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How Different Scents Affect Your Overall Vaping Experience



The vibrant varieties of delicious flavors available today are among the primary reasons for the growing popularity of vaping. These flavors appeal to a broader audience beyond nicotine lovers and different age groups as well. They contribute to elevating the vaping experience with their taste and aroma.

Enhancing Vaping Experience with Flavors

Brands are harnessing this growing love for vaping by introducing a spectrum of choices in flavors, designs, and even e-liquid chemistry. You can buy e juices online in 2020 enriched with unique characteristics that are delicious but aromatic. While the options today promise to make your vaping experience exciting, enjoying them in the right environment is crucial to relish these flavors’ nuances.


Sometimes even the best quality e-liquids tend to taste a little off. When you look around for answers, you might come across several reasons: issues with the coil, not cleaning the device or tank, and low vaping temperature. But these factors tend to have a permanent influence on the taste.  


On the contrary, certain factors, such as scent from the environment, could be the reason behind this awful taste. Let us understand how the scent of the place where you vape contributes to your vaping experience.

Correlating Taste and Smell 

The scents around you can have an intense effect on your vaping experience. It can alter the way your e-liquid tastes significantly. This is the active involvement of olfactory glands in determining the flavor profile of an ingredient. These glands are responsible for picking up scents and are closely associated with your taste buds to influence the way anything tastes. 

Some believe that most of what we identify as a flavor is a combination of its aroma and taste rather than the latter alone. To understand the correlation between your olfactory glands and flavor profile, you can try a simple experiment.



Next time you cook your favorite meal, say a delicious creamy bowl of pasta with herbs and seasoning, try to eat it without inhaling the aroma. Take a bite while keeping your nose closed and analyze the flavors in it. Now open your nose and bite to relish both the smell and the taste of the ingredients. You will experience a significant difference.


Letting the aroma of the food blend with its taste intensifies the flavors in the dish and creates a unique taste. It is clear from this experiment that olfactory glands play a crucial role in influencing the perception of taste in our bodies. 

Can Scents affect your Vaping Experience?



It is clear from the above experiment that olfactory glands contribute specific factors to what we perceive as an ingredient`s flavor. If you are vaping in an environment with a strong scent around you, your olfactory glands will pick it up and add it to your e-liquid flavor. These glands do not understand that the smell is a part of the environment and not your e-liquid. Thus the taste profile of your e-liquids gets heavily influenced by the smell. Sometimes this mixture could have a positive outcome based on the smell in the environment.


But if the smell in the environment is not as pleasing and complementary as in this case, the overall experience can be off-putting. You might miss out on the intricate details of the e-liquid and have an uncomfortable experience from the odd mixture of taste and smell.

What To Do If The Scent is Interfering with the Taste?



The influence of the smell from the environment is only a temporary factor that tampers with your vaping experience. The moment you remove its source or move away from it, your vape flavors will start to taste normal.


The best advice to avoid these unusual mixes of smell and taste is to avoid vaping in environments with a strong scent. Even rooms with incense or aroma candles can influence your vape flavors. Sometimes the strong flavors from herbal infusions or essential oils such as lavender oil can also interfere with the taste. They might not be complementary to the e-liquid flavor and thus create a weird mixture that might not taste good. The smell of perfume, chemicals may also have a similar effect.



Try to vape in neutral environments that are open and have proper air circulation. It helps reduce the intensity of the aroma and alleviate its presence in your vapor taste. If you are in a room filled with scent, then excuse yourself to go outside before vaping to keep the flavors intact.



Access the problem with your e-liquid before you decide to quit using the flavor or throwing it away. Scents from the environment can also contribute to this issue. Remember that this is a short term problem compared to the rest and requires barely any action. Once you remove the external scent, your e-liquid will begin to taste good, and you are ready to rejoice the enriching flavors from your vapor.

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