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Huawei Mobile Services hosts developer training workshop showcasing app revenue generating methods



Huawei Mobile Services recently hosted its latest developer workshop, highlighting to app developers what they can do to generate even more revenue from their apps.

This was in the form of training on two HMS Core integration kits, which provide developers with key services and functions for their apps, as well as ensure they function optimally on Huawei devices.

The first kit showcased was the HMS Core In-App Purchases Kit, which makes it easier for app users to make payments and hence boosts the number of in-app transactions for the app developer. Multiple payment methods are included in the kit, and payments are completely secure, with no chance of personal data being compromised. More information on this kit can be found by clicking here.

The second kit trained on was the HMS Core Ads Kit, which serves high-quality, personalised and relevant adverts in-app. Five types of ads are included in the kit and integrating this kit helps developers work seamlessly with third-party advertising and tracking platforms while protecting user privacy. More information on this kit can be found by clicking here.


A mobile-first continent

Two guest speakers also shared insights, including app development trends to take note of and an app case study.

Toby Shapshak, editor-in-chief of Stuff Magazine, gave an overview of the African tech space, and touched on some things that app developers need to keep in mind. He revealed that, on average, people in South Africa only download five apps onto their phone, as they don’t have space for any more, as the device is being used for everything in their lives. “If you’re going to have an app, you’ve got to be something that people truly want, that is truly meaningful and life changing for them … That’s the killer thing that people have to look at, ‘how can my app be more useful’,” he commented.

“You should be thinking about payments. If you’re doing any kind of app, you should be thinking about chat and you should be thinking about payments,” he added.

The second guest speaker, Bennette Molepo shared an app case study of his app, Droppa. This delivery app won an Honourable Mention Award in the Middle East and Africa region in this year’s Huawei Apps UP competition. No matter the size of the package needing couriering, including furniture and home moving services, Droppa is fast becoming the go-to app. Molepo encourages every app developer to integrate with the HMS ecosystem, through the various kits, as well as enter the competitions that Huawei has on offer.


Continuing to show its commitment and contributions to skills development in the African technology space, the training workshop was live streamed from the Huawei DIGIX Lab in Johannesburg. This hub, created especially for app developers, is a space where they can come to receive tech support for their creations, use tech resources including smartphones and laptops, network and idea share with other like-minded and talented individuals.

If you missed the training and would like to watch it, you can click here.

To find out more about the various HMS Core integration kits on offer, or more information about what Huawei Mobile Services can offer you as a developer, click here.

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