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How Surfline’s Big Mood Bundles are changing the telecom narrative



Surfline is excited to announce the introduction of its Digital Lifestyle Bundles. With the Big Mood bundles, Surfline no longer communicates “Gb for a price” to the customer, it is fully focused on what using Surfline’s internet data means for customers in their digital life. Surfline therefore has introduced four new Digital Lifestyle bundles called the Big Mood Bundles:

  • Binge Xtra enable the customer to bingewatch their favourite video content (eg Netflix) during 4hrs for only GHS 15.
  • Zoom’n’more enables the customer to do ZOOM calls (or MS Teams, etc) during 4hrs for only GHS15.
  • Work Streak enables the customer to access online knowledge during a period of 8 hours for only 50GHS.
  • After Hours enables the customer consume digital online content during a period of 6 hours for only 20GHS.

According to the Commercial Director, Mr. Isaac Armar, “the whole idea is that customers can purchase these bundles at any time of the month they like. The purchasing behaviour is meant to be similar to what people do in their non-digital life. For example – if somebody wants to drink beer tonight with friends, they go and buy a 6-pack. If they also want to watch a movie, they can buy Binge Xtra as well, and enjoy a great evening together. And if they have to do ZOOM calls the next morning, for work, they buy Zoom’n’more, which gets them through the morning with 4 hours of ZOOM time. If they need a lot of access to knowledge as a result of that ZOOM call, they can buy the Work Streak bundle the day after.”

The overall philosophy is that customers can buy the digital life style bundle when they need it, the same way they would buy food, drinks, or a ride with Uber/Bolt when they need it.

Surfline plans to revolutionize the telecom landscape in Ghana in favour of the customers, by changing the narrative from customers buying large monthly bundles of plain Gigabytes into buying short-duration time-based lifestyle bundles when they need them. That makes it much easier for customers to understand how much they must buy and use for consuming digital content services. The Big Mood Bundle portfolio is the first of it’s kind in Ghana addressing this narrative.


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Ghana Digital Innovation Fair Honours Ecosystem Game Changers (GH-IEGC)



The premier free edition of the GDIW featured over 20 exclusive conversations, plenaries, and presentations under the principle theme; Mobilising Collective Action and Investment to Catalyse Growth in Ghana’s Digital Innovation Ecosystem. The Ghana Digital Innovation Week was designed to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, university faculties, venture capitalists, as well as other technical service providers such as accountants, designers, contract manufacturers and providers of skills training and professional development to provide a common platform for practical conversations on turning innovative ideas into useful reality to address societal problems.

The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia was at the opening ceremony on Monday, 22nd November at the Grand Arena to commensurate the week-long event. As part of his speech, he commended the organizers for an “excellent collaborative work done”. He mentioned that it was imperative that all stakeholders “talk to each other” as the nation strives towards achieving a digital economy fit for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. “This Ghana Digital Innovation Week will serve as a platform to discuss and define a common national vision that drives Ghana’s digital innovation agenda, generates wide interest, and prompts concrete actions in the policy, legislative, regulatory spaces and the needed infrastructure”

The subsequent days of the event witnessed a variety of stakeholders undertaking various discussions that touched on aspects of the digital ecosystem.

One of the most significant days; the closing ceremony saw the Ghana Innovation Ecosystem Game Changers(Gh-IEGC) Honors. It seeks to recognize ecosystem players who have made immense contributions towards the advancement of digital innovation in Ghana and their works have made a visible impact on an economic sector through the use of digital innovation or advancing the use of digital innovation

Find below the honorees;

Zipline Ghana was honored with the Innovation Ecosystem Game Changer – Digital Inclusion (Financial Inclusion/PWD/Gender/Rural).

ASHESI D: Lab was honored with Ecosystem Game Changer- Academia-Industry Support Programme.   

Regina Honu was honored with the Innovation Ecosystem Game Changer – Digital Literacy,

Ghana Airports Company Limited was honored with Innovation Ecosystem Game Changer- Industrial Transformation    .

