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How to play Aviator Mostbet



Aviator Mostbet is, without exaggeration, the flagship product of the company. The main evidence of the popularity of this game is the fact that it was awarded a separate place in the main menu of the official website. In that material, we will talk in detail about the features of this game, and also present step-by-step instructions for playing Aviator from Mostbet.

What is the essence of the game Aviator

This product of the Spribe company represents the fast games genre. The key feature is that everything happens in an extremely short time and by placing a bet, the client can receive his winnings almost immediately. Each round lasts from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, and the rounds themselves succeed each other with a minimum interruption.

At the heart of the Mostbet Aviator game is the observation of the flight of an aircraft. At the time of its takeoff, the coefficient is 1.0, and as it flies, it increases every second. The player can stop the game for himself at any time. As soon as the user decides to stop the plane, his initial bet will be multiplied by the coefficient achieved. The highlight of the game is that the plane cannot fly forever and at some point it “flies”, which marks the defeat of the player.

“Fly away” can come literally in the very first second (with a coefficient of even 1.01), or it can happen after the coefficient increases very significantly.


If we discard the visual component, the player will have typical entertainment based on a random number generator. It is he who, even before the start of each round, determines the coefficient that will be achieved. Thanks to the Provably Fair mechanism, anyone can check the fairness of the game.

Playing Aviator – step by step instructions

To play Aviator from Mostbet, do the following in sequence:

  1. Visit the company’s website and log in to the system (if you are a new client, please register).
  2. Make sure you have enough funds in your account to bet. Top up your account if necessary.
  3. In the main menu (located at the top of any page of the site), click “Aviator”.
  4. Choose the game mode – for real money or demo.
  5. Enter the bet amount and click the “Bet” button. You can place two bets on one round at the same time. You also have the option to activate automatic bets. Thus, you will participate in each round until you deactivate the mode or empty your balance.
  6. To collect your winnings, click “Cash Out” at any time after the plane takes off, but before it “takes off”. If you do not have time to “cash out” before the “fly away”, the bet will be lost.

Note that in the upper part of the playing field, statistics of recent flights are available, to which some players pay increased attention in order to search for certain trends. Although there simply cannot be any trends or pa

tterns, because we are dealing with a standard random number generator.

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