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How COVID-19 lockdown inspired Ghanaians to create an African food delivery app, Black Eats in the UK



Finding African and Caribbean cuisine in the UK can be stressful but with the creation of BlackEats, mouthwatering dishes can  be delivered to your doorstep with just some few clicks!

BlackEats is an app that aims to connect lovers of African and Carribean food to various restaurants on both Android and iOS devices. UK-based Ghanaian chef, Kweku shared with Ameyaw TV the idea behind the creation of BlackEats, and more.

Kweku who has been working as an executive sous-chef in 5-star hotel Kensington Hotel said:

“BlackEats is a platform for African and Caribbean meals where people who love Black people’s food, not just Black people only, can log on and order food. The idea is to bring all African and Caribbean foods under one umbrella, where people by just one or two clicks, get food from their favourite restaurants.It is basically trying to make life much easier for people who love African and Caribbean food in the UK.”

According to him, the idea for creating BlackEats was birth due to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in the UK.

At present, BlackEats only lists London-based restaurants but plans to extend its food ordering and delivery services across the UK.

Watch the full interview below.

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