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How is Online Casino Industry Going in the African Region?

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How is Online Casino Industry Going in the African Region?

The gambling industry is a lucrative business that makes billions every year, and a huge part of its success is thanks to the online casino world and how it can easily spread worldwide. The African countries show promise and are greatly attractive to many of the casino companies, since they can expand and flourish there easily. Take a look below at how this happened and if it’s still going to be a continued success.

Excellent Progress and a Promising Future

No one can predict what will happen, but it’s clear that the future is bright for the online gambling industry in Africa. More people are jumping on the online casino bandwagon because of the possible riches. This continued growth and exposure will make the industry gain more profits and boom with success. According to Newzoo global game market reports, the African region is one of the highest growth areas for mobile gaming and online casino gambling. It has achieved 26.2% of the annual growth since 2016, and it’s estimated to grow more because it’s considered one of the most lucrative online gambling markets in the world. More success like this would constantly attract more companies to come and take a piece of the market.

The Demand There Is High 

Because of the nature of the African demographic; it has pushed the industry to new heights and investors are constantly supplying more platforms to use. The industry is flourishing in African countries like Uganda, Kenya and many more. It’s estimated that two-thirds of the region’s population is reportedly aged from 25 years old or below, which means that younger audiences who love mobile games and gambling can enjoy the best of both worlds. And the creators of dewavegas have so many opportunities to divide and conquer with their different casino games, spreading them and making them available to so many countries across the continent. Also, it helps the gambling industry with their marketing strategies and techniques; they know who their target audience is and how to efficiently reach them, supplying them with what they want and satisfying their gambling needs.

Different Political Aspects Changed The Game

Other countries that have problems and political unrest can hinder the online casino industry’s success. For example, the UK was considered to be one of the biggest markets in the online gambling industry, but thanks to the commotion surrounding the political changes and the imminent changes that would follow the Brexit era, the industry was forced to search for other promising areas to make more profit. And Africa has been the target for many investors to spread the online casino world to its populace. The market is growing rapidly; with more people preferring online versions of gambling instead of traditional gambling houses. 

The African Economy And Government Is Changing

The countries there are slowly changing their previous restrictions and views on gambling and the online versions of it; this gives the industry’s different brands an opportunity to focus their attention on the African region quickly. The different nations there are showing growth in economic power, so more regulators are trying their best to monitor and approve the industry’s practices. Africans in power are showing willingness to change, and they aren’t backing down on approving new legislations and laws regarding gambling. If it’s lucrative and worthwhile for the continent, then the consumers there will get what they want and enjoy the different online casino games whenever they like.

The Estimated Success

The future is bright for online gambling companies spreading to the African region, according to the Digital Skills Observatory; it’s estimated that one-third of Kenyans utilize the mobile world for betting and gambling. Not to mention all the activity in the growing number of cybercafes that give people a chance to play and gamble. The investors and researchers predict that the betting revenue there would reach 5.1 billion Kenyan Shillings by 2020, and that’s an increase of 142% compared to 2014 findings. There is no telling the levels of success they can achieve in the coming years, and it doesn’t seem that it will ever stop anytime soon.


Online casino gambling has dominated the world, especially in the African region where millions of people want to satisfy their gambling urges and make some money. So far the industry’s success is booming and growing, and the trend looks like it will continue for some time. Every year more users are logging in to play and bet away, having a great time and enjoying the thrill that comes with gambling. And this makes the industry expand even more, gaining more and more momentum across the continent.


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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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