly Akornortey is a 23-year-old student of University of Ghana (code 6). Charlotte Mawusi Gokah is a 25-year-old graduate of Adonten (code 1). Enyam Dzandu is a 21-year-old student of University of Ghana (45).

Get ready to witness a night where fashion meets glitz and glamor, as the beautiful and smart finalists take the stage in an ultimate spectacle of elegance. This is the crowning moment of the bloom season queen. Who gets the enviable right as the next Queen? Who wins the Crown, the Car, and the Cash.

Tickets for this extraordinary evening are selling for GHc100 at Charterhouse or dial *713*33*24# and follow the prompts. For more information, call 0501288520. 


Performing Live are artistes of the new school; Mr Drew, Sefa, Olive the Boy, Loli X Lola, Maya Blu and Banzy Banero. 

Get more on-the-go information on Miss Malaika Ghana socials; Instagram & Twitter: @missmalaikagh and Facebook: Miss Malaika Ghana. Watch each episode on CharterhouseLive on YouTube. 

Miss Malaika Ghana is a Charterhouse production and is proudly brought to you by GTP, Shandy Bosoe and Pepsodent. With support from Vaseline, Atlas Rent-A-Car, Geisha, BVS Butchery, Ecogel, Locus Estates, Special Ice, Tasty Tom, Best Wester n Plus Beach Hotel, Tigon Creative Studios and Media partners.

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Kwame Sarfo makes cast of Netflix’s largest reality show yet, ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’



Kwame Sarfo makes cast of Netflix's largest reality show yet, 'Squid Game: The Challenge'

Old Bridge, New Jersey-based Kwame Sarfo, who is the founder of Obrempong Home, has been cast in Netflix’s biggest reality show yet, ‘ Squid Game: The Challenge‘! (more…)

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Apple Music reveals Yung D3mz as the latest Up Next Artist in Ghana



Yung D3mz

Apple Music today announced Afro-fusion rapper and songwriter Yung D3mz (real name Nicholas Edem Coffie) is the latest musician to be featured in its Up Next artist development program in Ghana.


“Look ma, I’m Up Next! It’s an honour to be considered amongst the new guard of Ghanaian music,” he tells Apple Music. “I’m super geeked for this major opportunity to share my story and my art. As an avid listener, it’s legit a full-circle moment to be discovered the same way I found some of my favs, a befitting milestone to my journey.”


Born and raised in Ghana’s Tema Metropolis, Yung D3mz began writing songs at the tender age of 11 as a way to focus his energy into a passion. It was only around 2017 that he threw himself into production, motivated by his intense love for music and curiosity for all things production-related.



Influenced by the sounds of Travis Scott, Burna Boy, 6lack, Wizkid, The Weeknd and a whole host of other groundbreaking artists, Yung D3mz’ built a reputation for exuding versatility with a sound that’s smooth but comprises raw melodic elements.


With his debut EP Yung (2021) he fuses his African heritage with Western pop stylings, best exuded in uptempo single “Fever” and the ballad-esque “Carolina”. His new R&B-soul single “Do What You Want” (2023), available to stream on Apple Music, further cements his status as a musical chameleon as he flexes an ultra smooth vocal.



As the latest Up Next act to be spotlighted in Ghana, Yung D3mz will be featured across Apple Music’s Up Next playlist. The curated Up Next playlist features a dynamic class of new and emerging artists, thoughtfully hand-picked by Apple Music editors from around the world. The playlist is genre agnostic and represents a line-up of artists our global editors are passionate about and eager to expose to a larger audience.


The vast global Up Next roster of past talent includes Grammy-nominated and critically lauded talent like 6lack, Daniel Caesar, H.E.R., Greta Van Fleet, Khalid, Amy Shark, Billie Eilish, Sabrina Claudio, Sigrid, Mr Eazi, Stefflon Don, Bad Bunny, Juice WLRD, Bazzi, Jax Jones, NCT 127, Summer Walker, Tierra Whack, Dean Lewis, Pink Sweat$, Koffee, Megan Thee Stallion, Burna Boy, Clairo, Lunay, Jessie Reyez, Orville Peck, Victoria Monét, Ingrid Andress, Conan Gray, Don Toliver, Rema, BENEE, Holly Humberstone, Natanael Cano, Givēon, beabadoobee, Arlo Parks, Tate McRae, Foushee and Tems

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