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How can we optimize SEO and social media content for a better marketing campaign? A complete guide



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If you are on social media, the primary goal should be to improve your business’s visibility. But it’s not easy and involves many tips and tricks. The main of all this hard work is to improve visibility and Google ranking. According to the recent stats, now more than 88% of businesses choose social media for marketing. The trend took shifts because now people know that social media is the new source of power. Currently, there are millions of multinational brands that are competing to seek attention. But the winner would be the one who understands all highs and lows of this digital world. So, if you want to know this world, then let’s start with SEO.

What is social media marketing & SEO? The link between both:

According to the social media marketing GURU NEIL PATEL, it’s an activity of creating attention-grabbing content. The main aim of content creation is to get attention and boost sales. However, during content creation, you can adopt any way like visuals, images, or infographic sharing. Now there are more than 5 billion worldwide users and its fastest-growing network in history. Many platforms are working as a marketing medium. But during the process, ensure that you are creating organic content. Above all, you need to understand a deep connection between SEO and social media marketing. 

SEO: Search engine optimization: 

SEO is an effort that helps people to find your business. So, if you are running a business, then the primary aim should be to rank higher on search engines. In this way, you will grab more customers. But there are many technicalities involved in the whole process. According to the MOZ: 

“SEO is an act of improving the quality and quantity of online traffic. Moreover, the traffic should be through organic means.”

Above all, Google’s algorithm considers more than 200 factors while ranking the business. So, it’s not easy to deceive Google and get ranking. 

Link B/W SEO & social media marketing: 

We can’t say social media directly impacts Google’s ranking. But it acts like a backbone if you want to give your business exposure. However, the DUO provides the following main directions for business: 


Helps in the distribution of content with a significant level audienceIt gives a new life to the business
Improve business’ visibility and reachHelps to bring organic traffic
Boost brand awareness and recognitionSocial media boosts SEO that ultimately impacts Google ranking


Apart from this, by using this combination, you can enjoy unlimited benefits. There are the following main factors that Google mainly considers, and you can achieve all of these with the help of this DUO: 

  • The quality of the content that you have on the platform 
  • How are your users interacting with your content? 
  • Learn about the bounce rate of your website 
  • What is the level of expertise you are showing on the website? 
  • Is your platform providing accurate and unbiased information? 

It means if your platform has authority in the audience, then it’s to get ranked. In short, social media marketing and SEO have a direct link with each other. It means you can’t achieve your target without abandoning one. 

Ways to optimize your content for social media marketing & SEO:

The above conversation has proved that social media marketing & SEO are linked with each other and go hand in hand. In simple words, we can say these both are integral for each other to boost engagement, traffic, and brand awareness. For instance, social media pages lead traffic towards business websites. According to the surveys, with the help of social media, businesses saw a surge of 10X in ROI. Mainly there are the following leading social media platforms that are playing a huge role in gaining more exposure: 


The interface of all these is different, but the tricks of SEO optimization work equally for all the above platforms. But it includes a whole science when it comes to gain exposure. For instance, many SEO techniques help to optimize social media handles. 

Set the goals for your social media: 

Goal setting should be your priority because you can’t go ahead even one step without it. Thus, while deciding goals, learn to differentiate between long- and short-term ones and then design strategy according to the destination. For instance, the plans could be of any nature like: 

  • You want to reach more audience 
  • The goal could be to improve post engagement 
  • You can start working to lower down BOUNCE RATE of your website 
  • Moreover, you can work to generate leads 

Most of the time, businesses want to convert visiting audiences into potential and loyal buyers. So, before heading further, set your milestone because success wouldn’t be your destination without direction. Moreover, don’t forget to split your big goals into small milestones. In this way, you can measure your success effectively. 

Pay attention towards high-quality content: 

SEO is a thing that evolves around search marketing. It means if more people are searching about your content, you will be able to grab a better ranking. However, it’s only possible if you prefer quality over quantity because, as a result, more people will interact with your content. Above all, keep in mind that keyword stuffing is an old idea; qualitative content is supreme now. There is an infographic of Quick Sprout, and it explains the situation of SEO: 


Keyword stuffingPay attention towards keyword intent
Focus on one keywordSearch user-based keywords
Focus on long-tail keywords

So, don’t stuff writing with keywords, and it’s fine if you can’t post content every other day. Thus, don’t feel the pressure and take your time to search material and try to connect with readers through your content. Above all, you can work on the old content to make it worthwhile for your content. So, always try to find something new every day to impress your readers. 

