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How to advance your IT career during pandemic?



Are you feeling anxious about your career amid this global Coronavirus pandemic? Dont worry; you are not the only one.

Students and professionals across the world are wondering about their opportunities too. The important thing to remember is, every dark cloud has a silver lining. You can always use this extra time at home to upgrade your skills and be ready for high-demand jobs in the digital world by completing online courses.

Here are some of the popular IT skills that employers and recruiters worldwide are looking for in young professionals:

1. Programming

Talented programmers are always in demand, even when they chose to work independently. You can use your time at home to learn valuable languages, such as Python, that will help you pivot your career and earn lucrative salaries.

Python is a popular and powerful language for programming, and yet it is easy to learn. Virtually all major tech companies worldwide use it in one way or the other, which makes it one of the top-most demanded skills. To learn more about programming using python, apply here (

2. Graphic Design

Demand for creative graphic designers continues to grow in 2020. Much like programmers, graphic designers can choose to work exclusively for an organization or work independently as freelancers. Graphic designers communicate ideas and concepts visually using colours, photos, fonts, and illustrations. If you have a creative streak and can execute projects on popular software like CorelDraw, then there are several rewarding opportunities waiting for you in different industries. To learn more about graphic design using coreldraw, apply here (

3. SQL Databases

Did you know that the biggest names in tech – Facebook, Amazon, Google, Uber, Netflix, Airbnb – that have high-end database systems, use SQL to query data and perform analysis? As long as we live in a world driven by data packets, SQL database professionals will continue to be in demand. Therefore, if you are trying to build a career in data, use this time to become comfortable with SQL databases. A well-crafted short online course will take you a long way in this direction. To learn more about databases, apply here (

4. Blockchain and Crypto

Between January and March 2020, even when a pandemic crippled life globally, postings for remote cryptocurrency-based jobs surged by as high as about 43 per cent, according to a Forbes report citing findings by popular job portal

Blockchain and Crypto jobs offer better pay, impressive hiring rates, high retention and low competition compared to other roles in the tech space. The reason being that only a few professionals understand how to work with this technology, let alone know about it.

These two technologies carry the potential to combat inflation and provide an alternative to traditional and defective financial systems. To learn more about Blockchain and Crypto Currency, apply here (

Above all, it is essential to remember that how and where you invest your time now will make a significant impact on your career. The market may have plenty of online courses, but you need to select a credible education provider, like NIIT Ghana.

NIIT Ghanas JobFactory ( has several online IT courses, including the above-mentioned, that are affordable, relevant to the latest industry trends and can be completed at a comfortable pace from any device, anywhere.

NIIT has been a premier training institution recognised by corporates in Ghana across banking, finance, technology, startups and the enterprise technology spaces. It has centres in Accra, Tema, Kumasi and Tamale.