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How to Select a Car Shipping Service



Trusting a company to have your vehicle shipped from one place to another is tough work. If you are worried about the pros and cons of transporting your car, you need to hire a professional auto transport company to reduce the anxiety.

The auto transport company will handle your needs in transporting your vehicle from one place to another. You are free to choose and decide which company you will trust. Moreover, before trusting a company to do your car shipping, you should ask yourself important questions and set your expectations. Your expectations might include car shipping quotes, insurance plans, and a secured and safe delivery, just like you can find on

How much do auto transport service costs?

This question should be the first one on your list. Some companies offer estimation based on the year and model and the distance. But, you should take note that it is just an estimate. If you want more accurate car shipping quotes, the company needs to inspect your vehicle for additional information, and you must learn more about car shipping.


When trying to find the right company for you, do not settle for just one company. Compare costs among several companies who ship cars so you can get the best deal.

Are there any insurance or recovery plans?

Part of the service of an auto transport company is an insurance certification. Do not worry because auto shippers need to have the active license to operate, and they should always carry insurance certification. Although they have insurance, their insurance covers differ from one another and determined by their policies.


You should ask each company what is under the said insurance. Does the policy include theft, loss, and damage?  Likewise, ask if you need to pay a deductible in the event of a situation.

What happens in the event of an accident?

Auto shippers handle accidents differently, and it will be beneficial if you know how they will handle yours if something unexpected happens. Confirm the company’s standard protocol when damage or an accident occurs to the vehicle. Are they going to notify the owner or contact the insurance first?

Is there a door-to-door delivery?


Not all car shipping companies will deliver your car right at your doorstep. Some may require you to pick it up at their local depot. Picking your vehicle at the depot may be less expensive than letting the company deliver it to your door. However, if you will pick your car, you should ask the company regarding the warehousing or storage fees.

What is expected of you as the owner?

As the owner of the vehicle, you should know beforehand what car shipping entails. It includes preparing your vehicle before transport and updating the company with your information in case of an emergency. You should notify your insurance provider of the time, date, duration, and other information about your vehicle when it lands on the auto transportation company’s hands.

The decision to Choose the Right Auto Transport Company is not an easy job. From  considering the car shipping quotes down to the right company you will choose; you must take it to step by step. Considering your budget, note that choosing the best deal among your selected companies and the mode of delivery will have an impact on your expenses. Reach out to companies for free quotes before shipping your vehicle and make sure to get your questions answered before you get going.



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