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How to Use A Monocular – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide!




Since you have searched “How to use a monocular,” this most likely means that you are familiar with the purpose and mechanical/technical aspects of the device. So, let’s skip all those boring details and jump straight to knowing how to use these small yet amazing telescopes considering you have successfully found the best monocular after a lot of research.


How to use a monocular?

Use the dominant eye


In case you have impaired vision, it is vital to use your eye with the superior vision while using a monocular. Hold the monocular close to your eye. Make sure you are using the hand on the same side of your dominant eye. This is a useful monocular using tip even when you have normal vision.

If you are not certain about which eye is the dominant one, there are several tests you can take to find it out. Also, various articles are available on the internet which can determine your dominant eye.


No problem with glasses


If you are a regular spectacle user and want to use a monocular, you better put those glasses on. Press the monocular gently against your glasses as you peek into it. To help aid the field of your view, you can fold down the rubber end.

14mm of eye relief in a monocular is a great choice if you wear glasses. It’s because you can hold the monocular minimum 14mm away from your eye and yet see clearly through it. The eye relief size will be clearly stated on the monocular storage box or on the manufacturer’s website.


How to hold the device?


Method 1: Place the monocular onto your eye.


At the same time grip the barrel close to the lens near you (ocular lens). The lens has to be as close as possible to the eye without touching it. To maintain focus, close the other eye and to make the monocular steady, rest the forefinger against your brow. To keep your arm still, place your elbow against your body.


Other ways to steady the monocular


  • Hold your wrist still with the other hand
  • Provide a balanced anchor for the lens by laying on your stomach and resting elbows on the ground.
  • Not touching any one of the lenses on the scope.


Adjust your focus

you can adjust some monocular by rotating the ridged dial by one finger. Other monoculars need both hands to be adjusted. Rotate the dial in another direction if the view becomes blurry when you rotate it in one direction.


Method 2: Track and trace with your monocular


Locate the object


Position your eyes and feet straight at the desired object. Before looking through the monocular, look at the object. This makes it easier to find the object once you see through the monocular.

Move your head with the target: if your target is moving, follow the target with your vision. Slowly move your body with the target if it moves to a great distance. You can lose track of your target if you move abruptly.

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Refocus: as your target might move across near and far distances, you will have to refocus your lenses. You can practice this focusing activity by changing focus on a ball rolling back and forth to learn this skill fast.


Refrain from moving: when you have the monocular pressed against your eye, it is not wise to move around. This is because the monocular only shows objects far away and not the ones close to you. So if you use it during activities like walking, running, driving or paddling, you may trip or injure yourself by a nearby object. It’s best to turn your body to keep an eye on a moving target.


Advanced monocular cues: to understand the position of your target better


“Monocular cues” mean what one of our eyes interpret while the other is closed. They essentially help us to know the actual physical distance i.e. how far/near our target is from us. Here is a set of different points to help you focus better on your monocular:


Large and small: even when two objects of different sizes are placed at the same point, the larger target will appear closer than the smaller one


Familiarity with the size: if you are well aware of the shape/size of the object, you can assess better about how near/far the other objects are from you in the scene.


Comparative size: when two targets are of the same size, the larger target appears much closer to you.


Aerial view: if there are multiple targets at the scene, the ones farther away from you seem blurry or hazy.


Linear view: with two targets positioned parallel to each other, as the targets come closer to one another, the distance of the target from your position increases.


Overlapping or interposition: between two overlapping targets, the one that partially blocks the view of the other target seems to be closer.

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Parallax motion: while moving with multiple targets, the nearer one moves much rapidly with you than the others.


Light and shadow: not properly visible or shaded targets seem farther than bright ones


Distortion of texture elements: consider watching a bird with beautiful feathers with colorful spots. As it moves farther from the original point you noticed it at, the vibrant spots become less visible.



Some things to keep in mind for a monocular user:

  • Initially practice focusing on still objects before moving on to targets in motion.


  • The magnification of your monocular is inversely proportional to its field of focus. It might also be more critical to stabilize.


