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How digital marketing is influencing fashion trends so quickly?

Propelled a startup and considering getting that deserved visibility over the web? All things considered, you are the correct way. You need to get your image before yet many eyes as could be expect. Digital Marketing today, is a labyrinth of a huge number of messages assaulted upon customers. It will be hard to get […]



Propelled a startup and considering getting that deserved visibility over the web? All things considered, you are the correct way. You need to get your image before yet many eyes as could be expect. Digital Marketing today, is a labyrinth of a huge number of messages assaulted upon customers. It will be hard to get your startup in the spotlight – but not impossible!

Understanding that your startup does not have the assets to contribute, here are a couple of significant and moderate tips that will enable you to arrive sooner:

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Social platforms offers opportunities

Social media is a standout among the best approaches to contact a greatest gathering of people in an brief time. Yet, it’s not about making a social media profile. You should refresh it as often as possible and remain on the highest point of things. Communicate with customers, answer to their inquiries, take input and keep your profile live. Consistency and recurrence are significant to keeping up an extraordinary social media profile for your business. Know that social media isn’t about your business, it’s about your customers and the more you stay in contact with them, the more your image will succeed.

Social media is count as latest trend

All things considered, accepting positive as negative criticism will give you an understanding into what you have to keep or change about your business. Putting customer prerequisites is the way to the accomplishment of any business. Utilizing promotional messages about your business is a fizzled technique. You should be social and ‘talk’ to your customers or potential customers out there. Another great piece of social media is that you can attempt tiny interests in promoting on Facebook, Sponsored tweets on Twitter and LinkedIn’s chief services.

Content and keyword combination

Be rest guaranteed, content is yet the ruler! Content is the main vehicle to convey your image’s voice over the web. The base of all web marketing techniques is extraordinary content. Locate the privilege content for marketing and a large part of your activity is finish! Streamline your site content for all the most recent search engine advancement rules and make content around what your customers need. There is a lot of good training for google analytics skillsfuture


Mobile revolution and its marketing

At long last, Mobile has entered the universe of web marketing as well. With Google’s declaration of the most recent Mobile calculation, it is basic that your site be Mobile amicable. Ensure that your site provides your customers with an incredible Mobile experience. They ought not to feel that there is any less data on the Mobile variant of your site than on the work area adaptation. Indeed, to put it, the experience should be adding substance, not reductive. As an ever increasing number of individuals get to the web through Mobile phones, ensure that your site is responsive and can alter itself according to the extent of the Mobile screen. This is a common practice among the likes of digital marketing agency oakville

The Top 3 trends of web marketing include:

Search engine marketing:

Another and overhauled apparatus presented by Google is the Author Rank that surveys the creators as Page Rank assesses a site’s dependability. The primary capacity of creator rank includes positioning a creator’s Google+ account with his/her produced content before. Google assesses various content is create by a similar creator and draws its conclusions about the creator’s power. This is a viable advance taken by Google towards expanding the nature of content as battling against copyright violators. In any case, the Author Rank headway has not yet hit the market and is must to take off before the finish of 2013.

Analytics has become even more critical:

Putting resources into a web marketing service will need you to break down the frameworks of estimation with a sole intention to quantify the arrival on speculation. With digital marketing agency developing, there are unending techniques to discover and gauge web analytic. A standout among the most open and an accessible device is Google Analytics as it offers endless opportunities to survey your marketing exercises and attract conclusions on which stage is gainful to your business. Likewise, Google has proposed a noteworthy, unrecognizable change in the Analytics before the finish of 2013.

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More Value on Video Marketing

Companies reach and convey more data to customers through videos with subjects that touch human feelings and encounters. Lifeless words can in some cases be exhausting and level for customers. So, video marketing is very important for your business. Videos have been powerful in appearing and potential customers the advantages offered by a company by utilizing more than words. The data being convey to customers become additionally intriguing and practical. Including an individual touch each video influences customers’ point of view on the product or service being advertise.