Establish your authority: 

If you are new in a marketplace, then establishing authority should be your first move. But it’s the most challenging step and takes hard work and time. So, while building authority, ensure the quality of your writing is excellent. However, for this purpose, you should hire experienced writers that know how to ace SEO-optimized writings. You can consider the following factors to build the authority of your content: 

  • Include census data 
  • Medical research 
  • Crime data
  • The results of consumer surveys 
  • Surveys, interviews, and concerning data of related authorities 

Above all, it’s the best idea to back up your search with economic data. You also have an option of using university citations if the data is more of educational nature. 

Boost engagement by using visuals: 

You can’t earn social media followers easily, and it takes a lot of hard work and time. So, you can make your social media content more appealing by using visuals. In visuals, you can include things like videos, images, and infographics, etc. Visual content plays an important role when it comes to boosting engagement. Here are the following stats that prove the importance of visuals:

  • Images help to boost views up to 90% 
  • If you release any news with video, then it gets 45% more attention
  • According to 67% of consumers, the quality of social media pictures is of utmost importance when making a buying decision. 

But before selecting the images, ensure they are linked with your content and niche. So, choose the photos that add value to the content. Most importantly, don’t forget to optimize your images by using focused keywords. 

Hire a good SEO company for optimization: 

If things aren’t going as you thought, then it’s time to one step further. Yes, if you are a newbie, you can hire a professional SEO service. So, if we go with the popular opinion, then IUWO.COM is the best option. The website helps businesses in the following areas: 


SEOWeb design
SEO auditContent marketing
CopywritingLink building and professional opinion


You can find all these services at an affordable price. Moreover, the company has been in the market for many years and has more than 70+ clients. There is an option to hire this company for content writing as this venture has experience acing 4M+ words. 

Optimize all social media profiles: 

Social media helps in winning customers’ trust. According to the search, before making a buying decision, people check social media platforms. So, due to this, you should pay more attention to optimizing social media platforms. Thus, before going online, here is the list of questions you should ask yourself: 

  • Is my profile compelling for customers? 
  • Is your social media profile attractive enough to attract traffic? 
  • Do you have the ability to convert random traffic into loyal customers? 
  • Do your profiles appear on Google while searching online? 

So, if you lack SEO and your profiles aren’t appearing on social media, it makes a wrong impression on visitors. However, try to optimize your profile reasonably because it helps to attract customers online. Above all, don’t forget to align your social media profiles with your business website or blog. In this way, your audience can find you in multiple ways, and Google loves this and rank that website. 

Try to build trust: 

You have heard so many times that content is the KING. But in 2014, MOZ wrote down an article in which they stated that: 

“Trust is the KING.”

If your audience has trust, then they would blindly recommend and use your services. But if the situation is the other way, you can’t build a reliable connection with your audience. You can build trust by using appropriate words like: 


Accordingly,Caused byDue to
SinceThusBest selling


So, these are powerful words that help to win customers’ confidence. According to the surveys, people trust educational material and make buying decisions accordingly. So, at the first step, try to win the trust of your target audience. 

Don’t forget to optimize images: 

Image optimizations play a crucial role when it comes to getting a good ranking of the websites. Earlier, we discussed that visuals help to grab more attention and win customers. According to the research, our brain process 36,000 images 60k times faster than any other type of content. But before adding pictures and videos, ensure they are perfectly optimized with the keyword you are focusing on to rank. Here are the following main tricks that you can use for image optimization: 

  • Make sure that you are using the appropriate file name for the image. For instance, it’s excellent to use focused keywords in image titles. 
  • Select the correct image format that Google and other social media platforms use 
  • Don’t forget to compress the image to reduce size because heavy-sized images impact page loading speed. 
  • Above all, add the focused keyword in image alt text and title. It gives good results because Google can’t read images without keywords. 

