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How to Use Wall Decals to Add Personality to the Kids Room?



Have you ever tried to add some decals to your kids’ room? Parents want to decorate the room so it may have a certain personality. Usually, a kid’s room will be decorated with things they like, no matter the theme. So in order to beautify the room, parents need to know what their kids want first.

Some kids love dinosaurs, while some love cartoon characters. Kids will always have a colorful set of options in their minds, and in order to turn this into reality, parents don’t always need to spend much budget and energy to change everything. With some decals from Happy Decal, they can turn a bland kid’s room into something more special and personal to them.

The simplest form of wall decals is stickers, and yes, kids really love those. Stickers can be a nice way to decorate the walls in your kid’s room. Since they are completely removable, you don’t have to worry about scratching or breaking the walls. Feel free to mix and match the stickers within the same theme. It’s even better to do it with your kids, so they can also enjoy the fun!

Picking A Theme

Since there are so many types of wall decals to choose from, parents might feel overwhelmed. Although it looks hard to start, things will become easier when you know this one thing: the theme. Yes, the theme will determine the decals you may choose later.


Parents usually use this special moment to bond more with their kids and know what their kids actually like. Learning about it could enhance the parents-and-kids relationship in the future. A great example is children’s wall decals in Australia.

Now, if you don’t know what kind of theme there is, here are a few examples:

Space Odyssey Wall Decals

Let out the feeling of freedom by exploring dark and mysterious outer space! Many kids do love space stuff. Planets, stars, or even unidentified things are always intriguing.

You may use the dark areas of the room to be the space where you put the space stickers. Planets like Saturn and Jupiter will look fascinating, especially if they’re glow-in-the-dark stickers. Make the experience a lot more interesting by adding the stars backdrop.


Dino Park Stickers

In order to make the Jurassic Park-like theme, you may start by adding tree wall decal stickers to create the “environment.” Use these as the backdrop, then add the dinosaur stickers in front of them. You can select herbivore and carnivore types of dinosaurs to increase the kids’ knowledge about them.

Jungle Theme Wall Decals

You can also make the room look more natural with the jungle theme. Like the Dino theme above, you may start by applying the tree stickers on the wall. Add some animals, later on, starting from the big to the smaller ones.

Cartoon or Anime Decals

The world of cartoons and anime is indeed interesting. Not only kids but adults have a love for them as well. Decorating the room with a cartoon theme is really personal to the kids’ taste. So, ask about their favorite shows or series beforehand to know which they love the most. Besides adding the stickers, you may also decorate the space with action figures,posters, or stuffed animals.

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