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I sometimes leave home without my wedding ring



I sometimes leave home without my wedding ring I sometimes leave home without my wedding ring[/caption]

I grew up in a culture, which believes that when a married man is seen without his ring, it means he is cheating or wants to cheat. But is that always the case?

  I have been seen a few times in town without my ring since I got married; and as expected, family and friends get worried about it. The most recent event, which led to this blog, happened when the leader of the band that performed at my wedding saw me at an event and asked, ”where is your ring?”   Well, in my case when I go out without my ring it is not because I want to cheat. Usually, when I bath, the lather causes my ring to slip off my finger which washing my hand area. When that happens, I sometimes take off the ring completely, and after rinsing myself, I put it back on. But sometimes when I am late and I rush out, I forget to put the ring back on, and eventually step out of the house without the ‘wedding band’.   When I was picking my ring, I chose one that wasn’t too tight, to make room for future weight gain, (yes again, I belong to a culture that believes that when you get married and spend some years eating your wife’s food, you will put on a lot of weight). So, yes my ring slips off a little more easily than other married men.   Sometimes, especially when I stay at hotels during my travels, I take the ring off before bathing so I don’t lose it when it slips off.  I got a good scare on the night of our wedding, when I showered in our hotel room and only noted my ring was off when I got into bed, yes I think my wife was the one who pointed it out. It had slipped off without me knowing, and when I went to the bathroom I saw it in the bath.  So since then, I’m a little bit more alert.   My wife once questioned me about not wearing my ring and said, “ try to let it be a part of you”. But yes I have two balls hanging in between my legs but although its part of me, if I woke up one day and one ball had miraculously vanished, I’m sure I wouldn’t notice it immediately. Haha, please if you are a friend of Mrs Debrah, reading this, don’t tell her what I just said oh!   Anyway, I feel it is better to be seen without my ring than to shower and lose it in the drains or something like it.  Losing a wedding ring is weirder, and replacing it will surely not come with the original sentiments and significance.  ]]>