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How to choose cat toys for indoor cats



When you go away and arrange for your cat to stay at a pet hotel then you can expect that they will be able to enjoy being entertained by the facility’s aquariums, windows looking out onto the open countryside. There may be club lights and perhaps even a solarium.

But what are the fun components you can offer your pet when it returns home with you? Do you know how to entertain your cat? Here are five bits of advice about choosing cat toys for your kitty to play with and enjoy at home.

  1.   Fun and amusing

Among the many great things about selecting and buying toys for cats is the knowledge that you playing with your pet will increase the bond that has grown up between you and your moggy.

Of course, many people describe cats as solitary creatures. But you know that when you play with your cat it is more than something that you do together. It’s almost a spiritual experience. This is partly why when you buy a good cat toy, you get such a kick out of the process and as much as your cat does out of the implementation of the toy when it’s back at home.

Think: if you can imagine yourself playing with the toy, then how much will your pet enjoy it in your company?

  1.   Durable

Just like buying toys for a human child, you want to be sure to get your money’s worth from any of the toys you buy for your kitty. If the toy you select is too fragile it’s not going to be good for everyday use. You need a toy that you can get used to using any day it chooses. There are some very durable toys. Take Kong, which has a reputation for extra-durable toys for dogs. Well, it also makes great value toys specially created to stand up to the most ferocious treatment from any enthusiastic feline.

  1.     Stimulating

Among the many important aspects of playing with your pet cat is to encourage the use of its natural animal instincts as you play. There have been numerous studies of animal behavior that demonstrate how being able to display their natural instincts is crucially vital for the mental and physical health and well-being of our pets – not just dogs but cats too. This is why choosing toys that allow a cat to do what it does in the wild – hunting and pouncing – will not just entertain you and your cat but also allow it to act as the cat that it is.

  1.     Noisy and interesting

Cat toys should not just focus on their visual appeal. Cats like to be intrigued by the sounds they can hear as well as what they can see and feel. If a cat could tell you about the toys it likes it is bound to say that the ones that mimic the live critters they hunt would be best.

  1.   Safe and secure

Because cats like to chew, bite, and scratch things the toys you want to buy need to be able to cope with plenty of wear and tear. You can find cat toys for indoor cats here.