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I don’t regret going into politics, I’ll do it again – Funke Akindele



Funke Akindele

Renowned Nigerian actress and movie producer, Funke Akindele has expressed her intention to run for political office once again, citing her passion for empowering young people and nurturing talent as her motivation.


In the 2023 general election, she was chosen as the running mate for Olajide Adediran, also known as Jandor, the PDP governorship candidate in Lagos.


During an interview on Arise TV’s Perspectives show, Funke Akindele discussed her political career and her dedication to uplifting and representing the youth. She emphasized the importance of creating opportunities for young people and addressing their concerns, stating that she believes she can make an even greater impact in a larger space.

“So getting into politics was a big one for me. I enjoyed it, and I will do it again. I run a studio which I’ve been running since 2000. I’ve been producing and working with many people, from crew members to cast. I have a Jenifa Foundation where we help nurture talent, and I bring on board many young talents.”

“We train them in filmmaking; they’re always on set, whether in the hair department, makeup, lights, or camera. It’s something I love doing—empowering young people and nurturing talent. Some say Auntie is so strict, but she draws you closer when she’s strict, next to me. I love to uplift people; I can do it even better if I get into a larger space,” she noted.

Despite the challenges she faced, Funke Akindele thoroughly enjoyed her previous foray into politics and felt a sense of fulfillment in representing the younger generation.


“For me, to have been doing it for years, let me try something big. Many young people complain, ‘We don’t have this’ or ‘This is going wrong.’ Let me come in to represent the youth. That is why I wanted to do it.

“And that’s why I got into politics. Yes, I enjoyed every part of it. It was quite challenging, but I enjoyed every part of it. I felt so good representing the young people. It was challenging,” the actress added.

She acknowledged that transforming Nigeria would require long-term efforts, but emphasized the role of political officeholders in initiating startup initiatives.

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