Dr Ernest Addison (Governor of the Bank of Ghana) was honored with Innovation Ecosystem Game Changer – Regulation and Governance.

Professor Elsie Effah Kaufmann (Associate Professor and founding Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Ghana) was honored with Innovation Ecosystem Game Changer – Advancement of STEM.

Jorge Appiah, Solar Taxi (Founder and CEO of SolarTaxi) was honored with Innovation Ecosystem Game Changer – Smart and Sustainable Society.

GhanaPostGPS (Digital Property Addressing System) was honored with Innovation Ecosystem Game Changer- Infrastructure Development.

MacCarthy Mac-Gbathy, Hopin Academy – Tamale (Co-founder and Executive Director) was honored with Innovation Ecosystem Game Changer- Startup Ecosystem Development.

Honorees shall be given, framed honor certificate, citation and plaque/medal/trophy.

The maiden Ghana Innovation Fair is under the auspicious of the Vice President’s office with support from multi-stakeholders including the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization; the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) as well as the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI). The Accra Digital Centre (ADC); the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP); the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Center of Excellence in ICT plus the Ghana Chamber of Technology are onboard as private sector stakeholders in addition to Ashesi University College and the University of Ghana.


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4 Ways To Prepare for Christmas Early



Ghanaians reveal some of the worst Christmas gifts they ever received

Many of us feel like the holidays can sneak up on us every year, which can lead to unnecessary stress and running around to try to make sure we have everything we need. Waiting until the last minute can also often lead to missing out on the gifts and decorations you want, as many stores sell out of popular items during the Christmas season. If you want to deliver the perfect gifts and create the holiday environment of your dreams, you won’t want to delay getting started. Read on for four simple ways you can start preparing for Christmas early.

1. Shop for in-demand gifts.



As most of us know, there are some toys and other items that you can expect to be difficult to purchase as the holiday season approaches. Video games and video game accessories are particularly hard to find, especially if you want newer technology or popular consoles. Anyone hoping to snag a Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X will need all the time they can get, and the ongoing supply issues have made it almost impossible for most consumers to find one to buy. Even older models like the PS4 have been in high demand.


One item that is sure to be on plenty of lists is a new gaming headset. The best gaming headsets are often tricky to find at Christmastime, and you need a quality headset to play with your friends online. When it comes to headsets, you’ll want to prioritize sound quality over everything, as well as battery life for wireless headsets. The Audeze Mobius is one of the most highly rated options, though you can also look at options like the Steelseries Arctis Prime if you want a great headset at a lower price point.

2. Make a decorating plan.



Decorating is one of the most enjoyable parts of the Christmas season, but if you want to avoid wasting money or rushing around last minute, make a decorating plan. To make your home look exactly the way you want it to, it’s important to research everything, down to the difference between C7 and C9 Christmas lights. Online decorating resources can help you learn more about Christmas decor and find exactly what you need.

3. Start planning holiday get-togethers.



If you entertain during the holidays, you know how much work it can be to plan a good party. Between managing dietary restrictions, planning a menu, and decorating your space, there’s always more to do than it feels like you have time for. The earlier you get started with your party planning, the better. This advice is especially relevant if you intend to use catering services, as they can get booked up quickly.

4. Look for Christmas games and activities.



The holiday season is all about spending time with your friends and family and creating new memories together. One way to get in the holiday spirit is to look for some new things you can do for fun this year. There are plenty of Christmas crafts and games that you can choose from. The important thing is that you have a great time with the people you care about most.


There’s a lot that goes into celebrating the Christmas season, especially for anyone who hosts holiday gatherings. Everything about the holidays seems to be difficult to get just right. That’s why it’s smart to start getting ready for Christmas as early as you can. You’ll get first dibs on desirable gifts, have plenty of time to decorate, and be able to plan the rest of the holidays without the stress of having to do so at the last minute. No matter how you choose to celebrate, it’s always a good idea to start preparing for Christmas early.

