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Huawei Mobile Services hosts developer training workshop showcasing app revenue generating methods



Training workshop1

Huawei Mobile Services recently hosted its latest developer workshop, highlighting to app developers what they can do to generate even more revenue from their apps.

This was in the form of training on two HMS Core integration kits, which provide developers with key services and functions for their apps, as well as ensure they function optimally on Huawei devices.

The first kit showcased was the HMS Core In-App Purchases Kit, which makes it easier for app users to make payments and hence boosts the number of in-app transactions for the app developer. Multiple payment methods are included in the kit, and payments are completely secure, with no chance of personal data being compromised. More information on this kit can be found by clicking here.

The second kit trained on was the HMS Core Ads Kit, which serves high-quality, personalised and relevant adverts in-app. Five types of ads are included in the kit and integrating this kit helps developers work seamlessly with third-party advertising and tracking platforms while protecting user privacy. More information on this kit can be found by clicking here.

A mobile-first continent

Two guest speakers also shared insights, including app development trends to take note of and an app case study.

Toby Shapshak, editor-in-chief of Stuff Magazine, gave an overview of the African tech space, and touched on some things that app developers need to keep in mind. He revealed that, on average, people in South Africa only download five apps onto their phone, as they don’t have space for any more, as the device is being used for everything in their lives. “If you’re going to have an app, you’ve got to be something that people truly want, that is truly meaningful and life changing for them … That’s the killer thing that people have to look at, ‘how can my app be more useful’,” he commented.

“You should be thinking about payments. If you’re doing any kind of app, you should be thinking about chat and you should be thinking about payments,” he added. DIGIX Lab

The second guest speaker, Bennette Molepo shared an app case study of his app, Droppa. This delivery app won an Honourable Mention Award in the Middle East and Africa region in this year’s Huawei Apps UP competition. No matter the size of the package needing couriering, including furniture and home moving services, Droppa is fast becoming the go-to app. Molepo encourages every app developer to integrate with the HMS ecosystem, through the various kits, as well as enter the competitions that Huawei has on offer.

Continuing to show its commitment and contributions to skills development in the African technology space, the training workshop was live streamed from the Huawei DIGIX Lab in Johannesburg. This hub, created especially for app developers, is a space where they can come to receive tech support for their creations, use tech resources including smartphones and laptops, network and idea share with other like-minded and talented individuals.

If you missed the training and would like to watch it, you can click here.

To find out more about the various HMS Core integration kits on offer, or more information about what Huawei Mobile Services can offer you as a developer, click here.


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Trippie Redd’s Mansion Musik Mixtape Debuts At #1 On Billboard’s Rap Albums Chart



Trippie Redd’s Mansion Musik Mixtape Debuts At #1 On Billboard’s Rap Albums Chart

Multi-platinum hip-hop heavyweight, Trippie Redd, continues his reign with the first week debut of his mixtape Mansion Musik. The fan-focused surprise drop made a statement, coming in at #1 on Billboard’s Rap Albums Chart and #2 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart. It also debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 Chart marking Trippie’s seventh consecutive Top 5 debut on the list. Additionally, the project saw 7 songs debut on the US Spotify Chart bringing Trippie’s total career entries to 143 songs – the 6th most of any artist.


At 25 tracks, Mansion Musik arrived as a gift to fans while Trippie finishes up A Love Letter To You 5. Upon its surprise announcement, the anticipation for its arrival exploded with fans expressing their excitement – many commenting on Trippie’s ability to corral some of hip-hop’s biggest players. When the mixtape dropped only days later, it landed the #1 spot on Spotify’s coveted New Music Friday playlist, zoomed to #1 on the iTunes and Apple Music Albums Charts and was hailed by the likes of Billboard, Rolling Stone, Complex and XXL.


An ode to Chief Keef’s 2018 Mansion Musick mixtape, the project features Keef as executive producer, as well as a featured artist on tracks “ATLANTIS” and “ROCK OUT.” Beyond that, Trippie Redd continues to push the boundaries on Mansion Musik, bringing together a collection of artists like never before from hard hitting collaborations like “FULLY LOADED” feat. FUTURE & Lil Baby to teaming up with longtime collaborator and friend JuiceWRLD on “KNIGHT CRAWLER.” See the full tracklisting below.



