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I only indulged in Alcohol to relieve me from the stress of Big Brother – Wati



Malawian Big Brother Stargame finalist, Wati has revealed that he isn’t an alcoholic but rather found relief from all the stress in the Big Brother house in the bottle, thus his binge drinking. He told me in a phone interview from South Africa: “When you enter the house, it’s a whole lot of stress. For instance Big Brother wakes you up ahead of a time that you wouldn’t normally wake up, to go and exercise; the stress starts from there. Different people would cope with the stress in different ways and I coped with the stress by taking some alcohol.” Wati also said he wasn’t too disappointed when he was the first to be evicted during Sunday’s finale show. “I tried, in the last few days to the finale, not to psyche myself up for winning. I rather set myself up to believe I wouldn’t win so that if I won, it would come as a surprise to me. I was happy that Keagan, who is my homie won.” Asked whether he  hopes  Keagan would go through the agreement that was made by housemates, that whoever won the prize money would share it amongst the friends, Wati replied: “What Keagan does with the money is up to him but if he decides to share the money, that’s well and good.  We just joked about sharing the money but it wasn’t anything serious, there wasn’t anything contractual.” On his future, he said: “I know I am going to go through a lot of interviews when I get back, for the next two weeks. But I will have to sit down and plan oh how I am going to handle the rest of my life.”]]>

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