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Huawei Introduces HUAWEI P30 Lite, perfect smartphone for selfies



Positioned as the stylish flagship line-up, the HUAWEI P Series recently welcomed a new entry to the family. Exuding the same classy design, the HUAWEI P30 Lite is a real treat to the eyes. But it’s far from being just a charmer; powered by Huawei’s innovative technologies including a triple-camera system, HUAWEI P30 Lite delivers a highly compelling user experience as well.

AI also plays a role in the rear camera system to tactfully manipulate light and shadows to produce absolutely gorgeous masterpieces, while the 32MP AI Selfie Superstar front camera lets even amateur photographers capture frame-worthy, poster-quality selfies.


A Marriage of Art and Technology

Since its inception, the HUAWEI P Series has always been about driving one message to consumers: A smartphone can be beautifully crafted, lightweight, while simultaneously provide an outstanding photography experience. An expression of the DNA of the HUAWEI P Series, HUAWEI P30 Lite brings technology and art together to deliver a photography experience that rivals even DSLR cameras, without needing the assistance of external accessories.

The Much-Anticipated Huawei P30 Series Is Now Available In Ghana

One of the most exciting features of the HUAWEI P30 Lite is its 32MP AI Selfie Superstar Camera. With a HUAWEI P30 Lite in hand, consumers command a professional team of virtual stylists, comprising makeup artists, gaffers and photographers, who will follow them wherever they go. Raise the HUAWEI P30 Lite, and they can take studio-quality images with a tap of a button. From chiseledjawlines, bright eyes to tall noses, every selfie looks better with HUAWEI P30 Lite’s 32MP selfie camera. Details are not lost regardless of magnification—anyone can look like a star through the lens of the latest HUAWEI P30 Lite smartphone.


The HUAWEI P30 Lite is equipped with a triple camera system that includes an ultra-wide angle lens plus main and secondary cameras. The main camera is a 24MP camera with a f/1.8 wide aperture lens that allows for greater light sensitivity. The third, ultra-wide angle 8MP camera supports a field of view of up to 120 degrees—twice of that of conventional cameras—allowing users to capture clearer photos and do so with a wider perspective. For less favorable lighting conditions such as when there is too much or too little light, or when the light source is illuminating the subject from the back, users make take advantage of Super Night Mode, which automatically adjusts the settings to compensate for the suboptimal lighting. With it, users can chronicle their lives with their smartphones at any time of the day.


An Exquisite Look

The elegant design of the HUAWEI P30 Lite represents Huawei’s commitment to understanding aesthetics. Every minute detail is meticulously engineered to perfection, and every facet is a reflection of the HUAWEI P30 Lite’s understated, but absolute confidence. It is equipped with a 6.15-inch Dewdrop display. The unobtrusive, miniaturized notch gives the display a massive 84.1 percent screen-to-body ratio, and lets it naturally connect with the frame to form perfectly rounded edges that make caressingthe device a true pleasure.

Huawei P30 Series Officially Launched

HUAWEI P30 Lite also adopts a next-generation color manufacturing process. The gradient effect now gets a new mesmerizing sheen, making the device closer to an actual piece of art than ever before. Available in Midnight Black, Pearl White and Peacock Blue, HUAWEI P30 Lite offers a choice of three colorways what invokes imagination of its users. Stunningly unique, the HUAWEI P30 Lite is a category of its own, representing best-in-class industrial design.


Powerful Software and Hardware to Deliver Stress-Free Gaming and Entertainment

Underneath its beautiful appearance, the HUAWEI P30 Lite is equipped with powerful hardware and software. In terms of hardware, it features the Kirin 710 system on a chip and a massive 128GB storage device. As for software, the device runs on the EMUI 9.0.1 operating system. Combined, they ensure the smoothest, smartest user experience for any scenario.


Today’s youth are more dynamic than any of the generations that come before them. Aimed at catering to this audience, HUAWEI P30 Lite offers a novel AI Video Ringtone feature. With it, users may set videos, as opposed to just audio, as their ringtones. It supports a range of formats, including short clips downloaded from the popular app Tik Tok.


In view of the rise of mobile gaming, HUAWEI P30 Lite also features an upgraded version of GPU Turbo. This groundbreaking innovation greatly enhances GPU performance while simultaneously lowering the power consumption of games. This means users can game with better, smoother graphics and for longer periods of time between charges.


HUAWEI P30 Lite is Huawei’s third foray into triple-camera smartphones, following the HUAWEI P20 Pro and the HUAWEI Mate 20 Series. Featuring innovative AI technology, premium design and powerful performance, the HUAWEI P30 Lite is a worthy new addition to the HUAWEI P Series. Huawei’s P30 Lite is currently selling at 1399ghc, in authorized shops across the country.