  2. ATLANTIS (feat. Chief Keef)
  3. PSYCHO (feat. Future)
  4. FULLY LOADED (feat. Future & Lil Baby)
  5. KNIGHT CRAWLER (feat. JuiceWRLD)
  7. DARK BROTHERHOOD (feat. Lil Baby)
  9. KRZY TRAIN (feat. Travis Scott)
  10. MUSCLES (feat. Lil Durk)
  11. GOODFELLAS (feat. Nardo Wick)
  13. HIGH HOPES (feat. BIG30)
  14. DIE DIE (feat. LUCKI)
  15. WHO ELSE! (feat. Rich The Kid)
  16. BIGGEST BIRD (feat. Summrs)
  17. HIDEOUT (feat. Fijimacintosh)
  18. WITCHCRAFT (feat. Rylo Rodriguez)
  19. TOILET WATER (feat. Ski Mask The Slump God)
  20. PURE (feat. G Herbo)
  21. ROCK OUT (feat. Chief Keef)
  22. ARMAGEDDON (feat. Rob 49)
  23. NUN (feat. DaBaby)
  24. SWAG LIKE OHIO PT. 2 (feat. Lil B)
  25. COLORS (feat. Kodak Black)
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Maximizing Profits From Playing Crash Games in Crypto Casinos



Picture 1 33
(Unsplash, Alexander Grey)

The idea of playing any casino game is for fun and to make money while at it. When it comes to casino games, there are many games you can play; some are pure games of chance, while others require certain skills. Whichever type of game you choose, you can make a lot of profit.

Our attention today was drawn to crash games for their insane profitability. In a crash game, you can bag a massive profit as it comes with several multipliers that can boost your profit. A crash casino doesn’t even have a limit on how high these multipliers can go, which allows you to win big. Keep reading to learn more about how to be profitable by playing crash games.

What is crash gambling?

When you think about crash gambling, what first comes to mind is forex trading, where you buy and sell stock. However, the crash game is quite different but fast-paced. The gameplay of the crash game is quite straightforward and very engaging.

The game’s concept is such that a crash casino gives punters a period to place bets. After the betting period has elapsed, the odds start to grow till the growth vector randomly crashes. As such, players must cash out before the multiplier stops if they want to win.

How to maximize profit by playing crash games?

Whether you’re a new punter to the crash casino game or an enthusiast player, making a profit is the ultimate goal. Unlike other casino games, a crash game is purely a game of luck. As such, there’s no skill needed to predict when the game will “crash.” While the crash games are completely random, that doesn’t mean there aren’t strategies you can use to make them profitable. Below are a few strategies you can use at a crash casino to be profitable in the game.

●     Start with small bets

The first trick you can use to profit in a crash casino is to start with small bets. Since you don’t have an endless bankroll, starting with small bets is important. Placing small bets at the beginning of the game gives you a feel of how the game performs. After a series of sessions, you can tell an average number of the game often crashes above. So, even if you may lose at the beginning because you’re still trying to get acquitted with the game, you will win more in the long run, especially if you increase your bet size later on in the game.

●     Automate your bets

Another thing you can do to make more profit in a crash casino is to use the automated betting option. Most crash games come with this option which allows you to place a set amount of bet and cash out at a set value every time. This option will continually place bets for you if you have funds in your account. So all you have to do is sit tight and watch the gameplay while you count the profits. But one thing you should remember when using this automated betting option is to keep your bet amount small.

●     Use a licensed casino

Any crash casino you use must be licensed. Nothing is as frustrating as playing with real money at a casino and winning big but being unable to withdraw your funds or the winnings. This problem is very common with unlicensed casinos. Casinos that aren’t licensed are often shady and tweak their games, so players lose often. As such, you must do due diligence to research the casino’s license where you decide to play the crash game. Ensure the casino is licensed by a reputable licensing body and audited for fairness by independent bodies.

