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How Can You Benefit from CBD Topical Products



CBD topicals is a broad term used to describe products applied to the outer layers of the skin. Covering such a wide range of CBD products, it is not surprising that topicals make up such a large proportion of the market.

Products such as CBD cream and patches are considered to be the most traditional topicals. This is mainly because they have been easily available for the longest period of time. Newer CBD topicals, including infused bath bombs, shampoo, and beauty cosmetics, have helped shape today’s CBD industry.

With so many different CBD topicals to choose from, it can be unclear for those who have never used CBD before to know which topicals are the best for specific situations. To help get you started, we have broken down the main ways to benefit from CBD topicals and which products are best.

CBD Topicals for Pain Relief

Using CBD topicals to manage and treat pain is one of the most common reasons people choose to use CBD topicals. Part of the reason for this is due to the way that topicals work when applied to the body.


Unlike other CBD products, topicals only affect the area of the body that they are applied to. As a result of this, the effects of CBD topicals can often be felt much quicker than products like oils and capsules. When dealing with aches and pains, fast-acting CBD products are generally the best option, helping to alleviate pain as quickly as possible.

Another reason why CBD topicals are ideal for treating pain is that they can be applied directly to problematic areas. This allows for the cannabinoid levels in the rest of the body to remain unaffected. At the same time, it focuses the total dose of CBD on the area of the body that needs it the most.

Many types of CBD topicals can be useful when treating aches and pains. For short-term pains, especially in the joints and muscles, Quiet Monks best CBD cream for pain can be highly effective and are easy to apply to the painful area.

For chronic pains that persist throughout the day, CBD patches are worth considering. The main benefit of patches is that they can be placed on the painful area in the morning and left all day for a minimal effort approach to pain management. CBD is slowly released from the patch, providing a consistent dosage throughout the day.


Relaxing CBD Topicals

CBD topicals can be used as a relaxation tool. Products such as CBD-infused bath bombs, CBD balms, and CBD bath salts are beneficial for relaxation. CBD is known to have natural anti-anxiety properties and calming effects, which, when paired with an already relaxing product, like bath bombs, can be a great way to unwind.

Adding a CBD-infused lavender bath bomb to your evening bath helps enhance the long soak’s calming effects in the bath. The CBD within the bath bomb encourages the body to relax and can positively impact the body’s ability to achieve a restful night’s sleep.

Applying a calming body balm or butter that has been designed to soothe can be a valuable tool for managing stressful situations. Certain CBD topicals are designed for this purpose and can be applied to pressure points across the body for optimal effects.

Cosmetic CBD Topicals

CBD-infused cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular. It is thought that when CBD is added to hydrating cosmetics, their effects are enhanced. CBD is especially popular in anti-aging face and body creams as it is thought to further the effectiveness of the product.


Switching from a regular moisturizer to one that contains added CBD can be a simple yet powerful way to add a little extra CBD to your day. CBD-infused cosmetics like CBD topical lotion tend to be made using all-natural ingredients chosen for their anti-inflammatory and hydrating effects, making them an excellent alternative to traditional skin care products.

CBD Topicals and Exercise

Athletes can use CBD topicals both before and after a workout. Applying CBD creams and other topicals to joints, muscles, and overworked areas of the body before a workout can help to improve flexibility. CBD topicals are often used to prepare the body for a challenging but rewarding activity.

CBD topicals can also be used after a workout to help overworked areas of the body recover. CBD creams and balms are beneficial as they can be applied to tired joints, quickly encouraging a fast recovery while also reducing pain.

Certain brands have noticed the growing number of fitness enthusiasts using CBD topicals as a workout tool and have designed products, especially for this purpose. Such CBD topicals often contain added ingredients to provide a slight energy boost and further enhance flexibility.


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