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How to gain weight healthly ?



There are many people worldwide who dream about losing weight, or who are on the journey of losing weight. Some people strive towards having a healthy and lean body. And then, there are people who are underweight working real hard to put on those extra kilos in a healthy way. As unimaginable as it is, there are people out there in this world who Google search almost every other day, make regular doctor appointments, or consult a nutritionist/dietitian to find ways to gain weight and to achieve their increased weight goal.

There are multiple ways to gain weight. And this doesn’t involve any junk food or processed food. If you are wondering how to gain weight healthfully, continue reading.

1.Eat more

Sounds counter-intuitive, but eating more calories than what your body burns will do the trick. When you want to gain weight healthily, you need to be slow, steady and be very patient. And to do this, you need to consume about 300-500 calories extra than what is burned every single day.

If gaining weight faster is your goal, then consuming about 700-1,000 calories extra works in building your body.

Besides, you can also give this technique a boost by consuming daily supplements like optimum nutrition and other multivitamins.


  1. Consume more proteins

Eating more proteins is as common as breathing in the world of “losing weight” and “gaining weight” healthily. This is because most of the muscles in the human body are made of protein and without protein in the body, the extra calories one consumes end up storing as body fat. Taking Casein-Protein products for gaining weight can also be considered.


Since consuming proteins will keep you fuller for longer, it becomes a bit tricky to add extra calories to the body. So, it’s best to talk to your dietitian for the best advice.


Some of the high protein food includes dairy products, fish, meats, legumes, eggs, and nuts among others. Besides, you can also consume protein supplements like Russian Bear whey protein if you are lacking in your protein intake.


  1. Eat three times a day

If your end goal is to gain weight, then you must ensure your carbs and fat intake should be of the utmost priority. And it is also best if you include proteins, fats, and carbs in your daily meal, thrice a day. Additionally, you can also add energy-dense snack items to munch on during the day

Energy-dense food includes nuts, high-fat dairy, meat, grains, tubers, dark chocolates, dry fruits, avocados, fats and oils, coconut milk, and grains among others.

  1. Exercise

When you exercise, you ensure that all the excess calories you are consuming, go to the fat cells instead of the muscles even if you are in fix body group. To do this, you must lift weights. Lifting weights twice or four times a week is beneficial for gaining weight. And try to increase weights as and when necessary.

If you are starting with the gym process, consider hiring a professional and a qualified fitness trainer who can instruct the right kinds of workout to suit your needs.


Gaining weight, similar to people trying to lose weight, will seem challenging. But the important thing to remember is to have determination and persistence and allow your body an ample amount of time to adjust to this new change.