●     Use professional strategies

Finally, there are professional playing strategies you can apply in crash games that will give you an edge to make a profit. Especially if you’re a high roller, you must familiarize yourself with these playing strategies to help improve your chance of success. These strategies include the likes of Labouchere, D’Alembert, Fibonacci, and Martingale, amongst others. These strategies work by varying your bet amount based on the outcome of each game session such that you make the most profit.

Playing at a crypto crash casino is a great way to save time, have fun, and make some money. Even though it’s an exhilarating game of chance, you can still make it profitable. By using the strategies in this guide, you will improve your chance of making a profit.

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The Original UnBraider Is Making Trends And Is Set For Release February 1st



The Original UnBraider Is Making Trends And Is Set For Release February 1st

The Original UnBraider is the culmination of innovation and “black girl magic” spearheaded by the minds of Natasha Anderson and Khadija Imara. With a growing social media presence and multiple notable celebrities co-signing that include the likes of entertainment personality Tamar Braxton, the product is building into a staple of regular life in the daily lives of society.


However, what does it do, and what makes the product special? The Original UnBraider is an artistically and durably designed innovative product used to unbraid hair. The comb has been engineered to take down 6 to 8 braids simultaneously. It serves two purposes, one to take down braids and two to comb out the unbraided hair simultaneously.


The mission of the product and brand is to revolutionize the beauty industry by designing black-owned hair care products for black people in a field where black women are the majority consumers but have minority ownership. Also, to Empower young women to be entrepreneurs. Teens and young adults can start their own take-down business, using The Original UnBraider, an affordable cornerstone of their business, finally to provide products and services curated explicitly for protective styles that hydrate and strengthen hair.


The overall mission and application of The Original UnBraider are second to none. The story of the two brilliant people behind it also makes the invention special. Natasha Anderson, Co-Owner and Founder, has a unique motivation behind the brand. Being a mother to five children and a Cal State Long Beach graduate, she had a vision In 2004, which was changing how beauticians, parents, and kids take down braids. The idea was to revolutionize the beauty industry by changing how we take down braids and provide opportunities for young women and empower the black community.


The beauty industry lacks black ownership, and The Original UnBriader is to show black people, specifically young black women, that we can be innovators and solve our communities’ problems through our creativity. Natasha and her family sold the product locally from mall kiosks and beauty salons in California. Unfortunately, the business initially slowed when Anderson’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently passed. Khadija Imara stepped up as CEO after their grandmother’s passing and focused on her passion for black women’s entrepreneurship.


Not only having an impressive educational background, University of California, Davis B.A. class of 2018, and a Master of Educational Technology from Boise State University in 2020, Khadija has a natural affinity for procuring an efficient business that helps transcend boundaries. Imara’s goal was to fulfill her mother’s original mission to change how people unbraid their hair. Khadija is focused on bringing The Original UnBraider to black homes and black-owned businesses around the globe and has become a staple in black homes, next to the hot comb and the bonnet.


Overall, the vision of Natasha and Khadija is to provide a product that will reduce the take-down time for braids and use the business to uplift and empower the black community. With a multitude of successful preorders and an upcoming release via Amazon.

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First Locally Assembled Suzuki Swift Commissioned in Ghana



First Locally Assembled Suzuki Swift Commissioned in Ghana

TOYOTA TSUSHO MANUFACTURING GHANA CO. LIMITED commissioned the first locally assembled Suzuki Swift in Ghana. TOYOTA TSUSHO MANUFACTURING GHANA CO. LIMITED (“TTMG”), Toyota Tsusho Corporation (“Toyota Tsusho”)’s vehicle assembly company in the Republic of Ghana, began SKD* production of Suzuki Motor Corporation (“Suzuki”)’s Swift compact car in Ghana in September 2022.

This is one of the initiatives based on the MOU on Cooperation in Developing Automotive Industry signed between Toyota Tsusho and the Government of Ghana at the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) held in Yokohama, Japan in August 2019. TTMG began SKD production of Toyota Motor Corporation’s (“Toyota”) pickup truck “Hilux” in June 2021. This is the first time that Toyota Tsusho produce Suzuki vehicles in Africa as well as mixed production of the two brands.

