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How to Start a Coffee Business From Home



Image source Unsplash/ Nathan Dumlao @nate_dumlao

Coffee is a guilty pleasure for almost everybody. It’s so popular that people are willing to pay extra just to savor a cup of hot or iced coffee in the morning, before a meeting, for a date, etc. In fact, coffee is the world’s most popular beverage. There are 400 billion cups of coffee consumed worldwide annually. People can’t actually start their day without it.

It is no wonder why quite a number of coffee shops emerge around the city every now and then. It is a profitable business patronized mostly by adults, but also by teenagers, and the elders. At the same time, start-up businesses are also being recognized in society nowadays. Home-made desserts, refreshments, healthy meals, etc. have begun to earn their spot in the food and beverage industry. Here is an important question: do you want to combine the new business trend with your love for coffee?

Why Sell Coffee?

Coffee is a trusted beverage of the public. They know exactly how it tastes like, and that’s the reason why they crave for it frequently. Investing in it does not involve a very high risk because we all know how much people love coffee. Online coffee selling is cost-effective as well, due to less amount of investment. You will no longer need a physical store, you can just order some materials, make your own recipe of coffee or purchase from a supplier, etc. You can earn much from low expenses.

Preparation Procedure for Online Coffee Selling

If you are already decided on pursuing this new milestone, then let’s do it! No turning back. Now, here are some helpful steps that will guide you in your journey of starting a coffee business. You can read Convergent Coffee – all about Coffee-Machines to know even more,

Determine your target customers

Having a specific category of customers in mind will help you determine buyers’ wants and needs from an online coffee seller. What flavors do they desire to have? What options would they like to choose from? What can be paired with varying kinds of coffee?


Once you know who your consumers are, conduct research on their lifestyle, demographics, preferences, etc. Whatever findings you may get, make sure to apply the data on your business plan. Retain what is opportunistic, relevant, patronized, then rule out what is unnecessary, overlooked, and negative analysis.

Choose what products to include in the menu

The goal is to keep up with the current trend in the food and beverage industry while standing out. Well, what coffee products do you think will address people’s needs? What kind of drinks do they want to drink in the office, at home, when meeting a friend, when having breakfast with their family? The answers to these questions will discover what products you must include in your online menu. To stand out, you will need to offer something new and different from the rest of the others.

Establish your brand

A poor brand image can affect your sales negatively. So, don’t neglect this essential step. Online selling needs a high-quality promotion because there is no other platform to do it, only virtual. In building your brand, you must impose what your coffee is all about. Maybe, you can tell your customers via the brand if your business stands for a strong coffee, available in distinct flavors, or organically sourced.


Develop your brand as something that provides significant value for the consumers. Articulate the specific principles your business has.

Create a website for your business

A website can contain all the information that your business wants to communicate with potential consumers. It will serve as a virtual manual, catalog or brochure where your coffee products can be thoroughly and convincingly described. You can also gather a visitor’s information via a registration form. The gathered data can be used for future follow-ups and business talks.

Select the best suppliers

In starting a coffee business, you need to find the most reliable suppliers that you can seek help from in terms of manpower and practicality. You can outsource not only raw coffee but also the containers, kitchenware, machines, etc that you need to use for mass production. You may also need customized designs of coffee jars or bottles. To save money and time, try visiting for bottle manufacturing and decoration.

Manage your website and other social media accounts

People stay more on social media than any website. Aside from setting up your business website, you can also create business accounts on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On these platforms, you can generate your daily content that aims to capture the viewers’ attention and persuade them to visit your official website where they can see all of your coffee products. You can use social media to your own advantage by marketing your business through visual and written content.

Provide exemplary customer service

Lastly, your customer service literally describes what type of business you have and what kind of owner you are. Usually, being polite and accommodating towards customers result in a stronger seller-buyer relationship, increasing the chances of your business being supported and promoted.


The excellent promotion of your business via social media will most likely take it to places far from your reach. You will be surprised how people from other areas also get to know about the coffee products you have introduced. Remember, your business is online, so use the internet as creatively as possible in order to build your brand and spread the good news about your business. Start that dream business today. Good luck!


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