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How can I make moving house easier?



Moving house is a very stressful and difficult time, but there are ways that we can make it easier on ourselves and lessen the pressure. If you’re getting ready to move and are looking for some tips to help – you’re in the right place! We Buy Any House have put together some of their best suggestions to make your moving process as smooth as possible.

  • Pack smart

Packing up your stuff isn’t an easy job, especially if you’ve got a lot of items, but you can make your life a lot easier during the move and when it comes to unpacking if you do it in an organised way from the start. Pack room by room, and clearly label each box with the contents and which room it will need to go in when you arrive at the new place. This will mean you’re not having to open boxes and then move them around to the correct room, and will also let you unpack the most important things first to make things easier for you. 

As well as this, make sure that you’re packing boxes to a sensible weight and that you can still lift them safely. The last thing you want is to hurt yourself during the move, or for boxes to start falling through because they can’t take the weight of the contents. 

  • Don’t leave it until the last minute

Moving is stressful enough as it is, and you don’t want to add to that by realising the night before the big day that you’ve still got half a house to pack. As soon as you get your moving date, start packing non-essentials and make yourself a plan. Even packing a few boxes a day will quickly build up and get the majority of your items packed in advance. 

You can’t pack everything that you own, so it’s best to start with things you know you don’t use on a daily basis and won’t miss for a few weeks. As you get closer to the moving day, you can identify the essentials that you need and leave these out, and try to pack everything else. A top tip is to have one box of things you use a lot, and pack it but not seal it, allowing you to dip in and out and use the things that you need easily. 

  • Clean as you go

Cleaning and packing can feel impossible at the same time, as you’ll likely be making more mess and taking up space with boxes as you get your things packed up. However, cleaning as you go will make your life easier and avoid you having to deep clean the entire property the morning that you move out. You can also use a San Antonio house cleaning service to make it easier and faster.

Dedicate one space or room for your boxes, and clean this before you start packing. Only use this area for the things you’ve packed, preventing any more mess being made. You can then pack each room as you get closer to moving out, and clean it after it’s empty to make things simpler. Most move-out cleaning services near Ann Arbor, MI help customers with ideas on that. 

  • Measure your furniture

When you move into your new home, the last thing you need is to find that your things don’t fit in the rooms you wanted them in. Big items of furniture like beds and sofas should be measured in advance so you know that they will fit, saving you the stress when you’re trying to get them in on the day. 

You can also make yourself a floorplan so you know where things will go – this will mean that as you move in, you can place things where you want them, so you don’t have to rearrange it afterwards. 

  • Get some help

The reason that moving house is so stressful is because there’s so much to do and so much to shift, so getting some help will make the day much easier. If you can, get the help of family or friends to lend a hand and get your boxes moved – this will often mean that you can do the job in a much shorter timeframe and will give you longer during the day to unpack and start to settle in your new place. 

For some, friends and family isn’t an option, so you might need to look into hiring professional movers to ensure a smooth and stress-free move.This is a more expensive option, but is a huge help if you’ve got a lot of furniture that you can’t lift on your own. As soon as you get your moving date confirmed you should book your movers, to ensure that they have the availability for you and that you’re not left struggling. 

These tips will help to make your moving day much easier and reduce the stress, allowing you to get into your new home and enjoy it straight away!