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How to take a year off from your life



While the concept of a gap year has always been popular for those that are just leaving school, more and more people are taking a year off a little later in life. Whether it’s because you’re worn out and just need a break, you’re looking to find some fresh perspective on the world and your life, or you simply feel that you need a change, a year off is increasingly common.

No matter your reasons, there are ways to make sure that you can achieve the ultimate in work breaks. If you’re feeling drained by the daily toil, or you simply feel that there’s more to life than what you’re doing right now, then here are the ways to make sure that you can enjoy and benefit from a full year off.

Address your reasons

Everyone thinking about taking a year off has their ownreasons for doing so. For some, it will be the need to escape from the responsibilities of their career, while others are simply seeking an adventure to shake up their lives. Consider why it is that you want to take a year off. A little introspection is always therapeutic, and you might find that the problems that you want to escape with your year off might be more easily escapedwith a more practical solution like finding a new job or returning to education.


Have A Plan

Once you have decided to take a year off, you’re going to need to start planning. Depending on the complexities of your life and your responsibilities, this will vary for everyone. Decide exactly what you want to do and what you want your time off to achieve. Do you want to learn a new skill, go explore the world, or justrelax with friends? Once you know what you want to do, the chances are much higher that you will get what you wanted from your gap year.

The People In Your Life

Young people taking a year off between education have the benefit of a lack of responsibility. For older people who want to escape for a year, those responsibilities can be a burden. Make sure that you talk to those closest to you about your plans and why you are planning a year off. For couples or those with children, taking a year off means lifestyle changes. Make sure that those around you are aware of what you’re doing and why. Their support will make your time off much easier.


The Money Issue

Obviously, if you’re taking a year off work,then you’re going to have to address your cash situation at some point. If you have the savings to pay for the costs of your break, then make sure that you don’t overspend and cut yourself short. If savings are non-existent, then it may be worth looking at getting a short-term personal loan from, with options available even for those with bad credit. Money is going to be a factor during your year off, so make sure that you don’t have to cut your break short due to a lack of money in the bank.

Have An Exit Strategy

Hopefully, your year off will give you that fresh perspective that you hoped for. The trick is knowing what to do with that. At some pointyour year off is going to be over, and if you leave it till then to know what to do next, then you’re leaving it too late. Your year off should have a goal, and every day of it should be leading you towards that goal. If you’re returning backto the same business,then make sure that your employer is aware of that, and if you’re trying something entirely new, don’t wait until your year off is over before you start making applications and networking.


Be Flexible

While you will need a plan, remember the value of flexibility. Don’t over plan, and remember that there’s a lot of value to simply going with the flow. If your year off involves travel, then be ready to change destinations at the drop of a hat. Don’t be too rigid. The more flexible you are, the more likely that you will experience something that will make your year off worth it. Structuring too much may end up limiting your experiences and your overall gain from your work break. Although taking a year off when you’re in your mid-20s, 30s, or 40s is increasingly common, it’s not the only way to refresh your life. It’s a challenging way to shake things up, but there are options that areless overwhelming. Short breaks, whether for a weekend or even a month, can be very beneficial as well. For those that need a year to get their heads feeling fresh, remember to plan, andyou could return home after a year with an entirely new mindset that sees you ready to take on the world

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