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How To Create A Profitable Bubble Tea Business



Bubble Tea

Bubble tea, a Taiwanese delicacy, has a cult following in the U.S. Fresh juice with fruit chunks or any other beverage can be called “boba.” Bubble tea’s major ingredients are black tea, ice, milk, and tapioca pearls (also known as pearl milk tea). Pearls are made from tapioca starch. After simmering in sweet syrup for hours, solid, white tapioca pearls turn black, chewy, and big. Bubble tea varieties include mango, strawberry, and matcha. Other teas or coffee can substitute for black tea.

Bubble tea customers can see the tapioca pearls in clear glasses. Bubble tea requires broad straws because bubbles rise as the consumer sips.

  1. Business Planning

Entrepreneurs need a clear plan. It helps map out your business and uncover unknowns. Consider these topics:

  • Startup and continuing costs?
  • Who’s your audience?
  • What can you charge?
  • Business name?
  1. Construct a Conceptual Framework

When starting a new business, developing a solid business plan from the ground up is essential. Bubble tea is the metaphor for this situation. Look at your store’s general appearance and decide if it will be a sit-down or carryout eatery.

Picking a name and developing a brand identity are the next steps after deciding on an idea. Investigate your competition and devise a strategy for differentiating your store from theirs.

  1. Create a Name and Logo for Your Company

Create a logo and design idea that can be utilized across your company’s promotional materials. Your logo should be able to operate nicely on your website, your shop, your plastic drink cups, and so on. A monochromatic (one color) logo is the greatest option since it allows you to modify the color of your logo to stand out against a wide variety of backdrops.

  1. Choose Your Desired Location

Next, pick a spot. This decision will consider your idea. An indoor dining establishment will require plenty of parking and easy access on foot. Important is demographics. According to the NYT, bubble tea restaurants do well near colleges. A bubble tea truck makes the most sense for some businesses because you can travel to events, festivals, and crowded lunch venues.

  1. Budget

After developing a concept, brand, and location, consider finance. To get a loan or attract investors, write a business plan. A business plan may also be a growth blueprint. While doing this, consider your menu. Even if you’re only looking for beverages, bubble tea is abundant. Having more options may help you stand out from the competition and boost your profits.

  1. Ingredients

Start sourcing food and supplies. Because bubble tea contains few ingredients, choose high-quality teas, milk (including non-dairy), tapioca pearls, and flavorings. Cups, straws, and lids are also needed. Unique takeaway bags can help spread your brand if you’re selling food.

  1. Permits, Licensing, and Staffing

As you near the opening, be sure you have the necessary permissions, licenses, and well-trained workers. You could also consider employing technology to grow your business, such as an ordering app, payment tools, or a meal delivery partnership.



Briefly, investing in bubble tea may be a positive setback for you. This article is a descriptive document relating a step-by-step process to be followed to open a bubble tea franchise. Moreover, you can register for the Bubble tea course and open your franchise now with the help of Pearl Lemon Boba.

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