Competition in business is firm and hard to overcome. In any case, digital marketing is an extraordinary method to try and out the competition. This makes open doors for businesses that mean to succeed and become settled in the business. Having the capacity to work with the current trends may prove crucial in a business’ prosperity regardless of how little or big it is. Knowing the trends in digital marketing won’t make a company look “cool”. Knowing and applying the trends likewise mean advancing beyond the competition. Albeit some may see digital marketing as precarious and unpredictable, learning the trends will have a major effect.

Final words

Digital Marketing trends are changed according to need and demand in last 10 years. Now marketing strategies are also needs some changes and new things to attract viewers. In this way Digital Marketing latest trends are much helpful tools.




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Jameson Widens The Circle With Jameson Connects GH 2023: A Celebration of Freedom and Creativity



IMG 9177

Jameson Connects Gh is back and this year’s edition promises to be better elevated and more connected. (more…)

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Guest Blog: Is religion becoming Ghana’s new parliament?



Sheikh Osman 700x400 1

When religion begins to influence policies that affect every single person, then there is a problem. Religious beliefs are private and personal, but laws are not,” says Alex Kofi Donkor. (more…)

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MTN Ghana Reviews Tariffs Upward




Scancom PLC (MTN Ghana) has announced an upward review of the tariffs of its products and services effective February 07, 2023.

The review is as result of two changes. Firstly, the implementation of the 2.5% statutory adjustment of VAT from 12.5% to 15% across all services. This will impact both Prepaid and Post-paid customers. Secondly, MTN Ghana is proceeding with a 15% average upward review of its mobile data tariffs which was originally announced in November 2022 and was subsequently put on hold. The increase in mobile data tariffs will impact both Pay Monthly and Pay-As-You-Go users. The review in mobile data bundle offers cover products available on the short codes 138 & 170, as well as on purchases through Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD), MTN Pulse, and Data Zone except for XtraTime.  The data tariff increases do not apply to Fiber Broadband and Fixed Wireless Access (4G Router / Turbonet) customers.

With this review, voice users will receive less airtime due to the VAT implementation, and mobile data customers will receive less data bundle allocations for the same price purchased before the tariff increase was made.

The Chief Commercial Officer for MTN, Mr. Noel Kojo-Ganson, explained the impact by giving an example of how the new pricing will work. He said, following the review, a three cedis airtime purchase before the VAT increase, which previously gave customers 24.4 minutes will now give customers 23.9 minutes, whilst a three cedis data bundle which previously gave customers 471 MBs will now give customers 401 MBs.

Explaining the reason for the upward review of the Data Bundle prices, Mr. Noel Kojo-Ganson said the review was necessitated by the recent economic shifts leading to increasing cost of operations largely due to continuous increase in inflation. “These economic shifts have impacted us directly and for us to ensure we have the right balance for sustaining growth and investments into the network, we have had to consider price increases in various segments of our business.”

Mr. Kojo-Ganson added, “MTN recognises that we are in very tough times and would like to assure our customers that we will continue to offer them the convenience and flexibility in the purchase of data bundles at their desired price points via the MTN Flexi and Non-Expiry Bundles. Also, customers will continue to enjoy the 50% bonus incentive on mobile data purchases via MyMTN App & MoMo (valid for 7 days) for 4G customers”.

MTN remains committed to investing USD1 Billion by 2025 to continue its network expansion and improve the network experience for customers. In line with our Ambition 2025 strategy, our purpose is to lead digital solutions for Africa’s progress.

For more information on the revised prices for the data bundle offers, visit


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Lamar Berko, jeweller to Floyd Mayweather, Wizkid, Beenie Man, Andy Cole and more VIP clients



mayweather 819x1024 1

Floyd Mayweather, Joey Essex and Stefflon Don may not be three celebrities you would expect have much in common, but they’re just some of the big names whe jeweller Lamar Berko counts as his VIP clients.