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Blue Ocean Investments wins Bulk Distribution Company of the Year at 8th Oil and Gas Awards



Blue Ocean Investments have at the just ended 8th Oil and Gas Awards won the Bulk Distribution Company of the Year.


At a ceremony that took place at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel in Accra, organizers said the category sought for a leader in innovation and integrated off take/supply solutions throughout the oil and gas industry. The company must have employed its distinctive, non-traditional methodology to help oil and gas consumers and producers optimize their exposure as well as creating alternative sources of oil and gas supply project when crucial.


In Blue Ocean Investments, the awarding jury found all the required traits, leading to the recognition.


The award was on the heels of an extensive nomination process, which the company’s commercial and wholesale supply team led to complete the requirements.


Responding to the award, the Deputy General Manager; Mr. Daniel Pepprah underscored Blue Ocean Investments’ commitment to the oil and gas sector, adding that “it will encourage our ever- loyal staff who continue to remain committed to the goals as our company.


“This is also to say a BIG THANK YOU to our growing customer base whose support over the years has been resolute and unwavering. We owe it all to them ”


Blue Ocean Investments’ strategic positioning in Ghana’s downstream sector is mainly in bulk supply, distribution, storage, and terminal services.


The company offers bulk supply of high-quality refined petroleum products in Ghana specialising in

Gasoil, Gasoline, Aviation fuel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas, in a safe, reliable andseamless manner using proven operational standards which guarantee end-to-end product integrity.

A major contributing factor to the success of the company is the strategic supplyrelationships it has built with key oil marketing companies in the industry and the

unequalled service it provides its customers.


With a portfolio that stretches to over 120 different

customers, Blue Ocean Investments has established itself as a dominant player in the downstream oil industry, ranked the third BDC out of 44 Licensed BDCs, with a market share

of 9.98%.


The company is also the first BDC in Ghana to be certified with three ISO standards.


In its eighth year, the Ghana Oil and Gas Awards (GOGA) brings together players in the Oil and Gas industry recognizing their achievements in the country’s oil and gas sector.



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Huawei Invites Game Developers to AppGallery



Playing games on the Internet has become very popular, especially in recent years: during the days we couldn’t leave our houses due to the pandemic, we looked for things to entertain us, and games were one of the most accessible options. Almost all of us embarked on virtual adventures, tried our luck at Canadian online casino sites and mostly preferred mobile devices for gaming.

Huawei is aware of this rapid growth in the mobile gaming industry and is doing its best to get a big piece of the pie. The company has recently invited game developers to use AppGallery and talked about the benefits the platform offers for studios around the world. Huawei believes that AppGallery is the best option for developers to achieve success overseas.

It’s a Global Market and Anyone Can Be a Part of It

Alexandre Salem, one of the company’s global directors, is aware of the growth in the mobile gaming market. In his presentation at the Huawei Developer Conference, he mainly focused on mobile games and said that the pandemic was the biggest reason for the industry to grow beyond expectations. According to Salem, the mobile game market grew by 13% compared to 2020, and the number of players increased by 6.4% compared to 2019. In 2020, there were 2.8 trillion players worldwide, and in 2021, that number increased even more.

This means that games have an incredibly large market compared to other mobile apps. Moreover, this is a global market: a fitness app, for example, can only be popular in European countries. But games are played almost all over the world: when you develop a popular game, you create a truly global product. Salem says AppGallery is the best option for developers looking to enter this global market, especially the mobile game market in Asian countries.

What Makes AppGallery Special?

AppGallery is a platform that started to be used on a global scale after Huawei was removed from the Google ecosystem. It has been active since 2011, but only in China: Huawei used Play Store and Google services on its devices sold in other countries. After 2018, it started to use AppGallery on all its devices.