Pro-tip: We already mentioned that high-quality images and videos play a vital role in attracting customers. So, use images with high resolution and increase your chances of getting ranked. 

Write compelling social media posts captions: 

Social media posts captions are the first thing that customers notice when it comes to boosting sales. We can say that social media posts captions are like a backbone for the marketing strategy. So, it’s up to you, and you can use any approach to grab attention. For instance, you can go with storytelling. In this approach, you can talk about business history, values, and long-term goals, etc. According to the Estelle Van de Velde: 

“Storytelling helps to make a connection between brand and the audience. In this way, people feel emotionally attached to the brand, and it works as a bridge between both parties.”


So, it would help if you used compelling vocabulary to make the captions attractive and engaging. Above all, don’t forget to use the focus keywords in the caption for SEO purposes. Moreover, it depends on the social media platforms, and you should also d use the focus keyword in the title. 

Use relevant hashtags: 

Hashtags are essential to rank profiles for marketing purposes. There are many online platforms and websites that you can use to find relevant hashtags. But before selecting, ensure they relate to the niche in which you are doing business. Apart from this, I always prefer using the active voice approach to give strength to the profile. The active voice plays a significant role when it comes to improving SEO optimization on social media platforms. 

Don’t ignore the importance of various SEO types: 

If you are in the world of online business, I hope you are aware of different types of SEO. Precisely, there are three following types, and you need to focus on all to boost positive results. 

  • On-page SEO: In this type, you should focus on image optimization, content writing, keyword optimization, and hashtag placement, etc. 
  • Off-page SEO: In this SEO type, you must focus on backlinks, page speed optimization, and lead generation, and link building. All these things help to build authority in the eyes of Google. 
  • Technical SEO: In this, you focus on the technical side of the SEO. For instance, you fix if anything happens with coding or face other technical matters related to the interface. 

Backlinks are an essential part of the Google ranking. But before building links, ensure that websites are authoritative and you are giving enough backlinks. According to a study, there is a direct link between social media shares and backlinks. So, don’t ignore both things to build your website’s authority. 

Boost number of likes and followers: 

In addition to the other things, the number of followers and likes determine the success of your efforts. So, make sure you are giving attention to this side and constantly making efforts to increase likes and followers. But if all actions aren’t working, then you can go with paid means. There are many platforms like that are using legit ways to boost followers and likes. The platform provides services for all apps like: 


YouTubeSpotifyPinterest and many other


Above all, the service is available in an affordable price range and free from any scam. You can contact support anytime in case of any technical glitch. The main of these services is to provide you with a social platform with the biggest audience where you can get the chance to compete with others on equal grounds. You can visit the website anytime to explore more options that go best with your requirements. 


Final verdict: 

You can assess the importance of SEO and social media profiles because they rank on search engines. So, if you don’t give attention to social platforms, it will ultimately impact Google’s ranking. Thus, broaden your concept of marketing and give equal importance to all platforms. Later, you will enjoy results by gaining improved ranking and more profit. Enhance the lifespan of your post and create more opportunities for your business. 




Kuami Eugene, Sarkodie, Blacko, Amaarae, and others make it to Kamala Harris’ Spotify Playlist to soundtrack trip to Africa




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The Vice President of the United States of America (USA), Kamala Harris, has curated a Spotify playlist amplifying the works of African and African-American artistes. (more…)

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Spotify announces multi-year investment for Ghana’s emerging artists through its Creator Equity Fund



L-R Sandy Alibo, Phiona Okumu, Joe Hadley, Ansah
L-R Sandy Alibo, Phiona Okumu, Joe Hadley, Ansah

Global streaming platform Spotify today announced a donation to Vibrate Space, a non-profit organization helping young Ghanaian music entrepreneurs with the tools and skills they need to thrive in the industry, from its Creator Equity Fund to support emerging artists in Ghana.

Vibrate Space, which is operated by Surf Ghana in Accra, is a community recording studio and music business programme, offering education, mentorship and space to young Ghanaian artists, so that they can create, connect and collaborate.

