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I have been Poisoned Several Times- Guru

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I have been Poisoned Several Times- Guru

Guru Guru[/caption] Rapper Guru has revealed that he has been poisoned several times on different occasions. According to the “Lapaz Toyota” hit maker, he was poisoned several times prior to the release of his new album, “Journey of Judah”. The NKZ music boss said several attempts were made to take his life including people poisoning his water and his food. In an interview on Hitz FM, he said “It wasn’t once. It was a continuous thing. There are different strategies that people use to poison people. Some will pass through food, some will pass through water anytime you are on stage you give your water to someone else and it’s a different ball game”. On re-counting one of the incidents, he said, “the last time I was on stage performing, got on stage, the whole crowd jamming and all of a sudden you take water and your voice is not ‘popping’ up again, you can’t even talk…so you just have to move up.” Guru also mentioned that “these attempts are things some people do to those in show business to bring others down”. “Every artiste, every industry player will, by all means, experience this…if you’ve not gone through it, expect it, prepare for it…people you love the most, you expect to be there for you will move away…,” the ‘Problem’ rapper said. Guru has however stayed strong and channeled all the energy into his 24-track ‘Journey of Judah’ double album which he says “talks about his real life”.]]>

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