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How to Save on a Mattress by Using a Discount or a Promo Code



How to Save on a Mattress by Using a Discount or a Promo Code[/caption] Most people love a good deal. Whether you’re on a tight budget or you’re able to buy the best of the best, if you have the chance to a discount, in nine cases out of ten you will take it. As it turns out, the amount being discounted is not as important as the idea that you managed to get a deal.

The reason behind this behavior was so intriguing, that in 2012, Dr. Paul J. Zak, a professor of Neuroeconomics at the Claremont Graduate University led a study on how coupons impact people’s emotions. The results showed that a $10 voucher leads to an increase in oxytocin levels (the hormone that makes us feel happy) and makes the buyer feel more relaxed. Even more, even though most shoppers tend to expect a discount, especially around special days, they still feel happier than people who don’t receive it. But people tend to feel stronger about receiving a coupon code from brands who rarely give discounts. But what do you do after you receive the promo or discount code? After all, the hype doesn’t happen unless you capitalize on it! Today I’ll walk you through the process of using a discount or promo code to your best interest (as a customer) when buying a mattress.

Read the Fine Print

With products like mattresses (especially the ones sold online), the process is straightforward. This happens because online stores tend to have one to three different product versions, so it’s difficult to get confused about where the discount applies. However, when you buy from a store with a large collection of products, you should always read the fine print. Here is where the producer specifies the type of product included in the discount, how many products are included, the expiration date, or any other limitations.

Make Sure You Understand the Rules

Some sites have specific rules (also specified in the fine print). For instance, the discount may apply only if you make a large purchase. Or you may have to buy/use their services four different times before you can use the coupon. So, before you get too excited over a discount code, get yourself up to date with the rules. As a side note, rules are not always stated on the coupon (especially if you get it online). To read them, go to the producer’s site and find a section called Discounts or Promo. If you can’t find it, send them an email asking for more information.

How to Apply the Code

Mattress brands tend to collaborate with various sites in order to expand their reach. Therefore, you may find a Novosbed Coupon (for instance) on a mattress review site or on an influencer’s Instagram account. They usually have a personalized code that tells the producer the sale happened through that specific .site or social media channel. There are also sites you can check out for promo codes on mattresses, one of them is if you are interested in finding one online. So, you shouldn’t be worried if your code looks different than what you’re used to. Now to use the code and save some money on your brand-new mattress, simply go to the producer’s site. Select the product you want to buy, put it in the shopping cart and start the checkout process. Usually, most sites will ask if you have a coupon right away, but if this doesn’t happen don’t panic. Some producers like to leave the coupon for the very last step, to make sure you are serious about buying the product. Once you find the coupon section, copy and paste the code in the textbox and make sure you follow all the instructions. If the discount is accepted, you should see the new price in the cart. If not, you should get an error message or an explanation as to why it’s not working. Overall, the process is simple and doesn’t require any specialized knowledge from the customer. But if you’re not sure about certain aspects, it’s always best to call the producer’s support line and get more details.