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How to set up and maintain an ‘f buddy’ – here is the explanation

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How to set up and maintain an ‘f buddy’ – here is the explanation

Fuck buddy relationships keep on becoming trendier nowadays. Every year more and more people want to have no strings attached sex with various partners. A fewer amount of men and women like long-term relationships, which usually leads to marriages and numerous divorces. Therefore, people seek for sex without obligations. That is it. 

I have read plenty of reviews and feedbacks about fuck buddies on various forums and dating platforms. And I have found out one specific advantage of such type of relationship that hundreds of people always mention. The general idea is that you can call a particular girl only when you want to have sex. Not her but you. We will call it fuck buddy relationship. You call her. She comes to your place. You have sex, and then she leaves. No obligations. Already interested? Continue reading to get the details.  

Is such kind of relationship is well-accepted? 

Psychologists call such relationships a notorious trend now. And they explain why. According to the latest investigations, more than 70% of modern females stop waiting for their men at home with dinner. Moreover, they do not really need men at all. Women can perfectly care for themselves. They are independent, and they ideally earn their living.

As a result, women are more interested in having sex without any obligations like marriage or dating. Like us, females have millions of unaccomplished secret sexual desires. And only men can help them come true in no string attached relationships. That is what contemporary society has a great need for. 

Psychologists call such relationships “friends-with-benefits.” They have also recently informed that such a concept has been becoming prevalent since 2017. The society accepts such relationships more and more positively. Millions of people are involved now. It is not just a hookup. It has turned into a lifestyle where both sides correctly understand their roles.  

Where to find a fuck buddy? 

In the modern world there are plenty of ways people use to meet each other. Traditional places like street, bars, restaurants, trains, disco, college, or office still work. Of course, your probable fuck buddy can be a stranger from the nearby café, or she can be your school mate you had history classes with. It does not matter at all. 

Alongside this, many people use the Web, which is more comfortable, more affordable, less time consuming, and absolutely anonymous. Nowadays, there are thousands of real fuck sitesallowing meeting a fuck buddy not only in your neighborhood but everywhere in the world. In Chicago, you have no strings attached relations with Lucy from the nearby shop. And when you are on leave in Paris, you can quickly find Sophia using one of the popular dating sites. 

A fuck buddy relationship can also start after you have had sex with a friend of yours during a drunken birthday party. There are no borders for fuck buddy relationships now. Notwithstanding all the above, such type of relationship also should be worked on. Because you cannot just call a lady after casual sex and tell her like, “Hi, you are my sex buddy. Come to my place – I am going to fuck you.” It rarely works like this. 

How to build friends-with-benefits relations?

When you want to set up a good fuck buddy relationships with a lovely woman, you must always consider her desires and fantasies, and respect her sexuality. In this relationship, everyone can make all secret dreams come true. Both you and your woman must immediately agree on the following: you are just partners for no strings attached sex. That is it. 

No long-term relationships. No emotions. Just freaky sex where everything is possible. You do not go to the movies. You never have dinner together in any public place. You never make love. You meet and fuck! It is a crucial issue. No emotions. No love. No feelings. Just crazy fuck without obligations. 

A genuine fuck buddy relationship, which millions of people like, reminds me of renting a car. You just use it when you need, and then go home without thinking about the consequences. The only thing you must always keep in mind in such relationships is that they never last forever. Therefore, you should thoroughly enjoy them while they continue. One of the most significant advantages of such a relationship is that you and your fuck buddy have the right to stop it whenever you wish without explaining the reason.  

How to maintain strong fuck buddy relations? 

Men should always keep their fuck buddies at arm’s length. Try not to reveal your feelings or personal life. You should always try to maintain mystery in your relationships. 

The optimal quantity of your sex meeting should be thrice a week maximum. When a lady wishes more attention, say you are busy and cannot dedicate all your time to her. Say it once and do not explain your decision. She is not your wife or even girlfriend. She is just a fuck buddy. That is it. Such behavior is the best way to maintain a fuck buddy relationship.

Fuck your woman crazily. Allow her to do everything in sex. Be yourself and let all your secret sexual desires flow out of the cage. That is a real reason why you have met! Let all things in bed happen naturally. 

Only sex must be the center of your relationships. Nothing else. No work issues. No hobbies. No children. No talking about everyday problems. No calls in the evening about your hard life. No commenting her posts on Twitter/Facebook. No sending her flirty private messages. Just crazy sex! It will undoubtedly strengthen and prolong your fuck buddy relationships.

Do not initiate any relationship talks. It is nonsense. Be ready that your fuck buddy will always be trying to convert you to her boyfriend because all girls are continually striving for stability and real emotions. Therefore, you must immediately put an end to such conversations and remind that you are only sex partners. 

When you are together, you must devote yourself to this only woman. Turn on your imagination, follow her body desires, and fuck her in such a way she had never been fucked before. Only in this case, when you fuck buddy is completely satisfied, you will maintain your strong sex relationships, and your girl will not even be thinking about finding sex somewhere else. 

Are there any risks of fuck buddy relationships? 

There is the only but the most significant risk in all relationships that you set up with any other fuck buddy. When you are too emotional in sex, you can fall in love. It concerns both men and women. However, when it comes to feelings, it stops to be fuck buddy relationship. Especially when such feelings are not reciprocated. But both of you agreed to have just no strings attached sex. Therefore, you must always avoid any chances to become a couple with a long-term relationship purpose. 

If you see that your fuck buddy is starting to get too attached to you, you must talk to her about it immediately. Just be calm and tender, and remind her about the primary purpose of your meeting. It is merely about sex. That is it. If she insists on being a couple and you do not need it, the best way out is to leave the woman and find another one. In this case, you are neither a bad nor a selfish person. You just have chosen such a lifestyle for yourself at the moment. And you need to find a fuck buddy who will undoubtedly share your values. That is only about it.

Therefore, if you feel such a risk in your fuck buddy relationships, there are two ways out: talk or leave. There is no third. 


Contemporary society has already turned to the formula or relationships without obligations. Everyone has bored of marriages and divorces. People desire to live and get real pleasure from life and sex. You cannot even imagine how many women are daily looking for casual sex three times a week. They do not need your heart – give them your body and everything you can do in sex. And both of you will be happy while going to your homes apart. 

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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