  • Don’t touch the monocular’s lenses as your fingers can leave marks and blur your vision.


  • It’s essential to keep monocular in its case after use as the lens is delicate. Permanent scratches can appear if kept outside. Debris on the lens has to be removed very gently to avoid unwanted scratch formations.


Points to consider while using a night vision/infrared monocular:


  • Never look directly into the infrared light! Your night vision monocular consists of an almost invisible infrared light. Staring right into it can harm or even worse, impair your vision for ever.


  • Using your IR monocular in intense bright light conditions can gradually damage its image intensifier.


  • Always consider covering the lens with its cover whenever you are not using it.


  • If you come across dark/bright spots on the image intensifier tube of your monocular, Don’t panic. It’s a very common issue.


Taking Care of your Monocular


It is essential to take care of your monocular if you want to guarantee its long term and accurate use. Compared to other telescopic equipment, monoculars are easy to take care of. But proper handling, storing and cleaning is mandatory. Go through your instructions manual thoroughly and learn about the basics of lens technology


Use straps: your monocular can come with a strap with itself or you can buy this essential accessory on your own. Either way, keep the strap wrapped around your wrist or neck. This reduces the monocular’s chance of dropping and breaking. This precaution is significant if you are riding on a boat or around water as the monocular can accidentally fall and sink.


Lens caps: you MUST have the lens cap on place whenever you are not using the monocular. That way, the lens will be protected from debris, dust or water.


Wipe that lens! If you don’t clean your monocular’s lens for a while, your view will be obstructed or blurry. Eyeglass wipes are available and you can use them to clean up the lens. You can also use a can of compressed air to blow away any speck of dust or sand particles sitting on the lens. Even though they appear mild, window cleaners, toilet tissue or paper are too harsh for the monocular’s delicate lens and using them creates micro scratches instead. It’s best to avoid them. Sometimes we are lazy to fetch a wipe and choose to clean the lens with our t-shirts instead. In this case, the T shirt will leave streaks on the lens if you used fabric softener to do your laundry.




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Be Vigilant: WorldRemit issues statement on fraudulent money-doubling scheme in Ghana



WorldRemit has issued a statement following a warning from the Bank of Ghana for the general public to be wary of a money-doubling scheme operating in Ghana under the pseudo name “Worldremit”, saying, the scheme is fraudulent and does not reward investors as promised.

The Central Bank made it clear that, this fraudulent scheme is distinct from the globally renowned Fintech, “WorldRemit” which is in the business of international fund transfers.  WorldRemit has since issued an official  statement on its website concerning the matter, as follows:

Dear WorldRemit partner,

We’re aware of recent fraudulent attempts to impersonate our brand online in Ghana – using our name or pseudonyms like Worldremit or World Remit.

We aim to be ever-vigilant in our approach to cybersecurity and fraud prevention measures, and do our best to shut down these sorts of attempts when we see them. The reality is that there are many fraudsters on the lookout to scam customers out of their money or personal details. This is not unique to us, but is a very common tactic used by unscrupulous people who target our industry.

Ways we minimise the impact of fraudsters:

1. Educate our customers on security measures, including our most recently published Security Guide, which you can find online here:
2. Report and remove fraudulent accounts that are active on the various social media sites where we operate
3. Only ever use secure connections through our website and app, which use a bespoke, in-house machine learning model to protect against fraud
4. Utilise a bounty programme which pays white hat hackers to find vulnerabilities in our system to then be patched and secured immediately
5. Implement next generation antivirus to keep our system secure from any fraudulent attempts to access our systems internally
6. Adhering to PCIDSS compliance to protect all cardholder data

As always, we seek to keep our customers safe from all online scams where our service is concerned. Some simple steps we would urge our audience in Ghana to adhere to are:

  1. Check that they are visiting our official website (you will see a secure lock pad in the browser window next to our URL).
  2. Check that you are downloading our official WorldRemit app before making any transactions. We will never ask for your personal details over our social media sites in a public forum, such as full name, address or bank details. We take your safety very seriously and request that if you do see any instances of people acting fraudulently that you join us in reporting them on whichever channel they appear.

