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How to Maintain a Perfect Car Interior



How to Maintain a Perfect Car Interior /Photos[/caption]

Cars are like an extension of your home: a napping place, a huge storage compartment, and a place for some alone time. The amount of personal stuff strewn around, toys, shoes, clothes, and other odds and ends are proof of it being your comfort zone.


Just as you are careful not to dirty the carpets, stain the walls, or leave the dishes in the sink, your car interior also needs care and maintenance to keep it looking and smelling clean.

Cleaning Your Car Interior

Car detailing might sound like a job for the pros but it’s a task that you can routinely carry out. A clean car interior makes you more confident to have co-workers or relatives around. Keeping it in good shape on the outside and inside also adds to its resale value as it delays depreciation.

As a new research in the UK showed, dusting and vacuuming inside the car means weeding out harmful microorganisms that might have considered your car their home.


So, where do you start?

Pick up your trash. Decluttering is the best way to go. Have a bag for stuff that you can use and another for the unwanted. Plastic bottles, take-out containers, receipts, parking receipts, cigarette stubs, and more must go. With everything taken out, you can now focus on the actual cleaning.


PRO TIP: Decide which area needs to be cleaned first to avoid redoing the other areas. For instance, do the seats first then the floor last.



Vacuum everything.For food bits, hair/fur, and debris in seats, seams, and folds, leave it to the vacuum cleaner approved for cars. Take advantage of its various nozzles/attachments to get to every nook and cranny. Use a paintbrush for the AC vent, knobs, and buttons and vacuum the dust as you go.


Wipe it clean and dry.To clean nylon seats, vacuum and use a shampoo/mild detergent to scrub them. Use a sponge to rinse off the detergent and dry. For leather seats, wipe it with carefully with a clean cloth; use the appropriate conditioner for hard-to-remove stains. Vinyl seats just require a damp cloth; for stains, use a toothbrush.



Floor it.Foot traffic makes for dirty floors not to mention the dirt, dust, and grime. Remove the mats and vacuum the carpet, including the areas underneath the seats. Power wash the mats and dry. For easier maintenance, try rubber-surface mats like weathertech floor liners that protect your carpets from getting soiled in the most vulnerable places.     

Steer it up.Use a clean damp cloth sprayed with a disinfectant and cleaning mixture for the steering wheel. Just be sure to use the appropriate cleaner for the steering wheel, e.g. wood polish for natural wood or wood texture. For the dashboard, vacuum the dust and dip a microfiber cloth into a mixture of mild soap and water to wipe it.   

Keeping Your Car Interior Perfect

Keeping your car interior in pristine condition is worth it to reduce the time and energy for the next clean-up. Put a trash bin inside the car and take advantage of your glove compartment for papers and receipts. For those with kids, an organizer might keep their toys and thingamajigs from occupying the seats.


 You might have to skip drive-thrus, for now, to avoid an unnecessary pile of junk and keep you healthy, too. ]]>

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