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I am not threatened by the other girls, I trust Mwisho – Meryl

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I am not threatened by the other girls, I trust Mwisho – Meryl

Namibia’s Meryl who couldn’t make it back into the Big Brother house last Sunday, says she isn’t worried about leaving her new fiancé, Mwisho alone in the company of Sheila, Tatiana and Lerato who rejoined the Big Brother All Stars House from the Barn.

Meryl, Paloma, Code and Jennifer exited the game as they couldn’t gather enough public votes to return to the Big Brother House. The return of the three ladies to the House means that 7 Housemates are now in the running for the US$200,000 prize, as they re-joined Kaone, Mwisho, Munya and Uti. In a telephone conversation with Meryl, she believed that Mwisho would eventually win the Big Brother All Stars competition because he is the realest of the housemates remaining in the House.

“It’s not even about sharing his booty with him. I think he is the one person who has been real from day one. He has never compromised himself for anything in the world; he has been the same person from the day he walked in until now. That’s why I support him”, Meryl commented.

She also admitted that these were the traits that attracted Mwisho to her adding that: “he is an amazing guy. He is a real guy; he will tell you exactly how he feels. He tells you exactly where to get off and he doesn’t lie about anything. He is just an amazing guy; he loves children, he makes me laugh and he makes me happy”

Commenting on her exit from the hit reality TV series, Meryl said she is excited to be on the outside but sad that she couldn’t be in the finals. She added that she is not threatened by leaving Mwisho alone in the Big Brother House with the other girls.

“I know he is okay. I know where we stand with each other and I won’t watch on TV and worry about what he would do, or what they would do to him. I’m just going to take as it comes. He is a faithful guy and I trust him. In general, you just have to be careful with your partner no matter who they are.”

Meryl insists that her engagement to Mwisho is serious and not just for TV as some viewers across Africa may think. She comments: “It’s quite serious; I am still wearing my engagement ring. It has been taken to another level and I don’t think you can joke with certain things. It was not a joke; so it is quite serious”.

The mother of two (a biological son and an adopted daughter) jokingly suggested that after Big Brother, she would be planning her wedding and taking care of her children. She however hinted that, she would be taking it one day at a time.

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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