You can think of it simply as the “Play Store” for Huawei devices. There are millions of applications on AppGallery, and they can be installed on Huawei mobile devices. In terms of the way it works, there is almost no difference between it and the Play Store. However, AppGallery is also part of Huawei’s own ecosystem: it is designed to integrate with Petal Search, Petal Maps, HUAWEI Ads and Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

AppGallery has more than 560 million active monthly users and is mostly used in China. This means that an app that becomes popular on AppGallery will first become popular in China and then in Asian countries. Currently, many studios based in Europe and the United States are struggling to enter these markets, and AppGallery may be the solution they’ve been looking for. But more importantly, because it’s a young platform and has less competition, it can also help new developers find quick success.

Salem says AppGallery has all the technological capabilities required for game developers. He also claims that the platform offers more commercial opportunities. A studio that develops games for this platform can simplify the process with HMS Core Kits and get direct access to the Huawei Ads system. In AppGallery, discoverability is easier and monetization strategies can be applied more efficiently.

Among the studios that develop games for AppGallery, Gameloft achieved a 70% increase in the number of downloads in the first three months by adapting its popular games such as Asphalt 9 Legends, March of Empires and War Planet Online to this platform. Playrix, on the other hand, states that it is very satisfied with the Huawei Ads system: you may remember this studio from hit games such as Gardenscapes and Homescapes.

Why Is Huawei Trying to Attract Game Developers to Its Platform?

As a matter of fact, the answer to this question is simple: every business that tries to grow quickly and efficiently strives to appeal to the largest possible customer base and offer them an exclusive service. If Huawei manages to offer a popular game that is only available on AppGallery, this will greatly contribute to its growth. There are many players who buy consoles just to be able to play a certain game. It’s an app store looking to grow fast, and mobile games can make this happen – it’s no surprise Huawei’s focus is on game developers.

So, can AppGallery deliver on what it promises? According to 2020 data, this platform is home to more than 1.6 million developers and is available in 170 countries. The Play Store, on the other hand, has more than 3.4 million apps and, of course, offers more options. But it is the market share that matters more than the numbers: the vast majority of users in China and Asian countries, in general, have access to AppGallery only. This means that the only way to reach this customer base is to use the Huawei platform. There are over 500 million potential customers out there, and you can only reach them using a particular app store: almost any studio will take that risk.

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Design Your Dining Room Today



Have you moved recently and have a new dining area that needs to be furnished? Or maybe you’re simply thinking about revamping your current space. Whatever the reason, shopping for dining room furniture can be time-consuming. I’m sure you’d agree that the time spent traveling from store to store for price comparisons would be better spent relaxing in your living room.

From the comfort of your couch, you can shop online and compare furniture prices from several stores. But if you want quality brand names at a low cost, then check out the dining table set catalog at 1Stop Bedrooms. With a price-match guarantee, you won’t find better prices online when buying home furniture.

But before you start shopping, take the room’s measurements. Then ask yourself, what kind of table do you want? What shape and size would work best in the space? What are all of the activities that will take place at the set? Will you use it only for meals, or will it double as a workstation?

Answer those questions, and you’ll narrow down your choices to make shopping simpler. The most common tabletop shapes are squares and rectangles. Square tables work well if you don’t entertain much and have a small household. Everyone seated can converse face-to-face and enjoy each other’s company.

Rectangular tables are longer and seat more people on the sides. If you have guests over regularly, this is a great option. Conversations at longer tables tend to be segmented with different exchanges happening at each end. Round is the way to go if you want a table that fits more and includes everyone in the conversation.

Oval tables work like rectangular ones, but the rounded edges allow for more space. They also make it easier to maneuver around. If you have small children, then round and oval tables are best since there aren’t any sharp edges to cause harm.

Chairs are important to the comfort of the design. Choose seating that will fit your lifestyle as well. If you decide upholstered chairs are for you, consider what material will work best in your home. Leather is easy to clean, but the color options are limited. While fabrics may be harder to care for, they can be found in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Since we’re talking about materials, choose one that blends with the home’s other textures. If the home’s vibe is warm and comfy, then stick with dark woods. Lighter woods are great if there’s a relaxed atmosphere in the home. Glass is tempered and chip-resistant, so it won’t crack unless exposed to high temperatures.

