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How I Secured Three Dream Jobs in One Year



Years ago, following my graduation from the university, and while on a desperate job-hunting spree, I found myself at internet cafes often, conducting internet searches for job vacancies on multiple online ‘jobs search portals’, and submitting job applications.

In the process, I submitted literally over a thousand applications online. Consequent to these applications, a couple of text messages and calls came through inviting me for job interviews. In almost all these instances, the calls and text messages came from recruitment agencies, and in 9 out of 10 cases, it was a requirement for applicants to part away with a specified amount of money they characteristically called processing fee. During that period, I secured two low paying jobs but had to tender my resignations shortly thereafter. 

I got frustrated with my fruitless and yet frequent interface with recruitment agencies, and with the fact that my numerous job applications via online portals did not yield the desired results. I eventually ditched this approach to job-hunting. 

Through my struggles, and while I was at my widths end, I devised strategies I consider out-of-the-box job-hunting strategies. Through consistent deployment of those strategies, I secured two better paying full time jobs and one part time job – jobs I consider my dream jobs. In this post, I will share with you how I successfully secured these jobs. Perhaps, this may make a world of difference in your job-hunting drive.


Targeted Volunteerism

I recommend targeted volunteerism. Find a way to volunteer your services in the area of your preferred career path. It would give you relevant work experience, coupled with helping you hone your skills and building worthwhile professional relationships that could potentially open employment opportunities for you.

While I was seeking to secure a full time employment as either a staff writer or an editor, I set out to write articles, poems and short stories for numerous organizations, on my own volition for the most part. My writings were not for a fee. I simply wrote them and submitted them via email, after finding their contacts online. I was seeking the exposure, in hopes that my works will get noticed, which could then open job opportunities for me. There were also instances where I was contacted via email by some organizations to write for their platforms, since they had chanced upon some of my works and were impressed by my writing style. They always however fell short of promising me a pay-check or offering me employment, as it were. I was however glad that I could volunteer my services, since I had an end game in mind. These led to my works being featured in numerous newspaper publications, magazines and websites. Such publications served as proof of relevant work experience, providing readily accessible samples, which was also served as proof of my writing skill-sets.   

Over the course of time, a business-focused website I had been writing for needed to fill a job vacancy – a website administrator cum content executive (these roles were largely writing-related), since the substantive employee had tended his resignation. I was called and invited for an interview. I successfully sailed through the interview, landing the job – A job I had not applied for, and one that paid me far better than the jobs I had previously secured. In less than two months after assuming the new role, I secured another job – one that portended greater prospects. This brings me to the second proven strategy. 


Targeted unsolicited job applications

While the norm generally is to submit applications when news of a job vacancy hits, I had decided to submit targeted unsolicited job applications. How did I do this? Well, let’s go down memory lane. Approximately eight months before securing the job of a website administrator, I had searched online for the names and email addresses of as many publishing companies I could find in Ghana. 

After a thorough search, I found the email addresses of more than 30 publishing companies. I drafted an application letter that projected in particular the skills I had acquired writing (on a voluntary basis) for other organizations, and some work I had done editing the manuscripts of a couple of individuals as a freelance editor. My application was especially for the role of either a writer or an editor. I attached my CV and submitted my applications via email to the more than 30 publishing companies. 

Within the space of one month, I received responses from 3 publishing companies, expressing the desire to meet up with me. I got in touch with contact persons in two of these companies. I was invited to their offices for interviews. I made sure I carried along with me my portfolio – a collection of some of my works featured in magazines and newspaper publications, and these were used to demonstrate my writing capabilities (and by extension, capacity to edit). Both interviews were successful. Only that the first publishing company wanted me to work with them as a writer on contract (project-by-project basis). Of course, I accepted the offer. The second company – comparatively larger and more reputable wanted me to work with them full time as a book editor. This was after I had undergone two interview sessions and a trial (practical test of my editing capabilities). However, before my appointment as a full time editor, I was allowed to work with the company as a freelancer for a couple of months. I put up my best, meeting deadlines and delivering excellence. In less than 4 months, my freelance/part-time worker status was commuted to full time – I received my appointment letter as a full time editor for the educational publishing company. This was without a doubt a dream-come-true-experience for me. 


The strategies I have relayed in this post evidently worked for me. They may work for you too. They have perhaps brought to your attention what you may have to do differently, going forward, in your quest to realize your dream job.  

Written by Daniel Dela Dunoo

Email: [email protected]



YouTube: Daniel Dela Dunoo 

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