With his company LB Jewellers, Lamar is dominating the celebrity jewellery scene,counting a slew of stars as fans as he’s able to tailor to their individual style and needs.

The industry is a competitive one, with thousands of young jewellers doing all they can to become a well-known and respected name amongst a sea of rivals.

Yet at the age of 29, Lamar has managed to become one of the best known jewellers in the UK due to his work with high profile clients and his quality pieces.

Born from humble roots in South West London, Lamar used his interest in the business world and constant innovation to make a name for himself, starting out by buying and selling top-quality watches before branching out into a range of jewellery.

He credits his perseverance and self belief with making a success of LB Jewellers, saying: ‘With the right mindset you can accomplish anything.

‘You can’t win today’s game off yesterday’s points. Always strive to do better than your last result and stay relevant. The world is forever evolving!’ – Lamar Berko

Using this plan he saw the importance of celebrity partnerships in the social media era, working with a number of top social and sports personalities who quickly became his beloved customers.

Among his VIP clients are the likes of Russ Millions, 6 Kenza, Wizkid, Beenie Man, DJ Spinall, Eva Apio and Danny Rose. Yet Lamar ensures all of his clients get the VIP treatment, equally valuing every customer and ensuring they will be satisfied with his high-quality products.

Among his VIP clients are the likes of Russ Millions, 6 Kenza, Wizkid, Beenie Man, DJ Spinall, Eva Apio and Andy Cole.

Yet Lamar ensures all of his clients get the VIP treatment, equally valuing every customer and ensuring they will be satisfied with his high-quality products.

Lamar encourages others to learn from every challenge and turn it into an opportunity, pushing his followers to keep pursuing their dreams even if the start seems tough.

He uses his experience to help others and often mentors young entrepreneurs to help them succeed.

Through LB Jewellers, he has helped create jobs in Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa and encouraged other aspiring businesspeople to keep at it.

Lamar’s mission is to help more promising young businesspeople break into the industry and uses his platform to help others overcome adversity.

Having experienced success with his own business, Lamar wants to help others achieve their goal and has set his sights on the youth market to expand his business.

Culled from DailyMail

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ARTSPLIT Introduces MUSICSPLIT, Announces Auction of Upcoming Extended Play by Top Nigerian Music Artiste, King Perryy




ARTSPLIT, the pioneering alternative investment platform has launched MusicSplit, its latest offering that allows for investment in music projects. Its maiden online auction features Continental Playlist of top Nigerian Music Star, King Perryy and kicks off on the app from 24 January to 10 February 2023.

MusicSplit allows music lovers own fractions of any trending Afrobeat music and earn monthly royalties to their ARTSPLIT wallet. Users on ARTSPLIT now have access to previously unavailable royalty assets when you buy splits and invest in your favorite Artistes’ upcoming projects. It’s a win for all; your favourites gets the required funding to create great music for your enjoyment and you earn passive income and high-yielding returns from the projects streaming revenues.

Read Also: ARTSPLIT launches platform in Ghana with auction and exhibition by artists Ablade Glover, Kofi Agorsor and Isshaq Ismail

In a statement, ARTSPLIT’s executive director for technology and communications, Onyinye Anyaegbu, said. “Our goal has always been to provide a platform that democratises access to investment in African art and artistes through co-ownership and technology while elevating their global standing. Too often, ideas are not appropriately valued, such as music. With MusicSplit, creators can offer a percentage of their upcoming projects for users to invest in and directly fund it. Users on the ARTSPLIT app benefit from access to a high-yielding asset class while artists benefit from debt-free funding while maintaining artistic freedom. As a result, we have moved closer to our goal of providing alternative investments opportunities for everyone.”

King Perryy stands out as one of the country’s most distinctive and ambitious young acts. The creator of what he calls the “Continental Sound,” the former seminary student and would-be Catholic priest fuses the melodies and rhythms of today’s Afrobeats with pan-African influences and reggae/dancehall to create deeply resonant songs that transcend cultures and borders. With a run of successful singles (“Man on Duty,” “Work ‘N’ Grind”) to his credit and over 70 million streams on digital platforms, he released his debut album, Citizen of the World, in 2021.

