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How to lose weight fast, and be careful if you succeed!



Worldwide obesity has almost tripled since 1975, and it is definitely not going away. Our urban, sedentary and fast-paced lifestyles hardly align with the calmness required to exercise and cook home-made food. Understood as one of the negative side-effects of modernity, health problems like diabetes, heart disease and cancer represent only a tiny fraction of what being overweight can do to you. Abulia, chronic bad temper and other psychological conditions associated with obesity immerse millions of people into a vicious circle that slowly destroys their self-esteem and can ruin every aspect of your life: romantic relationships, professional career and friendships. 


How to lose weight fast

Breaking the vicious circle may seem easy from the outside, but impossible from within. Discouragement pushes even the most hard-willed to settle down for a lower quality of life than they could aspire to. Once you get the right dose of determination, however, the vicious circle will turn around: your clothes become too large, you receive compliments, you feel lighter, more motivated, more determined each day. As a recovered obese, I am here to tell you how to surf that wave and never look back.



Hit the gym as if they paid you for it 

Duh, right? You have heard it a million times, but here is the trick: what you need is MOTIVATION. The question is how to get that motivation? Ever since the dawn of time, humans have used a divine art to do anything that required effort: music! Start listening to pump-it up tunes. For the ladies: Work B*tch by Britney Spears is hilarious, and will get you going for hours. For the boys, Lose Yourself by Eminem is an immortal classic. Do not stop there! Listen to all the motivational speeches you can find! The Admiral McRaven speech for the boys, and for the ladies: the Admiral McRaven speech –– it’s just too good. 



Supermarkets are filled with industrial junk food you want to stay away from. Check out the best vegetarian recipes and avoid carbs. Not only will you be saving animal lives, but also reducing CO2 emissions, saving the ecosystem, and doing yourself some great good. If taking care of yourself doesn’t motivate you, taking care of animals and the planet might. Bring out that mellow, sweet and caring part of you! 



Bariatric Surgery

If the first two options were ineffective, your condition is probably due to metabolism, and it is time to bring out the heavy artillery. You might want to consider a gastric balloon. It will make you feel full sooner and you will eat less. If you want a more long-term solution, you might want to consider a gastric sleeve, that is, getting 75-80% of your stomach surgically removed.  If ever you try bariatric surgery Houston, bear in mind, gastric sleeve surgery should only be considered if you have a Body Mass Index of more than 38-40 (morbid obesity levels), and have not been able to cut weight any other way. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


I lost weight fast and now have hanging skin. What do I do?

There are little joys in life compared to the happiness of recovering a healthy, beautiful body. But every rose has its thorn. Excess skin caused by obesity is much easily absorbed if the weight loss takes place gradually. If you decide to cut weight rapidly, however, there is a chance the excess skin will not be absorbed, even more so if you are over a certain age. Skin reduction surgery might be your only alternative (an arm lift, thigh lift and/or a tummy tuck). If you are going for a surgery, and you have experienced hair loss due to obesity, you might want to combine the procedure with a hair transplant and kill two birds with one stone.



Weight Loss Mind-Set

The final key secret to lose weight fast is to develop the correct mindset. If you do this, everything else will come naturally. So remember: you are NOT losing weight to please anyone, you are losing weight because you want to have a healthier lifestyle. Think about everything you are missing out on, all the good feelings you can get by simply walking around or going up some stairs, or eating without feeling bad about it. Being obese is not your fate, your can break free from it!


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