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How To Make More Money with YouTube’s ‘Super Thanks’



Recently, YouTube’s new monetization update to the Super Thanks feature was expanded to all eligible creators in the YouTube Partner Program. Formerly known as Viewer Applause and only available to a random selection of creators, Super Thanks is now officially available to creators as an added monetization feature. Essentially, this feature acts as a “tipping” method for viewers to express extra appreciation on a video they enjoyed. So, how does it work and how can creators benefit from this feature?

How it works:

Once a creator has a monetized YouTube channel, they are able to enable the Super Thanks feature in their settings. The feature is turned off by default. Once it is on, creators will have a “thanks” button that shows up underneath every video they post. Viewers will be able to donate a set amount of money ranging from $2-$50. Along with the donation, viewers can also leave a comment which will stand out in the comment section as a highlighted comment. Previously, viewers were only allowed a default comment that said, “Thanks!” to be posted on the video they were donating to. Now, YouTube has allowed customization on these comments. The viewer will also see an animation on their screen celebrating their donation. YouTube’s standard revenue split is still applied to these donations. The creator will receive 70% while YouTube receives 30% of the donation.

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Considerations and Benefits:

This new feature can be a helpful way to engage with viewers and build connections with them. YouTube encourages creators to acknowledge their Super Thanks donors by replying or liking their comments, and even giving them a shoutout. Viewers may also donate money to videos they hope to see more of in the future. Creators should take note of the specific video and content that is receiving special attention and getting more Super Thanks. This way, creators can cater to what their viewers appreciate watching most. YouTube also suggests informing the viewer on how they’re using their Super Thanks donations. This way, viewers are more likely to engage and help their favorite creator make better content.


The Super Thanks feature is now available to all eligible content creators. While this new feature begins rolling out, new updates may also become available. Creators should use this feature to engage with their audience and create content that helps their viewers. Whether it be by entertaining or informing, viewers can use this feature to show their gratitude and support to their favorite creators.

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