To mark the start of production, a ceremony was held in Ghana on January 30th. In attendance of the event was the Minister of Trade and Industry Samuel Abu Jinapor, Japanese Ambassador to the Republic of Ghana Hisanobu Mochizuki, and Suzuki Managing Officer Koichi Suzuki. Suzuki Managing Officer Suzuki, who attended the ceremony, said: “We would like to expand Suzuki’s presence in Ghana. We hope that the people of Ghana will grow fond to our products, including the Swift.” In addition, Toyota Tsusho COO for Africa Division Shinichiro Otsuka spoke about his hopes, stating that: “I would like to thank the Government of Ghana for their cooperation and ask for their continued support for the development of the automobile industry. Toyota Tsusho will make efforts with the spirit “With Ghana, For Ghana”.”

The Managing Officer for Middle East and Africa Division of Suzuki Motor Corporation Mr. Koichi Suzuki, in his address elaborated on the fact that the business had increased sales in Africa by 60% to 116 thousand units and in Ghana increased by 63% to over 1 thousand units in the year 2022 hence their decision to open an assembling plant in Ghana. This will also go a long way to continue to strengthen it to enhance Suzuki’s presence in Africa, especially in Ghana. He also

Suzuki was founded in 1909 as Suzuki Loom Works and has developed a wide range of products under the Suzuki brand, including motorcycles, automobiles and outboard motors. Suzuki is recognized worldwide as a brand of high-quality products that combine reliability and originality. Our mission is to develop high-value products that always prioritizes customers around the world.

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Elements Music & Arts Festival Announces Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Chris Lake, TOKiMONSTA, John Summit, Subtronics, LP Giobbi + More for 2023 Edition



unnamed 5 1

Today, Elements Music & Arts Festival, the Northeast’s premier boutique festival experience, has announced the phase one lineup for its 2023 edition. Best described as an escape unlike any other, Elements is co-created by all those who embark on the journey, fostering a creative getaway aimed to inspire and offer a break from the stresses of everyday life. It’s the ultimate carefree weekender where music, community, art, camping, and adventure join together in perfect unison, taking over Long Pond, Pennsylvania from August 10th-14th.

Long Pond proved to be the perfect new home for the revered Elements community in 2022, welcoming revelers to its magical fields and immersive forest landscapes. Quickly becoming a celebrated prodigal home for the long-running event, the location is one of the Northeast’s most unique venues, a clear capitulation of the imaginative feeling Elements has become known for amidst its dedicated community.

With the phase one lineup, Elements has delivered its most ambitious billing to date while providing something for fans of all styles of electronic music and jam. This is only an initial taste of the full musical offering this year, which will be twice the size of previous lineups at Elements with over 100 artists across 10 unique stages.

Headliners on the phase one lineup include some of the most in-demand tastemakers and creators in the scene. Attendees can look forward to a performance from the one-and-only Skrillex, along with the mesmerizing sounds of Porter Robinson (DJ Set), house music heavyweight founder Chris Lake who will be hosting a Black Book Records stage takeover, crowd-favorite John Summit, the potent musical stylings of the Pennsylvania kid Subtronics, and Belgian bass duo Ganja White Night.

Lovers of live electronic music will feel right at home with performances on deck from the classically-trained English vocalist Elderbrook and East Coast funk-jam icons Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. Those seeking out heavier electronic strains of dance are in for a treat with appearances by trippy low-end producer LSDREAM, the esoteric frequencies of globally revered beatsmith TOKiMONSTA, and the dark styles of Mersiv, Peekaboo, and Of The Trees. Level Up will offer her femme touch on the bass music sound, while Zingarareimagines the genre with her super-producer sensibilities.

House heads can rejoice as Elements has gathered some of the genre’s foremost modern flag bearers to soundtrack its return to Long Pond. LP Giobbi’s piano-weapon gold will be on full display with a FEMME HOUSE stake takeover along with French icon Tchami, followed up by the meteoric momentum of HoneyLuv, Dirtybird innovator Nala, and bass house superstar Noizu. Dutch duo Tinlicker bring an underground European flavor to the lineup alongside chart topper Westend and the laidback stylings of SNBRN. Electronic funk duo The Sponges will showcase their larger than life performances, while Kaleena Zanders sets forth a soulful, live vocal journey into the new-age corners of house music. The more melodic end of the 4/4 spectrum is represented by Anjuna’s own Qrion and All Day I Dream upstart David Hohme.