Thank you for your help in this matter,

Your WorldRemit team


WorldRemit is a cross-border digital payments service that provides international money transfer and remittance services in more than 130 countries and over 70 currencies. It was founded in 2010 by Ismail Ahmed, Catherine Wines, and Richard Igoe.

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Baileys Delight marks World Liqueur Day in Lush Style



Baileys Delight, a light and lush cream liquor with a taste of African honey with rich dairy cream, has commemorated this year’s World Liqueur Day in a playful and indulgent way.


The first of its kind to be celebrated in Ghana, World Liqueur Day is set aside to celebrate and appreciate the plethora of liqueurs across the world.


As part of the celebrations, Baileys Delight popped up in town to share the delightful experience with its patrons by gifting them a delightful box containing items such as  Baileys Delight infused chocolate bar, a branded glass and a bottle of Baileys Delight — right from the heart of Baileys.


To reiterate the celebratory moment and leave a lasting impression, the gifting came with a customized festive balloon. The goal of the gifting is to share a delightful experience with Ghanaians and rekindle the light taste of Indulgence in their lives.


Some of the patrons who benefitted from this gifting spree include Tiktok stars Wesley Kesse and Say Logan.  Others include media icon Chrystral Karyee, Nana Made in China, Asantewaa Neizer, Gisela Amponsah, Akosua Win, and a host of other inspiring figures. Beneficiaries were also delighted about the message of responsible drinking and urged that others explore the platform for more.


Baileys Delight remains the delectable offering of choice from the makers of Baileys Original Irish cream, and offers a flawless fusion of Cream Liqueur with an African twist to present a perfectly silky, smooth, and delicious treat. Baileys Delight is invitingly charming.


The deliciously light cream liquor ingredients are a product of meticulous craftsmanship, innovation, and delicious trendsetting that Guinness Ghana is renowned for.

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Top YouTube Analytics Essential to Grow Your Channel



Having a successful channel is more than growing views and subscribers. There are a lot of factors that come into play when analyzing your channel’s growth. In addition to view and subscriber count, strategizing with more metrics in mind provides the transparency you need to grow your channel.

It can feel overwhelming and like a foreign language, but Promolta has broken down the analytics you need to watch to create more successful videos and in turn, grow your channel!

1. Pay Attention to Impressions

Impressions are the number of times your video’s thumbnail appeared on a user’s screen. This is a great metric to see how visible your videos are on the platform and where users are more likely to see them.

To dig a little deeper, the impression click-through rate shows the number of people who clicked on your video from just seeing your thumbnail. This helps you determine which thumbnails and titles work for pulling in views. And not just views, comparing this metric with average view duration lets you see how long people watch your video. Having a high impression click-through rate and high average view duration means users are responding well to your thumbnail and title and are interested in your content.

2. Keep Up with Watch Times

It’s just as important to keep track of views as it is to keep track of watch times. Watch time is the number of minutes your viewers have spent watching your content. Identifying which videos gain the most watch time can help you determine what content your audience prefers. This metric is key to gain more visibility as the YouTube algorithm pushes videos with high watch times and engagement.

3. Examine your Audience Retention

Similar to average view duration, audience retention shows how long your viewers are watching and when they stop. It also shows specific times in the video that your viewers engaged with most. This metric allows you to break down your video second by second and discover key moments that pulled in your viewers. This is useful information to keep in mind when you create your videos.

4. Identify Your Traffic Sources

Identifying where you pull in your viewers from is important to help you bring in more. Traffic sources are where on YouTube your viewers click on your videos and what external sites they come from. Keeping track of your traffic sources can help you strategize marketing for those top sources and bring in more viewers.

5. Learn Where Your Videos Are Being Shared

Similar to traffic sources, you want to know where your videos are being shared. Looking at the sharing service metric lets you see what social media sites your video is being shared to and where your video is being embedded. This is essential to create more shareable content for your viewers, pull in more views from external sources to grow your channel.

