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I want to be a legend like Michael Jackson – Camidoh



Ghanaian Afrobeats singer and song writer, Raphael Atatsi Camidoh, better known as Camidoh has expressed his aspiration to create music that resonates with his fans, much like the late iconic American musician, Michael Jackson.


Speaking about his music career in an interview on the Afternoon Show on TV3, the celebrated crooner divulged that it takes a lot of work to record his music because he “really wants his song to be relatable to his audience.”


“It takes a lot of work for me to make my music and that’s why when it comes out, it feels very relatable because then I have to sing with a lot of passion just so when the next man listening those emotions can be communicated, so this is what the music is talking about,” he said.

The ‘Adoley’ hitmaker then shared his goal of crafting songs with lyrics that connect with listeners on an emotional level, similar to Michael Jackson’s impact.

“I want to be legendary like Michael Jackson, you know when you listen to him you can really feel. When he says heal the world, you actually feel that he wants to heal the world and that’s the kind of artiste I want to be,” he added.

Camidoh recently unveiled his latest single ‘NFL (Breakfast),’ which reflects on a past heartbreak he experienced. Despite the challenging situation, he mentioned that it allowed him to spend more quality time with his family, particularly his mother.


The award-winning singer acknowledged seeking therapy and receiving advice from friends to cope with the aftermath of the heartbreak.



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