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How PayPal ruined my Valentine’s Day surprise



I have never been a believer in Valentine’s Day but I have started celebrating it since last year. In fact people say I’m not romantic, and they may be right!

Ameyaw debrah and Elsina

Last year I did Akwaboah’s concert on Val’s Day with Elsina, my then fiancée.  This year, she is away in the US so celebrating Valentine’s Day was not so much on the cards.  But since it was the firs onet since we got married, I thought a little gift would be in order.

Thankfully, due to the advancement of technology I could surprise her by ordering something for her online, though we are miles apart. So I did some ‘googling  few days to Valentine’s Day, and found an ideal gift on Shari’s Berries (hmm and they say I don’t know what’s up!)

Yes, a dozen fresh red roses accompanied by elegant and delicious fresh strawberries dipped in a hint of champagne flavouring, and topped with gold swizzles and gold glitter sprinkles. To complete the surprise, there was a trio of mini cheesecakes that have been dipped in dark chocolate and topped with white chocolate shavings, nuts and marshmallows.

valentines day  order from Shari's Berries
The order from Shari’s Berries

After making my order, I chose to pay for it with my PayPal account  (because I hate all the charges that come with ordering with my Ghanaian bank Debit cards) and started counting down the days to surprise Elsina “on Valentine’s Day”.

Just a day after, the surprise was ruined when Elsina asked me in a phone chat, if I had ordered something from Shari’s Berries. Yes, since PayPal doesn’t work in Ghana, I had to set up mine through my wife’s bank account. And since her PayPal account is the primary one, she receives notifications on any transaction that happens on my account. 

So imagine receiving an email like “ Hurray Elsina your order for…is on the way”. So much for a surprise right? Anyway Elsina received the gift on time and in good condition. As for me, I collected my 3 points…Romantic daddy!