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How To Decorate Large Blank Walls In Your Home?



Are you fed up with seeing the large walls of your home empty and don’t know how to decorate them? Well, you are not alone. It comes under the most common design dilemmas that homeowners face. You may think of adding many elements to your walls like mirrors, artwork, and whatnot. You want to ensure that everything you add goes well along with your personal style. To add fuel to your imagination, we have come up with a few ideas through which you can decorate the large empty walls of your home. Let’s get started.

Leaning mirror

Mirrors are not just the perfect choice to make your blank walls look bigger, but it also adds a design factor to your home. Instead of using hanging mirrors, try giving a shot to leaning mirrors as they can be put in any space of your home. Want to raise the aesthetic quotient of your home? Consider adding a leaning mirror to the bathroom, hallway, and any room you can think of. Besides, you don’t need anything extra to elevate the decorative appeal of your home if you go for the leaning mirror. Super easy and chic.

Oversized art

Do you know what works best when you are in doubt? Adding artwork or football jersey frame to your home. Including Christmas canvas wall art or any oversized piece of artwork does wonder for your house. Paintings and artwork become the focal point of your home in no time. You can even include the paintings in your kitchen, bathroom, or hallways. It will reflect the bold style of your personality.

Hanging Rugs

Rugs are ideal for bringing together the elements of the room. It adds texture and warmth to your space. Now, keep aside the thought of putting rugs on the floor and think about hanging rugs. Interesting, isn’t it? Hanging rugs on the walls gives any space a unique and new look. People will think of you as a design-minded personality. For instance – You can decorate the walls behind your sofa with the hanging rugs. It will make your home look more quirky than ever before.


Playful Display

If you are the one who wants to give a higher level of a makeover to the large blank walls of your home, you should consider arranging the shelves and pairing them with playful accents. With wallpaper like world map canvas art and adding little elements like toys and frames over the shelves, you can transform the décor of your home. A playful display is enough to mesmerize the people visiting your home and your family members as well.

Supersize essentials

You cannot deny that decorating blank walls is quite daunting. You may even exceed your budget. So, you need to pay extra attention. Rather than going for the time-consuming upgrades, consider supersizing your essentials like a calendar and put them on the displays.

To sum it up

You don’t have to break the bank to transform the décor of your home. Just plan a little and make a powerful wall statement to take everyone in awe.

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