6. Discover What Devices Your Viewers Uses

What device your viewers are using can influence what videos they watch. Looking at the device type metric will show you where most of your views come from. Mobile users might be more inclined to watch shorter content while computer users might apt for longer videos and playlists. With this data, you can optimize your content for the device type most viewers use and pull in more engagement.

7. Study Your Card Click-Through Rates

Card click-through rates measure the percentage of viewers who click on your cards. It can also show which type of cards your viewers prefer. Analyzing this metric can guide you to identify your most engaging cards and even the best timing and placement. You can use this data to implement engaging cards into all your videos helping bring in more views and subscribers.

Learning about your viewers is vital to learning how to keep your viewers and gain more. While there is a litany of metrics available, these core analytics are always relevant no matter how big your following grows.

We hope you enjoyed this blog.


If you are interested to get your YouTube channel and videos discovered by A LOT more fans, then start your campaign on now. We will distribute your video on blogs, games, apps, and websites. Over 100,000 paying customers have used since 2012 and we would love to help you get noticed.

Still not sure? We have successfully promoted videos from Sony, Disney, Universal, Ted Talk, HP, AWS, Monster Energy Drink, Eminem, Young Buck, Gucci Mane, and Katy Perry. Thus, with your videos will get seen and discovered by a lot more fans.

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H.E Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, H.E Paul Kagame To Grace YouthConnekt Africa Summit



The Government of the Republic of Ghana, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Youth Authority, in partnership with the YouthConnekt Africa Hub and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), will host the 2021 YouthConnekt Africa Summit.

The Summit, which will be held from Wednesday, 20th October to Friday, 22nd October 2021, is based on the theme: “Africa Beyond Aid: Positioning The Youth for The Post COVID Economy and AfCFTA Opportunities.”

This will help highlight coordinated trade and job creation policies and ignite a conversation on social investment in African Youth.

As a hybrid event, the summit will take place at the Accra International Conference Centre and Online.

The 2021 YouthConnekt Africa Summit will provide a platform for all partners involved in youth development to strategize around policies, programs and partnerships that position African youth to cater for the AfCFTA and advance regional integration.

The summit will also positively impact the creative industry through skills development, sports, tourism and the digital economy.

The President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame and other keynote speakers with experience in entrepreneurship and trade will be speaking at the Summit.

Other noted speakers include the Minister for Youth and Sports in Ghana, Hon. Mustapha Ussif, the Minister for Youth and Culture in Rwanda, Hon. RoseMary Mbawazi and Ahunna Eziakonwa, the UNDP Assitant Administrator and Director, Regional Bureau for Africa.

The 2021 YouthConnekt Africa Summit will offer, over the three days, a combination of informative, high-level plenaries, panel discussions, keynote speeches, small group workshops, research presentation and off-site activities.


Further details can be found via:

About The YouthConnekt Africa Summit:

The YouthConnekt Africa Summit is an annual convening that connects youth from across the continent and beyond with policy influencers, political leaders, public/private and development sector institutions to engage, discuss, design, and accelerate youth empowerment efforts at the continent level.

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The Tropical Fiesta 2 Artist Line Up is crazy !!!



Wait Wait Wait , it’s been almost 2 years since we seen a line up like this .What ? Not since COVID.
Friday evening Akwaboah, Efya, Adina, Kwabena Kwabena perform at the Verve Cliquot garden party with the YWF Band .

Later that night D-Black the enjoyment minister hosts guests from the Uk, South Africa, 10 djs & mc’s at the Bleu Me Away Rave.

On Saturday morning, there’s a celerity soccer gala , snooker and spar tournament, volley ball contest for the ladies and gold lessons before the All White Exclusive Boat Party hosted by socialite, artist, entrepreneur Mona 4Real, South African reality tv stars Faith Nketsi and Lady Kim, Ace entertainer Segos Pumpkin from South African & Belgian Model Shallie on the New Dodi Princess Boat.

The Tropical Traffic pool concert with Mr. Drew, Sefa, Kofi Jamar, Mona 4 Real, Dope Nation, Mz Vee, SWADU (Seirra Leone), Segos Pumpkin (SA), Dj Neptune (Nigeria), Quamina MP + more jamming on stage happens right after to climax an epic day.