Spotify first partnered with Vibrate in September 2022 with a donation that facilitated the launch of the studio. Over the past six months, Vibrate has registered over 200 studio bookings, and hosted many more creators for events and classes.

To help Vibrate achieve its robust plans to grow and support the creative economy in Ghana, Spotify is making a sizeable donation from its Creator Equity Fund which will be administered over multiple years.

Speaking about the partnership, Phiona Okumu, Head of Music for Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) said, “Since Spotify’s arrival in Africa five years ago, we have worked to identify opportunities to support artists in ways that speak directly to each of our markets. The partnership with Vibrate allows us to continue supporting emerging artists and cultural entrepreneurs in Ghana in addition to the on-platform work we are doing in the country.”

The most recent donation was announced today at an event at Surf Ghana by Spotify’s Global Head of Artist and Audience partnerships Joe Hadley. “Spotify is proud to continue our efforts to support and uplift creatives with our Creator Equity Fund. I’m excited to share that from that fund we’re announcing a donation to the Vibrate Space in Accra, Ghana. They have been incredible partners to us; continually pouring into the local community and creating a space where artists can come together to grow creatively. We’re looking forward to hearing the music, stories, and success that will come out of Vibrate.”

The donation will be administered over multiple years, enabling the organisation to collaborate with and support even more aspiring young artists who seek to kick-start their careers.

Vibrate’s plans to use the additional funding for artist support include a festival at the space, to be held at the end of the year, supporting artists to put on their own events and establishing a youth hostel, where young people can find affordable, short term accommodation while also experiencing the collaborative and community aspects of Vibrate. The organisation is also looking to establish an artist in residency and exchange programme to fuel creativity, collaboration and cultural exchange, as well as a women’s programme aimed at supporting women’s growth in the industry. They also intend to expand their educational offerings, by extending their highly successful monthly masterclasses for another two years and introducing a three month instrument learning programme, starting with piano lessons and expanding into other instruments.

Supporting Emerging Artists

Founder and director of Surf Ghana, Sandy Alibo said: “ We are happy to be partnered with Spotify. They’re really supportive of the alternative scene and not every brand understands that. We work with young, and emerging artists and creators who are looking to make a mark in the music industry and Spotify is a brand that speaks to young people, and has played a significant role in taking African and Ghanaian music to the world.”

Spotify data shows that fans on Spotify are finding and listening to Ghanaian artists all around the world. For every stream in Ghana of a Ghanaian artist, there are 6 streams all around the world, with top international markets for Ghanaian artists including the USA, UK, Nigeria, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and France.

A number of Ghanaian artists have been beneficiaries of Spotify programmes aimed at showcasing local artists on a global stage and increasing discoverability. These include Black Sherif, who is a Spotify RADAR artist, Amaarae,  Moliy and Gyakie, have both been EQUAL Ambassadors and Kofee Bean is a Fresh Finds artist. Sincerely Accra, a Ghanaian podcast, was also named as one of 13 African podcasts to receive a share of Spotify’s 100,000 USD last year.

Managing Director for Spotify SSA Jocelyne Muhutu-Remy said, “Spotify is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to promote African music, and celebrate and support its creators. We see ourselves as a global platform with a local focus and we really drill down to understand what is happening across the continent, and how we can support both artists and users in those markets. Our partnership with Vibrate is one way that we are doing this in Ghana, but we have plans and projects in place to support artists both on and off platform across the region.”

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Nana Badu Agyemang Duah I, Chief of Kunsu in the Ashanti Region and the husband of popular Kumawood actress,  Oheneyere Mercy Aseidu has asked actor Kwame Borga, to immediately delete videos he posted about his wife in response to the allegations he made about Kumawood actresses. (more…)

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Restore Deleted Political Posts on IG– Yul Edochie Urges Funke Akindele 




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Famed Nigerian actor Yul Edochie has advised colleague, Funke Akindele, to restore all the deleted politics-related content on her Instagram account. (more…)

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Mr Logic Blasts Edem Over Political Flyers; Says There Is No Time For Jokes




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Radio personality cum artist manager, Emmanuel Barnes, popularly known as Mr logic in the entertainment industry has express worry and anger following Edem’s parliamentary bid disappointment. (more…)

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