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I put my whole self into it, I needed to share my story-OV on new single “Shush”



It’s been a rough couple of years for Ghanaian musician, Okailey Verse, popularly known as OV.

The young budding talent, who was once filled with dreams after she emerged winner of MTN Hitmaker in the year 2018, saw her life come crashing down after her five-year contract with Burniton Music Group was cut short after just a year under the label.

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In a recent interview with Zeinat on Ameyaw TV, OV who suffered deeply from depression to the point that she was reportedly confined for two weeks, shared that her newest single, “Shush,” was written as a result of her need to share her story and pour her heart out.


According to OV, the writing of “Shush” was therapeutic for her, adding that it was God speaking to her to share her vulnerability to the world.

“We had a whole conversation before recording that day. I’d written certain things on my friend’s phone in 2020 or 2019 and he brought it out saying what was happening to me that I was writing those things. So, we had a lengthy conversation my manager was there, my friend was there she was even reminding me of certain things I was saying when I was in that state,” OV told Zeinat.

“From the first line ‘Shush’ to the end of it is a whole story that I can’t explain line by line right now, but I just hope you people will feel it feel what I’m trying to talk about. It was amazing. I never experience any session that is exceptional like that. I put my whole self in it. I teared up at some point. That ‘Shush’ recording it was as if God Himself said you must do this thing. I had to pour out my heart and do this once and for all. People must understand and feel what I’ve been through. I don’t want to be emotional but shush is a masterpiece” she added.

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OV believes sharing her story via “Shush,” will help inspire people who are equally suffering from mental illness.

“I had to make people feel like you are not alone. A number of people are going through this. Even me… I had to just make somebody feel good. Even if I get two people, three people that will heal because they listened to shush then I’ve finished, I’ve finished my job,” she stated.

OV’s new song “Shush” is currently streaming on all digital music platforms.

Watch her full interview below;


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