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I no longer want to be addressed as former AIDS Ambassador – Joyce Dzidzor



Former AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor, has disclosed that she no longer wishes to be addressed by that title. 

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Her statement marks a significant shift in her identity and signals her desire to distance herself from a role she once embraced passionately.

As a former AIDS Ambassador, Dzidzor played a crucial role in raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and advocating for those affected by the disease. However, her decision to relinquish this title reflects a personal evolution and a desire to redefine her public persona beyond her association with a specific cause.


After a decade of being associated with the role, Joyce, in an exclusive interview on Adom FM’s Work and Happiness  show disclosed  that she has grown weary of the stigma and questions surrounding her HIV/AIDS status. She went on to express frustration at constantly having to answer questions about her health, and people being skeptical when she reveals she is HIV/AIDS negative.

While Reflecting on her past role, Joyce averred that her intention was to educate and save lives through her advocacy work, which she was contracted by the then government. She explained  that, her efforts and sensitization programs had a significant impact, leading to a decline in HIV/AIDS statistics

However, Joyce Dzidzor admitted the role has taken a personal toll on her life as she battled depression.

At age 22 when she became an Ambassador for HIV/AIDS in Ghana, she said she did not fully realise the long-lasting stigma it would bring upon her. Even after all these years, Joyce Dzidzor said some people still mistakenly believe she is living with AIDS.


While she was not coerced to be an AIDS Ambassador, she is full of regrets and desires to move past the stigma and misconceptions about her health status.

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