Maple, oak, and other hardwoods make sturdy, long-lasting sets. Wood veneers have been used with solid wood for years in the industry. Many believe this furniture is of lesser quality, but a solid piece of wood is more likely to crack or be warp when exposed to moisture.

So, now that you’re armed with a few tips visit the site today and find the perfect dining room set.


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Personalized Coupon Maker For Your Events and Parties



Do you love to hold giveaways for your regular customers? If yes, then you are at the right place. This article is about a personalized coupon maker that can help you come up with exciting gifts for your customers.

A personalized coupon maker comes with pre-loaded designs and templates to make things easier for you. Just pick the template of your choice, personalize it with your event details, and print it out. It is as simple as that!

No matter what type of event you are putting together whether it is a party for your daughter’s birthday, a seminar at work, or even a wedding, they will all benefit from personalized coupons. Coupons make the perfect favor to thank everyone who attended your special event because they give them something that can be treasured and used over and over again.

Creating a personalized online coupon maker is easy and can be done in minutes

By using a free online coupon maker., you can just enter the text you would like to appear on the coupon, choose the design, and add any images you would like to use. You can even add a special message for each recipient.

Once you have chosen the perfect template, it is easy to personalize it with your text. Just enter the name of your event, the date, and any other information you would like to include. You can even add a special message for each recipient.


There are many free online coupon makers to choose from

If you are looking for something fun and festive, then a holiday-themed template is perfect. Many templates feature popular designs such as flowers, hearts, or stars. You can even find templates that are specifically designed for particular types of events such as weddings or baby showers.

Choose the right coupon maker gift

However, instead of using a free online coupon maker, it is even better to use a personalized coupon maker which offers lots of templates and designs for you to choose from. Using the right template helps make sure that your gift will be ready on time. Personalized coupon makers also offer many other features that come in handy when creating personal rewards or gifts.

When selecting a coupon maker, always make sure that it meets your needs. If you are looking for a simple way to create personalized coupons without having to design them yourself, then using a free online coupon maker is a good option.

Enter all the information in your free coupon template maker

Once you have entered the basic information, you can use different templates to pick the right design. You can also choose from various shapes and even select your favorite color scheme. If you are worried about not getting it done on time, these coupon makers allow you to save your work at any time during the process.

Once ready with the final product, just click print and then personalize each of your coupons with writing or pictures that will inspire your loved one’s feel special.

When selecting a free coupon maker, always make sure that it meets your needs.

If you are looking for a simple way to create personalized coupons without having to design them yourself, then using a free online coupon maker is a good option. Once you have entered the basic information, you can use different templates to pick the right design. You can also choose from various shapes and even select your favorite color scheme. If you are worried about not getting it done on your timeline, these coupon makers allow you to save your work at any time during the process.

Just click print and then personalize each of your coupons with writing or pictures

Creating personalized coupons is a great way to show your appreciation for all who attended your event. With so many different templates to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect design for any occasion. Just enter the details of your event, add a personal message, and print them out! Your guests will love receiving these unique favors.


Your coupons will be printed in minutes without wasting too much paper!

Do not waste valuable paper when creating personalized gifts for all of your favorite clients and guests. These coupon printers offer multiple uses without wasting too much paper. They require less ink than traditional printers and can be used quickly. With personalized coupon makers, you can create up to 500 coupons at once within minutes.

Venngage has a wide range of templates that are perfect for your events and parties. Plus, coupon maker is easy to use, so you can create beautiful coupons in minutes. Get started today and see how easy it is to boost your business with our amazing coupon designs!


The personalized coupon maker is a great way to make your next event or party even more special. The coupons are customizable and can be given out as prizes for games, given randomly to guests, or used in a variety of other ways. You can also use the coupons for yourself if you’re throwing a private party!

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