On Sunday 4Syte tv hosts the biggest pool
Party yet at the Royal Senchi at 2pm before Stonebwoy, D-Black & Medial finish us off at the Black Out Rave that same night as we rave till the am.

Patrons will be treated to 10 exclusive parties all weekend , jam with the Young , Wild & Free band all weekend and also vote which of their favourite legendary highlife acts they want to see on Monday’s brunch before they leave back to their homes.

Tropical Fiesta is a 4 day 3 night fun get away music & lifestyle festival experience brought to you by Livewire Events and supported by Club Onyx, Yfm, 4Syte Tv, Event Factory, 3 Music, Oasis Lounge, Muse Africa, Belaire, Verve Cliqout & Hennessy.

This year’s edition dubbed Tropical Fiesta 2, 4 Days and 3 nights away from it all happens at the Royal Senchi, Akosombo from the 5th – 8th of November 2021.

The 8am aerobics class by the pool , the cigar lounge and vendor market place are perks to look out for at this years Tropical Fiesta happening from 5-8 November at the Royal Senchi.
Get your packages or tickets now at or for
Info / Reservations : +233 55 453 1243 | +233 54 381 1852 | +233 20 757 6743

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Get stylish with the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i with long lasting battery and immersive noise cancellation



Complete with High quality sound, long lasting battery topped off with Immersive noise cancellation


Are you looking for a pair of new wireless earphones with high quality sound, super long battery life, impressive active noise cancellation, fast charging, and one that comes with a chic design? Huawei has exactly what your heart desires – the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i earphones with high quality sound, longest battery life and active noise cancellation.



Listen to your music with high quality sound

Huawei’s earphones are designed for the young, active city dwellers who enjoy listening to their music a bit more than everyone else does. Speaking of music, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i comes with a 10mm dynamic driver with well-balanced performance, ensuring sharp sound and high quality no matter the kind of audio. The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i are expertly tuned for music, they subtly balance instrumental and vocal audio frequencies making these pair a great companion for all sorts of music lovers.


Rapid charging with long battery life

What is the point of wireless earphones if they cannot be charged swiftly or if their batteries run out of power every now and then? Another problem avoided with the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i, more charging speeds equals more operational time. The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i can offer 10 hours of continuous music playback or 6.5 hours of voice call on a full charge. Together with the charging case, it could achieve up to 22 hours of music playback or 14 hours of voice call. Moreover, these earphones can provide 4 hours of audio playback with just a quick 10-minutes coffee break charge. Additionally, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i supports fast charging to address any concerns about low battery. Thanks to its fast-charge and impressive battery life, you no longer need to worry about the battery level when you are out or rush back home just to charge your earphones.


Isolate yourself from unwanted noise

Listening to your favourite tunes when in noisy places could be a challenge, we know. Or, talking to your superior over the phone when in crowded areas can also be difficult sometimes, thankfully the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i addresses these issues. The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i actively cancels out noise to provide you with immersive audio, regardless of where you are. Moreover, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i comes with an Awareness mode to stay aware of your surroundings and communicate clearly with those around you without having to take off the earphones.

Your calls are also clear, thanks to the multiple technologies used by the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i including the emission of “inverted soundwave”, supported by two external microphones for accurate sound pickup. It also comes with a unique anti-wind design, which can effectively improve wind noise cancellation for greater call clarity.


A chic and dapper design

Since you are probably going to be wearing earphones a lot, you do not only need them to provide you with high quality sound but you also need them to be sleek and stylish. The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i comes in three colourways: Ceramic White, Carbon Black and Red, they are also lightweight fitting the ear canal and ultimately making them comfortable to wear all-day long.



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Watching gossip makes playing online a much more enjoyable experience. A good show can certainly improve any immersion. The bitcoin casino scene has exceptional games available for you to play while watching your shows. Crypto casino is a great way to mix gaming, and gossip, as you can watch all your shows, and it will be an enjoyable experience.