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How to be a film production assistant?



How many times have you gone for a movie and wondered that you could have a better job? No, I am not mainly talking about acting. That is what pops up in most people’s minds as soon as someone mentions the word movie or cinema, but I am talking about other roles, like the director or the producer.

Most people do not realize this, but these people are as important as the actors that come up on the screen to entertain us. These people work behind the screens and cameras to make the actors  provide us quality entertainment. They supervise the administrative work on the sets. These people are integral to this world of glamour and lights. These are those that make movies happen. So if you are attracted to this world of cameras, cinema, glamour, and what to know how it is run, then maybe you should get behind it and direct the actors. Also, if you think that direction is not your cup of tea, then you can always go for the production aspect of movies and shows. In fact, without a producer, there would be no director and no actor, and consequently, there would be no movie or a show.

So think of it like a hierarchy order where the producers sit at the top of the pyramid, and the director and actors are below them. Producers finalize the budget of the project, look into the administrative task, create a schedule for shooting, and keep everything and everyone in the loop. But the road to becoming a producer is not so easy. You just can not wake up one day and decide to be a producer. It is something that you need to learn with experience.  

The path to becoming a successful producer starts with a career in assistant production. The career path of assistant production is quite a lucrative one, and the scope of film production assistant jobs is good. Film production assistants take care of the various essential tasks on set and carry out everyday tasks like supporting the directors and actors with their schedule, managing the crew members on the set.


The film production assistants, however, can have creative influence but give the exposure and the experience they can advance up to the levels where they can be directly involved with the creative inputs. The career path as a film production assistant starts with a college degree. You get a college degree that is specialized in arts or cinema. Normally the students who earn a college degree and go for film production assistant do not want to remain in this position for a long time. This position serves as a stepping stone for them to reach higher levels in the field of cinema. They might want to become producers, directors, casting directors, DOPs. 

 Although students who do not have a cinema or arts degree may also enter into this field, the students who have such a degree will always have an added benefit. This career option might seem just as a temporary means or as a stepping stone to still the jobs for a film production assistant in one of the most sought after jobs. You can also try your luck in student films. Most of the colleges and training institutions offer the students the opportunity to create a student film.

The student film is funded mostly by the institutions, but in some cases, students need to secure funds for their films by themselves. So the students are the whole and sole of the student films. They write scripts, produce the screenplay, and audition the actors for their films. In such films, while some students get actively involved in the direction and acting, some students go for the production jobs. The production jobs require the maintenance of crew members, and the production assistant can be of utmost importance at that time. The students going for the production assistant role in these films will get the initial exposure of working on the sets, and it will be a good experience for them.

Also, these student films will help them prepare for the real job of a film production assistant. The other ways of starting your career path as a film production assistant are to attend seminars and take part in the training sessions. These seminars and training sessions are conducted by various acting institutes. Most of the time, very renowned actors and thespians of the stage are the ones who are organizing such events. So to learn from them and be their disciple is what every actor, producer, and director dreams of. Look out for such opportunities, and you will end up with a good starting point to kick off your career path as a film production assistant.



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