This Auction comes shortly after a tripartite agreement between ARTSPLIT and music service companies M.A.D Solutions and ENGAGE to enable fans invest in the success of their favourite musicians.

MUSICSPLIT involves taking the estimated value of a music project (Eps, LPs, and Albums) and dividing it into 100,000 units (or Splits) to allow users and music lovers to finance it and profit from their investments. By presenting MUSICSPLIT, ARTSPLIT intends to further elevate African music worldwide while ensuring artistes freedom with alternative investment options.

To find out more about MusicSplit on ARTSPLIT, please visit or contact

You can also reach the ARTSPLIT team on call or WhatsApp at +234(0)9088962169 or follow @artsplitofficial on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep up to date. Also follow King Perryy @kingperryy on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The ARTSPLIT app can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play Store. Start investing today in Afrobeat for great returns.

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How to Leverage Employee Experience to Drive Customer Experience Outcomes?



Virtual Office

Employee experience is a key factor in determining customer experience outcomes. For companies to achieve optimal customer experience, they need to invest in their employees first. This can be done through employee motivation management or even an entire employee engagement software and other initiatives that create a positive work environment for employees. In this article, we will discuss how to leverage employee experience to drive customer experience outcomes. 

Happy Employees Create Happy Customers

The idea behind this phrase is that employees who are satisfied at work are more likely to provide better customer service. When employees are happy, they are more motivated, productive, and engaged, which creates a better customer experience. When customers have a positive experience, they are more likely to return, and this, in turn, leads to increased customer loyalty and revenue. In short, when employees are happy, they tend to create an environment that encourages customers to come back and make repeat purchases. 


Employee experience is about creating a positive work environment for employees. Companies should invest in creating a workplace culture that is engaging, supportive, and rewarding. This can be done by creating a clear job structure and career progression, offering competitive salaries and benefits, and providing training and development opportunities. Companies should also provide their employees with the necessary tools, resources, and support to be successful. 

5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience through Employee Experience 

  1. Encourage a Positive Workplace Culture: Creating a positive work environment is key to providing employees with a great experience. This can include fostering an atmosphere of respect, open communication, and mutual trust. Employees who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to go the extra mile for customers. 


  1. Offer Career Development Opportunities: Investing in employees’ career growth, such as through training and development programmes, can give them the skills and confidence to better serve customers. 


  1. Reward Employees for Good Performance: Rewarding employees for a job well done can help to create a culture of recognition and appreciation. This can help to boost morale and motivate employees to maintain high standards of customer service. 


  1. Support Employees’ Health and Well-being: Creating a healthy and safe work environment, providing access to mental health resources and offering flexible working arrangements can help to improve employee well-being. This can lead to a more engaged and productive workforce. 


  1. Listen to Employees’ Feedback: Gathering employee feedback is essential for understanding their needs and the issues they are facing. Listening to employees’ ideas and suggestions can help to identify areas where customer experience can be improved.

How Can Employee Motivation Management Help?

Employee motivation management is an essential component of employee experience. It involves creating an environment that encourages employees to work hard and achieve their goals. This can be done through incentives, recognition, and other employee engagement initiatives. Companies should also ensure that their rewards and recognition programmes are tailored to the needs of their employees. 


Nowadays, leading companies use employee engagement software to measure and track employee motivation. Such software can provide valuable insights into how employees are feeling at different stages of their employee lifecycle and what they need to be successful. Companies should use this data to create meaningful employee engagement initiatives that can help to boost employee motivation, performance, and a customer-oriented mindset.


Employee experience is key when you want to see positive customer experience outcomes. Companies should invest in employee motivation management and ideally use advanced employee engagement software to create a positive work environment for their employees and measure their engagement. This can help drive improvement in customer experience by increasing employee motivation and performance.

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