The four primary stages of the festival are aptly named to each represent one of the key elements that define not only the event’s experience, but the very fabric of the natural world it celebrates. Fire is the home for thrill-seekers who thrive off moments of spontaneous fun, while Earth presents a psychedelic paradise of neon trees, galactic mushrooms, and airborne jellyfish. Air offers a temple of melodies tucked deep in the forest, while the sunshine playground known as Water is where acrobats, pirates, and clowns are ever abounding and swimsuits are heavily encouraged.

Beyond the music, festival goers can explore a magical playground that includes Burning Man style art cars that are quickly becoming a staple of the Elements experience, 3D video projection mapping, large-scale art installations, and interactive performances in every direction, plus a Health & Wellness lineup featuring yoga, aromatherapy, dance, comedy, sound baths, and multidisciplinary workshops. Attendees can also stop by the vendor village for unique jewelry, creative art, and festival attire, or refuel from the dance floor at a 24-hour food court with an array of healthy and organic local food provided by Pocono Organics, one of North America’s largest regenerative organic certified farms.

The concept of co-creation remains pivotal to the Elements experience. A row of sanctioned theme camps bring their own renegade feel to the event’s programming, offering spontaneous spaces to explore through all hours of the day and night. Elements also relies on the feedback and polling of its community in order to shape the edition to come. When their dedicated attendees talk they listen, act, and evolve – molding the event’s lineup and production to mirror its ever-changing fanbase of music lovers and party people.

What started from humble roots has continued to evolve with Elements Festival now looking towards its 6th edition, yet still remaining purely independent in the process. Founded by Timothy Monkiewicz and Brett Herman in 2013, Elements has grown rapidly from a one-day event on the Brooklyn waterfront to an immersive camping experience that has quickly become a staple of the festival circuit. The move to Long Pond has aided in this growth, with Elements now hosted in the woodlands adjacent to the raceway. The venue is powered by an onsite solar farm, further assisting Elements in its long-term sustainability goals.

According to the founders, this venue was always part of the plan for Elements, noting “We first saw our new home outside of Pocono Raceway in 2016 when we were scoping the location for our first Elements campout. We instantly fell in love with the site, but it was way too big for a first year festival on a shoestring budget. Out of the 40+ locations we visited, it was by far the best, and we always knew that this would be the perfect home for Elements. We are beyond grateful that 6 years later we were able to move here.”

The venue is less than 2 hours from New York City and Philadelphia, making for an easy drive from a variety of locations throughout the Northeast. Shuttle passes will also be available for those looking to avoid driving, which provide rides from New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and D.C. to and from the festival.

Tier One GA and VIP passes are currently on sale through the official Elements Festival website, with a price increase coming soon for Tier Two tickets. Both ticket types are moving quickly and are on track to sell out. Fans can also purchase passes with an initial deposit and pay the rest after, which is $47 for GA passes and $62 for VIP. Thursday early arrival passes can also be purchased, which allows attendees to beat the rush and celebrate the beginning of the festival with an exclusive pre-party with secret headliners. Elements also offers a variety of options related to accommodations, which range from car camping to on-site glamping, nearby hotels, and preset RVs and tents for those seeking an elevated experience.

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‘I AM INVESTIBLE’ project Officially launched



Screenshot 2023 01 31 at 13.03.32

The ‘I AM INVESTIBLE’ PROJECT which is headed by Samaritan Angels Limited has been officially launched.

The theme for the IAI project is ‘‘Accelerating the growth of entrepreneurs in Ghana and creating jobs.

Samaritan Angels Limited is a social Enterprise focused on accelerating the growth of local Ghanaian entrepreneurs and creating employment by providing access to development and growth.

The IAI initiative helps individuals who have already started business and give it a boost and also plan to focus on the informal sector and help local individual entrepreneurs.

The project seeks to create and employ 20,000 individuals in three years’ time and also deliver technical support and give grants to individuals who need money to push their businesses.

The main aim and objective of the IAI project is to enhance the capabilities of entrepreneurs.

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