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How a 10-year-old Ghanaian boy and father invented breakthrough interdental device, InterFloss



There is a buzz about a 15-year-old Ghanaian teenager who invented the world’s first combined traditional interdental and dental floss device. The boy is Lexington John Adjokatse (simply known as LJ ), and according to sources, he actually invented this product which he named InterFloss at the age of 10.

When I first heard about the story, the first question that came to mind was “a 10-year-old child inventing stuff, where was his computer games and toys?” Well, my curiosity led me to do a search for InterFloss on the internet and I ran into a number of videos on the product and inventors on YouTube.

To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to get in touch with LJ and his father, John Adjokatse, who are based in Sydney, Australia and are the co-inventors and patent owners of the product. I did confirm that the product was invented when LJ was 10 and over the past 5 years, both John and LJ have been working tirelessly to perfect the device.

LJ At Dental Conference in March 2020

LJ At Dental Conference in March 2020

The device consists of a handle and a replaceable head. The handle is ergonomically designed with a soft rubber grip and long enough so that users’ fingers do not end up in their mouth during use. The head has a floss and interdental brush connection and rotates in the handle and making a clicking sound while it rotates.

I am arranging another time with the two inventors in the next few days to discuss more the product and the features that make it unique from all other dental cleaning devices. I will keep you posted on the development of this new product. I will also keep you updated on other activities of the young 15-year-old inventor including a new computer game he is developing and a new device that fits the “world first” in several different categories (watch this space).

The product is and it is only sold online on Amazon (US, Canada, UK, and Australia) and at Ghana is the first country where this product will be physically available for sale. It is currently on sale at the pharmacy at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Danpong Pharmacies and also will be in shopping Malls and filling stations soon. For product information, contact Van IVS (Tema Community 8) on 024371745 /055562001

Let’s all support a young man, a compatriot, and countryman.


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