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I brought three billion dollars to support my projects in Ghana – Dr Thomas Mensah



Ghanaian-American chemical engineer and inventor, Dr. Thomas O. Mensah returned to Ghana after his inventions and feats in the USA with a single goal of helping the nation advance technologically.

Dr. Mensah who contributed immensely to the development of laser-guided missiles for the US military is an expert in fiber optics and nanotechnology. But for his work, fiber optics would not be what it is today.

In an exclusive interview with Ameyaw Debrah,  the man known as “one of the great minds of the 21st century” shared the reasons and motivations for coming back home.

He said:


“When Nana met me in the US, he appreciated my works and invited me to come and help move Ghana on a technological plane. That’s why I came to Ghana.” 

He further gave details of how he has been raising funds to support his dream of helping Ghana have an effective high-speed rail system.

“Just like Morocco which focused on fast trains and is now termed the ‘Dubai Of Africa’, I have been pushing for the fast train system to come to Ghana too. I am credible because when I went to Dubai, I returned with three billion dollars to support my projects. Even this month a Kuwaiti billionaire who is one of my financiers is coming. Therefore, money is not a problem.” he added.

Watch the full interview below.

Dr. Thomas Mensah has been on a mission to help Ghana have a bullet train since 2017 and has spoken about it in several interviews over the years.


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