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‘I don’t do fraud, and I’m okay’ – Strongman



Ghanaian rapper Strongman Burner posted a video of him having a good time with family in his in-law’s home.

The rapper captioned the video “Spent some days with the family inside in-law’s crib, come swim with me next time”.

In the video, you can see Strongman walking on the compound of the luxury home, and later sitting by the swimming pool having fun with his daughter Simona.


At the comment section of the video post, some fans gave pleasant comments, while others chose to comment with scorn.

The “Baby Girl” rapper replied some of the fans comments. There’s one of the comments he replied, where a fan had scornfully told the rapper to work hard, or would have to end up taking videos in his in-law’s home, because he doesn’t own a place like that.

“La hustle ooo anya saaa snap chat at in-laws crib,” the fan commented.

Strongman sarcastically replied by saying, “I don’t do fraud bro, and I’m ok paaa”.

Literally, Strongman suggested he doesn’t do fraud in quest to own a home, as some people supposedly do.



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