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How Solar Power in Improving the House Value in Tucson?



The sun is a great source of energy that we have in abundance in our country. We can capture and store it through solar panels and collectors, also called solar panels or solar panels. Photovoltaic solar panels serve to produce electricity. You prepare your home in one of low consumption before installing generator systems and thermal systems that work with solar energy. This will help you determine how many solar panels you will need to achieve maximum savings with the lowest energy consumption.

The solar energy is the energy obtained directly from solar radiation. It is a type of renewable, inexhaustible and abundant energy. Photovoltaic solar energy is transformed into solar thermal or electrical energy in different devices for later consumption where necessary. The equipment that is responsible for capturing solar radiation and transforming it into useful energy is called a solar panel. Solar panels can be of three types: solar thermal collectors (solar thermal energy); photovoltaic modules (photovoltaic solar energy) and without any external element (passive solar energy)

 How is solar energy harnessed?

There are three ways to harness solar energy: The passive solar energy is the oldest method of harnessing solar radiation. This method does not require the use of any device. It is simply to locate, design and orient the buildings in a way that favours the capture of solar radiation. It is the basis of bioclimatic architecture that is, using materials, insulation, roofs … in order to significantly reduce the need to heat the buildings and illuminate them. The solar photovoltaic captures solar radiation through the photovoltaic panels that generally are composed of silicon photovoltaic cells.

This radiation is transformed into electrical energy in direct current and through the inverter it is converted into alternating current prepared for consumption, whether on a small or large scale. The solar thermal energy is used to generate hot water or to heat a home. Its operation is very simple and is based on heating water using solar collector.

Different prestigious studies show that homes that have self-consumption facilities have a higher sales value than other homes of similar size and in the same geographical area. A solar energy installation is a smart improvement that increases the value of your property by about 3-4%. It is important to note that the value only increases if you are the owner of the installation.

Many house owners in Tucson interested in improving the house values. But not yet taken the time to find out what is required to take advantage of it. The undeniable benefits of having a solar panel installation are complemented by recent studies that indicate that the value of the property increases after installing solar panels. Therefore, this advantage can make the investment profitable even if we are thinking of selling our house in the short-medium term.

Value of Solar energy

Solar energy is not an expense, it is an investment opportunity. In many ways, a photovoltaic solar energy installation is a financial product capable of generating annual returns ranging from 10% to more than 30%. The substantial savings and photovoltaic potential in some areas are capable of generating very attractive yields and make solar technology one of the best ways to invest your money.

Electricity costs can constitute a large part of the general budget of a family or company. With solar energy you can generate free green energy during the 25–30 years of life of your installation. Even if you don’t produce all the energy you consume, your electricity bills will continue to be much smaller and your savings will continue to grow year after year.

Solar energy is an economic resource and real estate agencies are increasingly interested in this type of housing. They manage to sell homes with solar panel installations 20% faster! These figures refer to the current moment, as the costs of photovoltaic energy continue to decrease and electricity bills increase, the value of your property will be increasing.

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