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How to repair outlook? An easy Outlook fix step by step guide



Outlook creates a file opening problem or does it not properly load the files? Don’t worry, in this article you’ll find details of outlook repair. First of all, you need to consider what type of account you are using because there are two forms of outlook accounts i.e. ost and pst.

OSTthat are Offline Outlook Data File holds, Office 365 or Exchange account data files. Whereas in the case of POP or IMAP account the data will be stored in pst outlook data files. Such data files from both types are very reliable, but they get corrupted due to many reasons, so we need to repair outlook.In this article we will discuss about the ost files outlook fix. Outlook repair is not a very technical task and you can handle it very well with just a few techniques.Simply follow the given below steps carefully and you are able to repair outlook.

Steps for outlook fix

For outlook repair it is required to close the email application whether it is, Office 365 or exchange account. Now follow all the steps given below:


Open control penal from your system after closing the email application.


Now from the control panel open user account.


When you have opened user account now click on the mail option. This is shown in the image given below:


Now a window will be displayed of “Mail Setup” as displayed given below, here click on the “show profiles” button which is highlighted red.


Here you will see a default profile is “outlook” but if you have any other profile you can select it so that you can fix it.


Now click on properties button.


Note: The full process is shown and outlined in the red through the illustration given below.


Now in the next window click on the “Email Accounts” button.


Another window will open and now in here click on the “Data files” tab.


Here you have to select the broken account.


Now you have to click on “open file location” button.


Note: The full process is shown and outlined in the red through the illustration given below.


Now this process is finished so click on the close button of all the windows from “Accounts Settings,” “Mail Setup,” and “Mail”.


Now in outlook fix the last step will deleting of ost files. The location of those files will be

Users à“username”àapp data à local àMicrosoft à outlook

Now open the outlook account after finishing all the repair outlook measures. It will create a new ost file and you are done with outlook fix. Now you will see all the details and folders because Outlook should now include all the account items that were not available before.