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How To Enjoy Smoking Shisha



Adults who love to smoke shisha are doing so by sharing a water pipe in which they inhale flavored tobacco while exchanging puffs with family or friends. It emphasizes dialogues and encourages a stronger sense of community among those taking part. Indian, Persian, Turkish, Egyptian, and other Middle Eastern families have been smoking hookah for many centuries, and it is firmly ingrained in their cultural traditions. It is more than just a fun social pastime or opportunity to unwind; in these cultures, it is a method for family, friends, and colleagues to show hospitality to one another and fortify relationships.


The first hookah in the shape that we know it today originated in India in the 16th century. Smoking tobacco also gained popularity at this time among the noblemen of high society. The Hookah was created in an effort to cleanse smoke using water in a glass base known as a “Shisha.” In these rudimentary versions of the now-classic design, the wooden shafts included a second shaft attached to the heart from which smoke could be expelled. With this layout in place, hookah quickly established itself as a symbol of great social rank for aristocratic males.

Throughout the time, the hookah custom spread across the Middle East. By adding honey or molasses to the tobacco, previous varieties of tobacco used in Egypt were repackaged into Mu’Assel. Although the Arabic word mu’assel, which means “with honey,” also refers to dried citrus, grape, watermelon, and mint, it is most often used to describe flavored tobacco. A purge port was added at this time to the shisha’s core to cool the tobacco and bring out these flavors more, which completely altered the development of the hookah. In certain regions, shisha has become so firmly ingrained in society that shisha cafes have been established to accommodate its ever-rising demand. All classes, races, and genders were brought together by shisha in order to foster a sense of community among the customers. It served as a means for individuals to unwind, interact, and fortify interpersonal ties.

Today, to meet the demands of modern taste preferences and variety, innovations in flavor options beyond the conventional ones were also developed. The fastest shisha delivery in Dubai offers a great selection of such flavors.


Which hookah should you use?

Like most things in life, there is no objective solution to this question; there is no proper response. You have a wide variety of brands and designs to pick from, all of which operate somewhat differently and provide you with unique shisha sessions. Be aware that if you choose a cheaper item, you may need to update it more regularly, which may increase the entire cost.

Since stainless steel hookah pipes are simpler to clean and therefore of higher quality, your subsequent shisha session won’t have flavors from the prior one. To truly enjoy a session, you should be able to start with a clean pipe.

Each bowl offers a unique set of advantages tailored to the flavors you desire to smoke and ranges in price. From bowls that hold less than ten grams of flavor up to more conventional bowls that store 20–25 grams of flavor, the standard design, and size of bowls vary.

Most bowls, from a regular clay bowl to a glazed funnel, will work for your shisha session if you are smoking herbal flavors; you only need to choose the size that you want. Purchase a glazed funnel bowl for better tobacco flavors to prevent the excess molasses that is put into the shisha flavor from absorbing into the bowl and changing your flavors in subsequent sessions. Just beneath the top of the bowl, lightly pack the flavor while packing your bowl. Avoid overfilling; you want a thin layer of air between the flavor in the bowl and the foil.


Coal and foil

There are numerous sizes and types of coal. The most popular are fingers or cubes. The style is personal preference and typically depends on how well it manages heat in your bowl. You cannot enjoy a shisha session without coals because they heat your bowl and start the hookah pipe smoking.

If you decide to use foil to cover your bowl, shisha quality foil, which is tougher and thicker, is preferable to kitchen foil. To start your session, just add coals after covering your bowl with foil and pushing down hard to ensure there are no air bubbles.

For shisha smokers, heat management systems present a simpler alternative. Depending on the model you choose, you may not even need to add foil to your bowl when using this device to reduce the rolling of the embers.

So that’s everything you need to get your hookah setup going. Invite your friends, and spend some time chatting and relaxing with some high-quality shisha.


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