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I didn’t compose ‘Go High’ for NPP; They paid for copyright and used it – Philipa Baafi



During the 2008 general elections, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) favored her hit song Go High. However, Ghanaian gospel musician, Philipa Baafi has clarified that the song was not created specifically for the political party.

The crooner stated that she is not influenced by money to compose songs for political campaigns. Her main goal is to create music that glorifies God and spreads the message of Christ, rather than promoting political agendas.

In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, Philipa Baafi stressed that while she respects her colleagues who choose to create campaign songs for political parties, she personally chooses not to go down that path. She believes that creating political campaign songs would deviate from her divine calling.


The gospel music diva further mentioned that she would not accept payment to compose a song for any political party. She clarified that if a political party wishes to use one of her songs, they can pay for the copyrights, but she will not create songs specifically for political campaigns.

As for Go High, which was used by the NPP during the 2008 elections, Philipa Baafi explained that the song was released before the campaigns began and was not intended for any political party. She reiterated that her songs focus on themes of victory, God, and positivity, rather than political affiliations.

“If I have a song and a particular political party wants to use it, they just pay for copyrights and go ahead with it. But for me to be paid to compose a song specifically for a political party, that won’t happen,” she revealed.

“I did not do that song for the NPP. It is a song that touched on victory and the party loved it so they hopped on it to use for their campaign and they paid for copyrights. I don’t do songs for political parties. I sing on realities, about God and positivity and that is why my songs usually catch people’s attention,” she added.

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