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How aspiring coach Zidane won three Champions League in a row



Zinedine Zidane’s career as a player was in the period of football romanticism. According to many football fans, it was at the beginning of the 21st century that it was most interesting to watch football battles. Perhaps one of the key figures attracting the attention of the football community was Zinedine Zidane. The Frenchman has become a true legend not only of Juventus and Real Madrid but also of the French national team. Remember when moment with Materazzi. Subsequently, he became the phenomenal coach. At 1xBet Ghana, it was possible to bet on all matches of Real Madrid, which the team played under the leadership of the charismatic Frenchman.

Despite minimal experience as a coach, he achieved incredible results. They especially concern the performances of the Madrid team in the main club tournament of Europe. After all, he had more trophies in the Champions League than victories in La Liga. This indicates that he was able to find a special approach to the players in this tournament, even without being considered the main favorite in the national championship. When he first left the Real Madrid coaching team, 1xBet Ghana immediately increased the odds for the club to win in all tournaments. Hence, this is a prime example of how a phenomenal player can become a phenomenal coach.

Who did the Frenchman won in these finals

It should be noted that during the three-year period of the Spanish club’s hegemony in Europe, it didn’t come across easy opponents in the Champions League final. Thus, the final victory became even more significant and effective. The Bet365 login will allow users to bet on the upcoming Champions League matches under the most favourable conditions. Talking about these games more generally, it is worth noting the following:

  1. The first final was the most dramatic and interesting one, because in May 2016, Real Madrid met with Atlético in Milan. The main game ended in a draw, and during the penalty series, the Royal club looked more convincing.
  2. The next final, held in Cardiff, proved to be an easy walk for Zidane and his team. Juventus Turin couldn’t resist the constant attacks of Ronaldo and Benzema, and therefore the final score of 4:1 seemed reasonable.
  3. The last of the decisive matches was played against Liverpool in Kiev. Despite the equal level of the opponent, mistakes of the English keeper led to the final victory of the Spaniards.

In general, it can be said that at that time the lineup of Real was truly stellar. Therefore, many people are trying to somewhat diminish Zidane’s merits for these achievements. However, prior to his move to Madrid, Bet365 users could login to their accounts and bet on Real Madrid to win at much higher odds. That is, the factor of the coach played one of the decisive roles in these three years.

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