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I have convinced my children not to pursue music – Rex Omar



"I stopped going to church in 1997, I don’t want to be a hypocrite" -Rex Omar

Seasoned Ghanaian Highlife artiste, Rex Owusu Marfo, popularly known as Rex Omar has revealed that he has discouraged his children from pursuing a career in music like he did.


He explained that his personal experiences in the music industry have led him to this decision, emphasizing that the current system does not adequately support artists to succeed on a global scale.


During an interview with Johnnie Hughes on 3FM Sunrise, the ‘Obi Do Ba’ hitmaker expressed his concerns about the lack of a support system for artists, limiting their potential for international success.

‘The system has neglected the industry so much so that you can only get to a certain level, for you to cross and become a mainstream artiste you realised that there’s no support system,” he said.

Despite his passion for music, Rex stated that advised his children against entering the industry, citing the challenges he faced.

”Never. That’s why none of my children is into music. I convinced them, I didn’t impose it on them. I told them the truth for them to believe that if you play around with music, music will disappoint you,”  he told the host whether he will he advise any of his offsprings to pursue a career in music.


Rex Omar also noted that his father, who was also a musician, advised him to treat music as a hobby rather than a profession due to the lack of respect for musicians in Ghana. Reflecting on his own career, Rex Omar admitted that his father’s advice was accurate, prompting him to shift his focus to business and music administration.

Despite his talent in music, he acknowledged that the industry’s limitations have prevented him from fully realizing his potential.

“I believe that my father was right that is why when I got to forty years, I decided to put music to the second burner and go into business and then also the administrative side of the music business. I am very disappointed and I will tell you one of the reasons why I got very disappointed.

“I believe that if there are ten people God has granted the gift of music, I’m one of them, I have not been able to come up with even ten percent of what has come up in me,” he added.



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